What To Expect At The Orlando Home and Garden Show

Our first time at the Orlando Home and Garden Show by Show Technology was a success! Florida Living Quarters was invited to be featured with 2.5 weeks to prepare a 20’x20′ space near the celebrity stage.  Being the professionals we are, I welcomed the challenge, a good Designer’s Challenge! 

Here is how I flipped the design in less than two weeks!

I began the process with the floor plan to get a visual how I could layout the room with furniture and keep the space open for high traffic flow. That was the easy part for me using our floor planning software. Just like our design process, I created the “map”of where furniture would go first.

Then I turned to wallpaper books for inspiration.  When my inspiration senses gasped I knew I’d found the one- a French inspired floral book called L’Atelier Paris. Followed by inspiration furniture pieces and an inventory list of what to have pulled between store and warehouse to tie around this muse.  I nailed the color story by selecting wallpaper for two focal walls.  These key areas were the WOW factor of the space.

By the way, I was the only booth that featured three room settings in one large space almost like a small apartment: bedroom, dining and living area.  I used a queen head board and single nightstand along with same scale pieces that would work well together in one space.

Area 1 was an elegant and bold twist of 70’s inspired wallpaper using a technique called “flocking” a velvet embossed application. The wallpaper,  by Thibaut on silver foil was an eye catcher.  It was petted by Home Show attendee admirers multiple times throughout the show.

Area 2 was what I call “Welcome to Spring”

It was a watercolor-like look with blush pink and grey tones predominately neutrals with floral pops! I used stylish furnishings we had in stock at the warehouse for Home Staging. I did not have to buy anything other than the wallpaper and a bloom rose petal mirror.  A few stylish key room pieces such as area rugs, accessories and wonderful textured mix of fabrics and grey tone wood furniture balanced the room.

With pre-show jitters such as making sure that signage arrived and hoping we didn’t have to trek a mile with furniture as the convention center was huge.  I had only one unexpected delay.  I arrived to only framed walls and drywall going up rough, not seamed and unprimed- surprise! There it was my biggest challenge yet.  We rolled up our sleeves borrowed paint rollers and paint and had the room set within 3 hours thanks to Mickey, our wallpaper hanger, my dad and husband. We built up an appetite and I thanked them with Brazilian Menu lunch all you can eat buffet for being good sports and not think about this being a temporary labor of love as it all goes away in 3 days.

During the show, we met many new faces and received hundreds of contacts. One of the contract was about a cleaning contractor, which we have supplies for at http://thefloridamaids.com/. It was the “Black Friday Rush” in the home industry as it hosted 20,000 attendees!  The rush of people and questions, meet and greet kind of felt what speed dating would be like and in this case it was visitors looking to get inspired on home projects and some hoping to get all the freebies such as free koozies or a pen!

We did a raffle for Valentine Basket,  Hershey chocolates pink valentines theme giveaway and yes the pens at our booth.

I’m really proud of the team for supporting this experience, here you can find a professional home cleaning service. Our part sponsors, In Bloom Florist with fresh peonies adding gorgeousness and aroma to our booth with fresh floral; Hunter Douglas providing pens to give away as it opened the door for conversation about the latest motorization technology and shades from Hunter Douglas. With all the added touches and presentation marketing, you’d think we’d done this before!

You’d never known it was our first show-Thank you Show Technology for featuring us as it was an unforgettable experience!

Home Staging Model Home Furniture

Planning to put your house on the market this winter, i’m sure your ultimate goal is to sell your home as fast as possible and get your asking price. Set yourself up for success with these staging and styling tips.

1. Improve The curb appeal of your home this is the first impression of a perspective buyer who is thinking of taking a tour of your home. If you have bad curb appeal the buyer may not even bother to take a peek inside.

Remove the dead plants

Pressure wash your house siding in driveway

Make sure your house numbers are easy to read

Manicure you lawn

Declutter the front area

Clean your windows

2. Make sure the home says welcome to new visitors. Place a clean doormat and fresh flowers in bloom. Make sure the front of your property is visible at night.

3. Clean Clean Clean, scrub the floors, windows, countertops, and grout. A clean home is the first step in presenting your house to prospective buyers in the best light.

4. Declutter all clutter must be removed when you’re serious about staging your home. Less is more when it comes to staging purge everything that is not essential. Even though it’s your style you want to appeal to the masses when it comes to house staging.

