Occasional Furniture Orlando

Occasional Furniture Orlando – Florida Living Quarters offers occasional furniture out of our Lake Mary showroom such as coffee tables, end tables, accent tables and small accent chairs.  Adding the right accent furniture is key for function and accent.  Our Interior Designers can assist in your selection of the right pieces for your interiors. Some of the brands we are dealers for are Arteriors Home, Bernhardt, Butler Furniture, Crestview, Currey and Company, Global Views, Lexington, Hooker, Kincaid, Lane, Lexington, Lorts, Stanley, and Uttermost. Visit our showroom in Lake Mary just north of Orlando or we offer thousands of furnishings on our Online Retailer Florida Living and Lighting at https://www.floridalivingandlighting.com/collections/furniture-orlando/

Occasional furniture is a versatile furniture that can serve various purposes or meet different needs, but typically is only used when purpose or need is relevant. This category of furniture includes tables, nightstands, chests, chairs. stools, settees Typically, occasional furniture is small furniture that is easy to move or rearrange and is sometimes drop shippable. Still, this furniture is available in a variety materials, styles, and sizes.

Occasional furniture is typically used only occasionally but the furnishings are permanent fixtures in their designated rooms. For example, most people use their beds, couches, and kitchen tables on a daily basis. On the other hand, other kinds of furniture like nightstands, chests, and stools serve functional purposes but are only used when a need comes up. Furthermore, sometimes this furniture serves a dual purpose or meets more than one need. Nightstands, for instance, can work to store items in their drawers and also be tabletops for lamps, alarm clocks, picture frames, and other objects.

Occasional Furniture Orlando

We service Occasional Furniture Orlando, Baldwin Park, Celebration, Daytona Beach, Dr. Phillips, Heathrow, Isleworth, Lake Mary, Lake Nona, Longwood, New Smyrna Beach, Orlando, Oviedo, Port Orange, Sanford, Windermere, Winter Park, Winter Springs

American Made Furniture Learn about the value, quality and durability of American Made Furniture. At Florida Living Quarters we carry several designer brands of American Made Furniture. Find out more at our Lake Mary Showroom just north of Orlando.

If you are in the market for some new furniture you should consider the value of purchasing American-made. Not only do you receive beautiful, quality furniture, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting your economy. American-made furniture is better quality than your average furniture that was imported from overseas. There are several quality features that are included in American-made that are not included in most foreign furniture.

Several brands that we offer at Florida Living Quarters include Lexington Home Brands, Stanley Furniture, Craftmaster Furniture, Hooker Furniture, and Capris Furniture, and more! These vendors in particular are a few of the American-made lines that we offer here in the Orlando area. They sell to the trade only and are amazing quality. American-made furniture is frequently customizable. Several vendors provide custom upholstery such as sofas and chairs that you can design the arms, legs, seat, cushions, and fabrics. Foreign furniture does not offer so many different options. The quality of foreign-made furniture simply cannot compare to American-made.

American Made Furniture - Custom BedHow do you determine a piece of furniture’s quality? It’s all about how it is made. Upholstered pieces are made with a kiln dried frame, spring systems – one for the back and one for the seat cushion, cushion material options for comfort, and either fabric or leather, to name a few of the components. The frame of a good quality upholstered piece is made of solid wood rather than plywood. There are several different spring systems used for upholstery. The higher end upholstery uses eight-way hand-tied. Sinuous spring system is another alternative to eight way hand tied. There are also a variety of cushion materials. Down cushions scream high quality, but they require occasional fluffing.

A better option would be a combination of down and high density foam. The foam prevents the cushion from becoming misshapen and the down still gives that ultra-soft feel that comes from high quality. Cushions made from anything less than high density foam are not good quality. Even fabric and leather have different grades of quality. The higher the grade of fabric or leather the higher the quality. High grade does not always mean more durable; it means there are more natural characteristics in the leather and finer thread count in the fabrics.

Upholstered pieces that are made in America have fabrics that are proprietary to that vendor. If you buy a Hooker Furniture sofa upholstered in fabric A, you can’t buy a foreign-made sofa in fabric A. Our vendors have fabrics made especially for them and have licensers to carry certain fabrics for a period of time- most of the times exclusive to the furniture vendor . You won’t find a foreign piece or a “knock off” with the same fabric on it- they use generic fabric in solid colors. American-made furniture vendors have higher grade and durable fabrics.

American Made Furniture - OfficeCase goods such as coffee tables, bookshelves, dressers, and nightstands have a different way to show their quality. Their quality is visible in the joints, construction, and finishes. Joints are a very important part of any piece. American-made pieces use dovetail joints to hold their furniture together. Dovetails joints interlock, making them very sturdy and able to withstand pressure from lots of clothes or heavy media equipment. When it comes to the construction, there is a lot to talk about.

Good quality dressers have drawer stops. These prevent you from pulling the drawer out completely and having it fall on your foot! Quality case good pieces are made of solid wood instead of plywood with a nice veneer top. Each part is solid wood all the way through, therefore making it sturdier than something that is foreign made. Another way to see good quality construction is by looking at the back of the piece. If the back is finished just like the front then it is a good quality piece. Sometimes more inexpensive pieces can be left unfinished on the back side. Any foreign piece that goes against the wall is guilty of not being finished on the back. American-made pieces often have dust panels in between each drawer. This prevents dust from getting onto your clothes or whatever else is in those drawers.

American Made Furniture - DiningAs you can see, American-made furniture truly presents its value over foreign-made furniture. It has great value because you really do get what you pay for and there is nothing like making an investment that will last. American-made is timeless and classic. High end furniture has more quality features such as customization, dovetail joints, and eight-way hand-tied springs, wood types used in construction to name a few. If you are interested in investing in good quality furniture then contact an interior designer at Florida Living Quarters to make an appointment to help you choose between all of the beautiful options that American-made has to offer.