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Custom Plantation ShuttersShutters Orlando – There are over 20 products that as designers we can suggest for windows. Blinds and shutters are the most popular because they are the most known and affordable. There are different applications and vendors that we sell for blinds and shutters. As designers, it’s our job to show you the difference and then match you up with style, timeline, and budget.

Blinds vs. Shutters (giant pause) that is the question. Horizontal Blinds are more budget friendly than shutters. There are several blind materials to choose from. You have metal blinds, faux wood blinds, and wood stained blinds. You can choose between 2″ and up to 2 1/2″ blinds. The larger the louver the more view you have when opening the blind. Having an expert such an interior designer can help guide you on the right size according to your window sill depth. Some blinds are considered faux wood blinds meaning embossed to look like wood. Other horizontal blinds are smooth in finish and can be made in several white tone finishes and wood stains. Next decision to make on a blind is how the stringing of the blind is done. There can be holes for the operational strings of the blinds. In the right light these holes can allow the sun to beam you right in the eye! For best room darkening effect no route holes is preferred. Hunter Douglas offers blinds in a “delight” version that has no holes in the way the strings are done on the operating system of the blind. One last important feature is the valance type on a blind. There are several head rail cover valances to choose from that can give your blind a more custom look.

Orlando Shutters and Blinds

The image attached shows a wood stained shutter that is different and unique because of the stain color. Wood shutters add the most character to a window because they fill the space and give character inside and outside of the home. Our preferred operation style of wood shutter is hidden tilt. Hidden tilt means you can not see the toggle bar down the center of the panel. You also have several louver sizes to choose from depending on your window sill depth. The most common is 3″ louver or for a more modern look up to 4″ can add drama to a window to look more custom. It is acceptable to to do a wood stained shutter with white trim and baseboards. It does not mean that every wood in the space has to be the same color. Think of it as a piece of furniture…because it is! Most wood stain shutters are made overseas because it is labor intensive. Hunter Douglas fabricates wood stain shutters in as little as 2 weeks. Along with the quick American made turn around comes a higher price point. If you are willing to wait up to four months, wood stain shutters can be made at up to 30% less cost.

Composite or poly satin plantation shutters are another shutter types. Poly satin shutters are plantation-style shutters constructed with UV material, so they’re guaranteed to not warp, crack, fade, chip, or peel regardless of extreme heat or moisture. White plantation shutters are very common in Florida. They give a southern plantation character to the home and add protection from the sun and home theft deterrent. Originally shutters had a hook to close them but now they close with an L-shaped overlap to give the windows a tighter close. Believe it or not white shutters don’t come in one color- on average there are several white colors to choose from.

Blinds or shutters are a fantastic way to protect your home from the sun, add privacy and character to both the inside and outside of your home. Contact an interior designer at Florida Living Quarters to help guide you on the styles and options to make an informative decision. We have all the sample books in the design center and can order samples at no extra cost to our design customers.

Shutters Orlando: Florida Living Quarters is proud to offer quality blinds, shutters and Hunter Douglas shades. We offer custom wood and faux wood shutters, bamboo shades, roman shades, wood blinds, cellular shades, vertical sheers, roller shades and other privacy options. We are a priority Hunter Douglas dealer and offer Applause, Duettes, Luminettes, Pirouettes, Silhouettes, Skyline, Vingettes, Provenance Woven Shades, Everwood Blinds. as well as Palm Beach, Heritance, and New Style Shutters. We carry Coulisse Shades, a more modern approach to window dressing.