5. Keep a fine balance between lived in and clean so you want to keep some of your tasteful personalizations

6. Style and stage the table in your dining room use more symmetrical centerpieces to make them area more inviting

7. Make sure your floors are in good condition clean, steam clean the carpet’s, refinish hardwood floors if necessary, and strategically place decorative area rugs.

8. Create symmetrical living room arrangements with furniture by using pairs of sofas, chairs and lamps.

9. Re-paint if necessary with midtone neutral colors that set the stage for your decor.

10. Your master bedroom should be gender neutral so it appeals to both sexes, use tasteful artwork

11. Make sure your closets are speciaous clean and clutter free. Aim for 40% of open space in each closet giving the impression that the closets have plenty of space.

12. Make sure every room has a clearly defined purpose, contact CA workers comp attorneys and get maximum benefits. And is staged accordingly for example an office, guestroom, kids room.

13. Use only perfect personal accents. Look at every detail through the buyers eye — bars of soap should be fresh and clean, towels spotless, the garbage always emptied.

Keep buyers interested and entice them to explore the whole house. By placing something that draws the eye at the top of the stairs, in hallways or in corners, you can pique curiosity and keep potential buyers interested throughout a whole home tour. A piece of artwork, a painted accent wall, a window seat, a vase of flowers, a hanging light or even a small, colorful rug can all work to draw the eye.

Real Estate Broker Home Staging Interior Design Lake Mary

FLQ and Design or List It are based in the heart of Lake Mary in the quaint downtown district. Our business has evolved over the years to incorporate a Real Estate brokerage “Design or List It”, Home Staging Company, Interior Design Firm, and a Retail Showroom. At Florida Living Quarters store level we provide furniture, lighting, ceiling fans, rugs, window treatments etc.

Real Estate Lake Mary, Heathrow, Longwood, Sanford, DeBary

Regardless, whether you are looking to buy, sell, stage or redesign a home in Lake Mary, Sanford, Longwood, Heathrow, or DeBary our affiliated real estate brokerage can show you money saving options and how to get the best value for the home your Selling or buying. We have been providing solutions to homeowners for over a decade.

  • Award winning designer evaluation
  • Discounted listing fees
  • Up to $7500 credit on furnishings from FLQ
  • Home Staging services provided

At Design or List It, we can be creative on assisting you with buying or selling your home in the Lake Mary area. We provide our customers with the best service and value.

Contact us today to find out why we are the only complete solution for buying, selling, staging, and interior design of homes in Lake Mary, Longwood, Heathrow, Sanford, DeBary, etc.


The Design Process & Delivery in Alaqua Lakes

FR Before

Family Room Before

Every beautiful finished project begins with a design process.  The design process, depending on the project, can take from a short few weeks to months or years. Each firm has their own process that they follow.  Our design process takes a few weeks to complete and then one to two months for all of the product to arrive and be installed or delivered.  It is very tailored to each project and each client.  We work very closely with the client’s needs and must-haves, along with their budget and timeline.  Our process goes something like this: initial client meeting, house call, putting together a presentation with lots of options, a work session where we meet with the client again to go over the options we prepared and change anything, creating a proposal based on the decisions made in the work session and finally placing the orders for the products in the final proposal.  After the orders are placed, we make sure everything is on schedule to arrive.  There is a lot that goes into our process to make sure that the client receives exactly what they want.  I want to talk a little bit about our process that went into one of our latest deliveries.

A long-awaited delivery took place recently in the Longwood community of Alaqua Lakes.  Our client waited three months for everything to be ready for this delivery.  The main areas we designed were the dining room, family room and guest room. We also did some work in the fitness room and living room.  We began with the family room as it is the hub of the home.  We always begin our ideas in the conceptual phase.  We use the room’s measurements and create a space plan for the room using our software.  Once we have the layout we move forward and start selecting options for furnishings.  The furniture that the client had in this room before was very heavy and traditional.  To bring in a more transitional feel we went with a monochromatic color scheme that would simplify the room and make it more calming.  For the family room, a custom sofa from Lexington Home Brands was selected.  This sofa took 3 months to produce because we had to wait for the amazing fabric for the body of the sofa to come back in stock, but it was worth it!  End tables selected from Bernhardt and Arteriors Home.  The very soft, 100% viscose area rug was selected from Surya.  The custom leather ottoman and over-sized leather recliner from Bradington Young.  Large custom chair-and-a-half swivel chairs were selected from Panama Pete out of Ocala, FL.  For the ceiling fan, a new introduction from Monte Carlo Fans was selected.  We replaced the existing drapes with new ones produced by Carole Fabrics.  New paint went up in all areas of the home as well.

Floor Plan

Conceptual design for the Family Room

FR Design

Final Furniture Selection

FR After2

Family Room After

Before DR

Dining Room Before

The next space we worked on was the dining room.  Our client wanted to keep her gorgeous furniture in that room, but still update the room with new window treatments, lighting and a rug.  We got to work selecting a fabric for the new drapery.  Custom drapery and window treatments usually take the longest time to produce out of all the products, so we wanted to get the selection taken care of right away.  We chose a beautiful gold patterned fabric from Carole Fabrics and had them produce the drapery.  We added tiebacks from Stout to add a grand statement.  The amazing brass sconces were chosen from Arteriors Home because of the way the shape played along with the shaping of the drapes.  The iron chandelier was selected from Currey & Co. so that it would compliment the other colors in the room.  Our client decided to reupholster her dining chairs in a grey fabric from Kasmir Fabrics to go with the new colors in the room.  The viscose area rug was selected from Loloi Rugs.  We had to deliver it after the larger delivery because it was out of stock.  It took 6 months to arrive!  It was the perfect finishing touch for this room.

Dining After

Dining Room After

Dining Design

Dining Room Design

Guest Design

Guest Room Design

For the guest room all new furniture was selected.  The headboard, dresser and nightstand are from Lexington Home Brands.  The adorable plug-in sconce is from Global Views.  Drapery was once again selected from Carole Fabrics.  New window treatment hardware was added to this room from Paris Texas Hardware.  The new, more neutral paint color really tied it all together.

Fitness Window Treatments

Fitness Room Window Treatment Design

The fitness room didn’t need any furniture, but it did need some window treatments.  We did stationary panels on each window.  The fabric was selected from Maxwell Fabrics and we had our workroom here in Lake Mary produce the drapes.  Mercury glass hardware was selected from Paris Texas Hardware.  Truly unique elements in this room are the custom faux iron inserts that we put in the transom windows.  It is a resin/MDF material that is carved to look like iron.

Living Design

Living Room Design

We gave the living room a face lift by adding a few new items, check http://www.larsadditions.com.  Our client wanted to keep her existing furniture and her gorgeous grand piano.  We selected a new wool area rug from Jaipur Rugs that coordinated with her artwork.  We added a large faux bamboo tree from Lux Art Silks out of Sarasota, FL in the corner of the room.  A new tufted ottoman from Bradington Young was selected to replace the too-big coffee table that was in the room before.

FR After1

Family Room After

As you can see, a lot goes into every project.  Whether it be just window treatments, or an entire home, the design process is the same from concept to installation or delivery.  We work very hard in the selection phase to make sure the design reflects the client’s style and tastes.  After the final selections are made and ordered, we make sure that everything is going smoothly and according to schedule.  Our design process truly makes renovating and updating your home easy and worry-free.  If you have a project that you are ready to begin, but you don’t know where to start, contact us at FLQ and our professionals can help you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Designer Bedding Orlando

Photo Credit: Eastern Accents

Photo Credit: Eastern Accents

Looking for the perfect bedroom inspiration?  Something that can make a huge impact on your bedroom or your kids’ bedrooms?  Designer bedding can change the entire atmosphere of any bedroom.  Naturally you will have a few questions before you decide to purchase any of these wonderful designs.  What is the quality like?  Can I clean it?  Will it look out of place in my room?  How can I incorporate it into my bedroom?  As a designer, we get a lot of questions surrounding our high quality bedding.  Hopefully I can clear the air and answer some of the question you may be asking yourself about designer bedding.

Bedding3When selecting new bedding the most important aspect, besides the color of course, is quality.  You need your new bedding to be durable against stains and pulls.  The bedding that we specify to our clients is unbeatable when it comes to quality.  We have a few different manufacturers that we like to work with because of their amazing quality.  Thread count is important to consider, the higher the better.  The type of thread is critical too.  Long staple fibers are best because they are less likely to break, unravel, or pull.  The fabrics our manufacturers use are hypo-allergenic.  The fill in the comforter can distinguish a good quality one from an average one.  A down comforter really speaks for itself if you have ever experienced one.  There are down alternatives as well, but using down in the comforter and pillows sets the bedding apart from others.  It would be useful to read reviews of true medical in order to find out how to prevent erectile dysfunction? The comforters we specify are hand crafted.  They use a box design for ultimate loft and depth.  They even come in special sizes in case you are one of the lucky people who have a super king bed!  Double needle stitching is used along the edges of every comforter and pillow to ensure durability.  To top it all off, our bedding is made in the U.S.A.

Designer Bedding 2“Can I clean it?” is another one of those important questions.  Just as important as the quality.  If you have kids, pets, or simply really like to serve breakfast in bed, then you need bedding that is easy to clean.  Thankfully, our manufacturers know that.  They use fabrics that make cleaning a breeze.  Fabrics like 100% Egyptian cotton or a polyester blend make your job a lot easier.  They are stain resistant and durable.  Other washable fabrics include linen and all kinds of blends.  In the photo to the left you can see an adorable set of matching bedding for two girls.  Your kids can have gorgeous bedding too!

Bedding4Occasionally, designer bedding can look out of place in a bedroom if there is not anything to complement it.  Incorporating your bedding into the room’s design is crucial because a room needs to have balance.  While that may sound scary to some, it is actually quite simple.  There are many ways to incorporate a focal point, such as new bedding, into a room.  Adding other similar accents is one of the most straightforward and simplest ways to do just that.  In the photo you can see the fine bedding is the focal point, but it is surrounded by similar full cleaning checklist fabrics.  The drapery is the same fabric as the shams.  There is also a cute little ottoman at the foot of the bed wearing the same fabric.  Painting is a quick way to draw the colors of the bedding to the walls.  Accessories help a great deal in pulling the colors around the room.  Using the bedding as your room’s inspiration allows you to draw patterns and colors to the rest of the room so that your bedding fits in and doesn’t seem out of place.

Bedding5When it comes to quality, designer bedding can’t be beat.  The thread counts are high, the fabrics are strong and the design is one-of-a-kind.  Made here in the USA the bedding is cleanable and durable.  Incorporating your new bedding is as easy as updating your drapery or wall color.  Hopefully I was able to answer your questions about designer bedding and all that comes along with it.  If you are ready to make your bedding selections,  contact us at Florida Living Quarters today, and an interior designer can assist you in creating your dream bedroom!

Hunter Douglas Powerview Orlando

PowerViewHunter Douglas is THE name in window treatments.  They are of the best quality and come in numerous different products, styles and colors.  At Florida Living Quarters, we are one of the only priority dealers in the Orlando area and we sell quite a lot of Hunter Douglas.  We have been selling them for years now and have watched their technology become more and more advanced.  A few years ago when they introduced PowerRise, we were so excited to be able to operate the shades with remotes.  Now Hunter Douglas has come out with a technology even more fantastic than that!  It is their all new operating system called PowerView.  It is when you can operate your shades from your smart device of any kind.  We were lucky enough to attend a training for the new PowerView in Orlando this week and I want to share some of what we learned with you on casinoeuro.


PowerView Training in Orlando, FL

As technology throughout the home becomes increasingly smarter, Hunter Douglas knew that they had to keep up with the trends.  Companies are introducing programmable thermostats and other decor-friendly gadgets.  PowerView is different than any other shade operating system than before because you can not only operate it with an aesthetically pleasing remote, but you can operate your shades from your app and from anywhere in the world!  This is handy when you are on vacation and you want others to think you are home.  Hunter Douglas is using a new technology called “the Hub” to make that possible.  Along with PowerView comes the all-new concept of a scene controller.  Using your app to create “scenes” you can program all of your bedroom shades to open at sunrise and for them to shut at sunset without ever having to press a button.  Scenes are like linking a certain few shades in your home together so that they operate at the same time.  It allows you to set your shades to any position based on privacy needs, light and overall ambiance.  Maybe you want your shades to open in the kitchen when you are making your coffee before work, and then close right after you leave for the day, and then open again when you get home.  Using the app and the scene controller you can set your shades to do whatever you want, whenever you want, without picking up your remote.  You can have your entire house of shades programmed to open and close as you please.

This operating system is the safest yet.  There are no cords dangling down, nothing for anyone to get caught on.  PowerView is perfect for younger couples or new families who have young children.  Even people with pets can appreciate the string-free shades.  PowerView combines the safety factor with a streamlined look and easy operation for the ultimate window coverings.  If you are not a “techy” person, no need to worry.  The licensed installer does all the programming for you.  All you have to do is tell him how and when you want your shades to move.  Then you can start living with your perfectly programmed shades.

PowerView RemotesIf PowerView offers anything, it is options.  Almost all of the Hunter Douglas products can be made with PowerView.  That allows you to get exactly what you want, in the color you want, and all motorized.  The “pebble” is what the new remotes are called.  They come in seven different colors to make sure that you are able to coordinate the remote with your color scheme.  They are ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your hand, and also to blend in with your decor.  If you don’t want a remote lying around, they make them in surface mounts as well.  The remotes have more buttons than before, but don’t worry, they are still simple to operate.  The remotes can control different groups of shades throughout the house, so you will probably only need one remote for the whole house.  These remotes can reach through the whole house as well.  The remote kcb janitors is also able to stop a shade mid-command if you decide you want them to stop where they’re at.  This is new to Hunter Douglas technology.  It can make the vanes of the shades open or close one way or the other.  Another fun new feature is the favorite button.  It allows the shades to be programmed to a certain position, so when the favorite button is pressed, the shades automatically go to this position.  Basically there isn’t a thing that shades on this operating system can’t do!

PowerView AppUsing the app, you can do several different things.  You can operate your shades from anywhere in the world.  You can operate your shades at home without the use of a remote.  You can create scenes of shades so that your shades operate on your schedule.  There is a two-way communication between the shades and the app.  The app will talk to the shades and tell it what to do, but the shades also tell the app important things.  The shades will actually send a message to the app saying “help! my battery is low!”.  Then you will know to change the batteries before they completely run out, which is very helpful.  Using the app, the scenes can be personalized with different icons and colors its like you called The Dublin Roofers.  That makes operating them very simple.  You can even set up the app so that your guests can activate their shades, but not all of the shades in the house.  It also has a feature for kids that allows them to operate their shades much in the same way a guest would.

PowerView is the best operating system for window treatments yet.  There are so many options and different products that it would practically be impossible to figure it all out without the help of a professional.  At Florida Living Quarters, we enjoy going over all of your design options, especially window treatments.  We work with licensed installers who can create a worry and hassle-free installation.  We are very excited to be able to offer this fantastic new product to our clients.  If this sounds like what you need in your home, please contact us today about scheduling a free in-showroom consultation.  We will help you discover all of the amazing options that can make your day-to-day life easier.

Delivery in Longwood

Florida Living Quarters had the pleasure of delivering custom furniture for one of our clients in the Longwood/Markham woods area. We have been working with this client for the past four months to perfect the design for her home. When we first began the design they had some serious water damage and decided that if they had to do it over, the help of a designer would be needed to put things back together again. And that is where we came in. We helped select paint for both the interior and exterior of the home. We created paint schedules for our client and the painters to know which colors we specified for which area. Once we had the paint colors selected we were able to move forward with interior lighting and furniture selection.

Phillips Collection TableFLQ furnished several rooms in the home. We started with the kitchen, nook, living room and dining room. The living and dining were the most challenging because both spaces are combined into one large space with traffic flowing from all directions “the artery room.” The living room focal point is a beautiful large fireplace with tile going all the way up to the ceiling. In front of this fireplace, we circled 4 custom wing back chairs from Lexington Home Brands. On the floor we placed a large transitional style area rug from Surya. A fun coffee table from Gabby home and two stunning floor lamps from Arteriors Home finished off the room. On the wall opposite the fireplace is a beautiful built in unit for storage in the dining room. With this built in we found a gorgeous solid wood dining table from Phillips Collection. The table is a true wow factor. We paired this table with Jet Set dining chairs from Bernhardt Furniture. Its’ sleek, clean lines paired nicely with the organic look of the table. Under the table we selected a textured area rug from Loloi Rugs that matched complimented the chairs and wall color. Paired    chandeliers are hung centered for each area – not an easy task with ceilings over 20′ in height.

TruckThe next rooms we worked on were the kitchen, nook and the family room. With only a French door separating the two spaces, it was crucial that everything coordinated perfectly. In the nook we selected a table and 6 chairs from Stanley Furniture. Another floral area rug from Surya went under the tables and chairs. In the family room there was a whole wall of French doors out into the yard so naturally these beautiful doors needed some kind of window treatment. We selected a cream and aqua embroidery from Fabricut to make traversing (not stationary) drapery for all of the doors. The hardware we selected was from the quick ship metal collection from Paris Texas Hardware in the rose gold finish. Our client decided to keep their existing furniture for the family room, but we did select a new area rug from Loloi Rugs that is full of color. The rug is a combination of jute and wool to make it both durable and unique.


After selections downstairs were made we moved upstairs to work on the master bedroom and bathroom window treatments. A new product from Hunter Douglas caught our client’s eye. The Solera is a versatile soft shade that was introduced to the Hunter Douglas product line not too long ago. It is kind of like a cross between a Roman shade and a honeycomb. It is becoming increasingly popular with our clients. These shades come in a variety of fabrics and colors. Our client selected a cream room darkening/blackout fabric for her shades since it is in her bedroom. We also placed one of these shades in the bathroom. The master design is still in progress as our client decided she also wants help for the furnishings in the bedroom after she saw how wonderful the rest of the house looked after delivery, https://northdallasmaidservice.com/.

ChairsWe love how happy our clients are after we deliver all of their furniture. Both our clients and us love to see the change whether it’s small like a new area rug and a piece of art that makes a big statement or a complete room transformation. No project is too big or too small for us and we know that we can help you with whatever your interior design needs are. Please contact us at our showroom in Lake Mary to see how we can help you!

Benjamin Moore Paints

paint deckThis past week we had an amazing and informative lunch and learn with our Benjamin Moore representatives.  They spoke with us about their quality products and about why Benjamin Moore can meet all of our interior and exterior color needs.  With products for every surface and their exclusive colors they are one of our few go-to paint suppliers.  Benjamin Moore has a wonderful range of products from interior paints to unique wood stains.  One thing that makes them really special is that they manufacture their own products unlike other paint suppliers.  This means that they have exclusive, one-of-a-kind colors that you cannot find anywhere else.  This also means that they were able to cut out the middle man to keep costs low.  Our representatives informed us that the company works very hard to provide the absolute best paint product on the market.  As designers, one of our jobs is to specify a quality product and create a paint schedule for our clients.  We only specify good quality products and paints for all of our clients.  We would like to share with you some of the reasons why we love to specify Benjamin Moore as one of our paint suppliers.

ComparisonThere are many different paint products from Benjamin Moore to choose from.  Our new go-to interior paint is  Aura.  It is the first product our reps informed us about.  It comes in all of their colors and it covers the primer in only two coats!  That will save you money on the paint itself and the labor that your painter is charging you.  With its very low VOC (volatile organic compound) rating, this is a paint that will be easy to adjust to having in your home.  Once the painter has finished there will only be a slight smell left and it will dissipate quickly.  In the photo to the left you can see two different red paints.  The one on the left is one coat of Aura and the one on the right is one coat of a competitor’s product.  As you can see, the Aura covers much easier than the other.  Red is the most difficult color to paint because it usually requires so many coats in order for it to look even.  From the photo you can tell how easily and smoothy the Aura covers over the white primer.




>NaturaIf you or any of your family members are sensitive to the smell of paint then look no further than the new Natura paint by Benjamin Moore.  This paint is 100% VOC free!  No fumes at all!  You may have seen the commercial for this paint on television.  It shows a room in a hospital with sleeping infants and toddlers.  Then the paint crew enters toting the Natura paint.  The crew begins painting and finishes a fun wall mural to surprise the babies when they wake up.  This just goes to show how gentle the paint is.  Normally any harsh fumes would wake the children up and upset them if they were that close to the fumes of drying paint.  Natura is a good choice for anyone who has asthma or allergies.  There is no compromise in quality with this paint either.  It is not either covers in two coats or VOC free, you can have both in one paint.




Candice OlsenCandice Olsen is a very popular interior designer and many people have heard of her.  In fact, our designer has met her and they both love each others’ style.  Most people know that she has her own line of furniture and fabrics, but did you know that she also has her own paint colors?  Benjamin Moore and The LockBoss are two of the many manufacturers to collaborate with her.  She selected her favorite Benjamin Moore colors and they put all of them into one paint deck for easy selection of her colors of choice.  The paint is wonderful to pair with any her unique wallpaper collections that we offer at our showroom.





ExteriorBenjamin Moore is one of the only paints that won’t fade even after years of exposure to light and stains.  Perhaps you pulled back the dining chair to hard and it hit the wall, leaving a scuff.  No amount of scrubbing will get it off in this case, but you can go back to your can of paint to touch it up.  Lesser quality paints will fade over time and when you go to touch them up there is a noticeable difference between the old paint and the new.  Not Benjamin Moore.  Their new color technology technically prevents fading for up to eight years, but most people say that it lasts even longer than that.  It’s not just interior either.  Their exterior paints also resist fading just as well as the interior.

Benjamin Moore is one of our favorite paints to specify because of all of the awesome perks I mentioned above.

Delivery Acuera Lake Mary

Another busy week at Florida Living Quarters.  On Friday, we had three deliveries; the first one was the largest.  In Acuera, a new subdivision in the Markham Woods area, twenty minutes north of Orlando in Lake Mary, we were up and at ’em early to delivery several rooms of furniture and window treatments.  We had been working with this client since early February on creating a perfect home out of their newly-constructed house.  Our areas of focus were the dining room, family room and breakfast nook.

Dining RoomIn the Dining Room we selected some fabulous art and dining chairs from Uttermost.  The art is titled ‘Festival of Light’ and it is a hand painted piece, which means no two pieces will be exactly the same.  The canvas is metallic silver situated within a sleek, black frame.  The chair has a light, misty blue color with tan floral accents.  The frame is distressed solid birch.  We used one of these chairs at both heads of the table and integrated some of their own chairs on the sides.  For window treatments in the dining room we used the Kasmir custom workroom to produce pale blue draperies with a Greek key pattern.  We chose a sheer and then lined it in order to achieve the light filtering effect that we wanted.  We chose the Kasmir custom workroom because sometimes their lead time, or production time, is shorter than having the draperies made in a private workroom.  We chose hardware from Paris Texas Hardware’s Portfolio Collection



Family RoomIn the family room we laid it out so that there is plenty of spacious traffic paths, avoiding the sight line to the TV, and so that it is a room convenient for conversation.  We used many different vendors in this room.  The leather club chair and console are from Hooker Furniture.  The club chair is made of alanine dyed leather with a kiln dried wood frame.  The tufted back gives this chair a traditional flair.  The entertainment console has an antiqued mirrored cabinet doors with adjustable shelves on the inside for plenty of storage.  The sofa is part of the Personal Design Series from Lexington Home Brands.  The image to the left is simply a computer-generated image of how it will look with those fabrics and not how it looks in real life.  It is a great tool to get an estimate of how it will look in the end.  Lexington’s Personal Design Series allows you to change absolutely everything about their sofas.  They come in different size and any fabric imaginable.  You can customize the arms, skirt, cushions, and pillows.  The other arm chair is the Kandy Armchair by Uttermost.  Upholstered in a taupe velvet fabric,  a solid wood frame and brass nail heads, this chair gives the room some warmth and charm.  The sofa table is also from Uttermost.  It is uniquely made of mango wood.  The distinctive legs and dark, weathered stain make this piece stand out.  Over the large sliding glass doors that looked over into their private backyard, we hung stationary designer pleat drapery with a subtle pattern.  We used hidden hardware from Dixie Textiles so that we didn’t interrupt the effect we were going for.  With this light faux silk from Fabricut we wanted to draw the eye upwards to acknowledge the wonderfully tall ceiling.  The coffee table is a new introduction from Stanley Furniture.  The top is made of dark walnut veneers and the legs are metal coated in a gold leaf finish.  The exciting area rug is from the Caesar collection from Surya.

In the breakfast nook we used Fabricut again for stationary Roman shades.  Our fabulous workroom made the shades right here in Lake Mary.  We went with Stanley Furniture for the table.  Its central pedestal make it perfect for a smaller space.  Our client has a built in bench seat so we selected a faux leather in a grey color from Maxwell Fabrics.  Our workroom also created their custom bench cushion.

After about 2 months of planning we were able to deliver this client’s perfect home.  We gave their new home character that they can enjoy for years to come.  If you are interested in redesigning one room, or the entire house,  we can help you out!  Following our process for design is simple and easy and you can have the home of your dreams.  Stay tuned for more inside looks on our projects and deliveries.

Maison Object Miami

Team FLQ recently took a road trip down to Miami Beach.  A fabulous furniture and lighting show, Maison & Object, was being held at the Miami Beach Convention Center Tuesday through Friday.  This show is special because it is usually only held in Europe and consists of big names and brands from the Eastern Hemisphere.  It is not very often when they bring their unique show to us, and with only a three and a half hour drive away from our showroom in Orlando, how could we resist? We love to visit shows like Maison & Object and Coverings 2015 to broaden our knowledge of our ever-changing profession.

Kelly Hoppen Apaiser ColabWe made it just in time to hear Kelly Hoppen and her partners from Apaiser speak.  They were promoting their new collaboration of bathroom fixtures.  Apaiser, a manufacturer of luxury bathroom fixtures and finishes coordinated with Hoppen, one of the most well known designers in the U.K, to create top-of-the-line bathtubs and sinks.  Kelly’s focus for her design was sheer luxury.  She said during the keynote that “luxury is forever”.  By that she meant that luxury is not a trend, something that will go out of style, it will always look gorgeous and we couldn’t agree more at FLQ.  Evolving design is luxurious, a design that can evolve with you and the design world, and continue to look amazing. Her bathroom line takes inspiration from the Eastern culture.  The hand, or how a surface feels, is completely unique.  It is difficult to believe, but the recycled marble bathtubs and sinks are not cold.  It is made of a special material, a material that they would not disclose to us, as it’s a mix of new and recycled marbles that is not cold like a normal metal bathtub.  This will allow you to be entirely relaxed instead of flinching as your skin touches the cold surface of a regular tub.  This line of incredible bathroom fixtures will be available soon.

Kelly Hoppen and Erika Benfield

There was new and fascinating lighting everywhere!  New materials, design and colors coated the show floor with dazzling displays.  New materials were introduced such as blown resin, scored acrylic-glass and unusual metals. Discover here how do business credit cards work with Blackhawk Bank.   There were very large light fixtures that were over eight feet tall and tiny fixtures that were only a couple of inches long.  We met with one of the designers who thought up the scored acrylic-glass lights.  They were astounding and you could not even see the light bulbs.  She created her lights using tiny LEDs to reflect through her acrylic-glass concoction to make the room very bright.  There was such a wide variety of light fixtures that picking a favorite light and vendor was inconceivable.

VersaceWe came across several new wallpaper manufacturers.  Wallpaper is definitely back in style.  In the photo you can see Team FLQ with one of the representatives for Versace, an Italian wallpaper company.  At the show we made several great contacts for wall coverings so that we can hopefully start carrying their exclusive patterns and designs.  At our showroom in Lake Mary we carry many different wallpaper vendors that we can use in our designs.  Having many vendors allows us to prevent any room design from being alike.

Tile2The tile you can see here is one of the more interesting things we saw at Maison & Object.  These are tiles that can adhere to walls or the floor.  They are custom so that means that the manufacturer can change the scale of the pattern, the color and the size of each tile.  Each pattern was so completely different from the other and they offered many options.  We are anxiously waiting to follow up with this manufacturer at castle keepers because we love all the new things, offered by maids in Georgia, we could offer our clients in the world of tile.

Furniture The furniture at this show was stunning.  There was also a very large variety; it was impossible to recognize any ‘trends’ because everything was so different.  Everything from bright colors to pastels, traditional curves to sleek modern lines, and velvets to silks.  We are looking forward to designing with all of this fun, new furniture.

Resin Light

A Light Fixture Made of Blown Resin

Being able to share this insider’s look into the Maison and Object show has been fantastic. The next one coming up is in Paris in September Oh la la. I encourage anyone reading this to book your flight now because Maison and Object is truly inspiring. If you have any questions about the show, or are interested in creating a space with any of our new vendors, contact us at Florida Living Quarters and we can assist you in developing the perfect plan for your home.