Transitional Interior Design


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In recent years there has been a new idea transforming the Interior Design world especially in Orlando Florida. It is the idea of mixing traditional and modern designs. It is referred to as transitional design. It is becoming quite popular because transitional design is a concoction of two completely different styles. For example, a husband may enjoy modern style, the wife enjoys traditional. Transitional style is the perfect marriage of the two so that all decision makers involved are happy.

How is transitional design defined? There are elements from modern design, such as clean lines, an abundance of texture, use of glass and chrome, large art pieces, slight patterns, and not a bunch of detailed ornamentation. The elements from traditional styles that are used include curved lines, dark woods, tufting and classic or timeless furniture pieces. Transitional design is using shapes and textures, rather than a plethora of colors and details, to make the space truly alluring in a subtle way.

Modern Tropical Interior Design

Modern Tropical Interior Design

Coastal and Modern Dining Room

For the people who like clean and simple lines it can be hard to find the perfect harmony of beach-y and modern. You don’t have to go full out coastal to attain the beach house of your dreams. As an overview, modern design is clean lines, texture, simply-dressed windows, and uncomplicated accessories. Beach-y is definitely a theme and trying to mix modern and beach-y does not always look so good, but don’t fret for it can be done. A few ways to combine your two different tastes would be keeping the clean lines, moving single piece of furniture and simple window dressings. Plant life is consistently good for either modern or beach-y. Accessories can be unique mirrors with a fun frame, large vases with coastal designs, or other little accessories. In this style you need to be a little outgoing with your accents because your furniture is simpler than the other styles. Just be sure not to clutter up you space with too many accessories because modern is very clean cut. In the photo above you can see the dramatic use of horizontal lines. These help keep the room modern, but in this application it is beach-y in the style of the overall set of furniture. The area rug is jute or hemp. Natural textures give off a coastal vibe and texture is necessary for good modern design.

Rules to consider when you are decorating with color

The sheer idea of Decorating with Color is appealing for a lot of people. No one really likes when you just stick to bland colors in a room. When you decorate you want to express yourself, so most of the time there are no major rules to worry about. But with the right approach and a true focus on what you want you will be fine. It all comes down to understanding what you expect and what decorations you should focus on, just to be safe.

Pick a small room to experiment at first

When you are Decorating with Color you will always need to do a trial and error approach. That’s because you don’t always know what works and what doesn’t. So it makes a lot of sense to know what you are getting into and what you can expect. This really works and the experience on its own can be second to none all the time. Using vibrant colors can be a good idea, especially for starters.

Pair complimentary colors

Some colors naturally work together, others will clash pretty bad. Which is why the best thing that you can do is to focus on pairing colors that sit opposite the color wheel. This makes Decorating with Color more interesting because you really get to pick and choose what works for you and what doesn’t. The solutions won’t work for you all the time, so try to consider that and you will be more than ok. Blue and green or orange and yellow work pretty nicely too. Know the color wheel and try to adapt and adjust colors until you find a combination that looks great.

Every color has its own personality

It might seem strange, but every color has its own personality. Not selecting the right option might be an issue, but you really have to take your time as you actively figure out the problem and how you can tackle all of this correctly and with amazing results. The more you study the situation, the better it will be, so try to consider that and you will be fine for sure. It’s never something simple to achieve if you want to combine color personalities, so it’s important to experiment at a smaller scale to see if your ideas are good or not.

Anchor the oversized spaces with dark colors

It might seem strange, but this approach works very well because you get to pick and choose the options and coloring. The trick with such an approach is that you always have to take your time and see if a dark interior suits your home. When you are Decorating with Color you can opt for a darker style and approach if you want, but it does have to suit your needs. Usually dark coloring can bring in that type of boudoir effect that a lot of people are interested in. that would certainly work fine, so as long as you do it you will be more than ok. 

Use colors that complement your home’s era

If you have an older home, you are ok if you opt for some old school color combinations. You can obviously try to use modern colors and tones, but those might not fit your approach and style all the time. You really have to know what you need and what you can expect, and once you do that you will be fine, just consider all the options if you can, to see more options visit The idea is to not modernize anything unless you really want to. There can be challenges along the way, but you have to stick to the colors and combinations that suit your home’s era if possible.

As you can see, Decorating with Color is not that challenging as long as you know what approach to have and how to handle everything correctly. The process is always a bit challenging especially when you are dealing with complex colors and challenges. But knowing every little step and idea will indeed bring in a rewarding set of results. As long as you know what you are getting into and adapt the style and colors based on your room’s layout and age you can’t really go wrong.

Window Treatment Basics

Window Treatment Styles, Bells and Whistles

While window treatments have been around for a very long time, people are always trying to find new ways to update and make them fantastic for their home. Not all windows are standard and you can’t normally walk in a store to purchase nice quality window treatments as they are custom made. There are lots of window treatments styles that you can use to make your home more appealing. And it all comes down to you to make the right pick. With that in mind, here are some of the basic window treatments you can choose right now.

Window decals

The reason why window decals are great is because they are offering you some privacy without sacrificing a great view and natural light. It helps a lot because decals make your windows more interesting, not to mention you can use a frosted film to get the privacy of etched glass without that much of a downside. It certainly works and it can be adapted to your own needs in no time.


One of the main benefits of screens is that they are cutting the sun glare. Being that we are in Florida screens are important to filter the breeze and protect your home. You get to have a great view without worrying about any sun glare at all. That rarely happens, which is what makes screens one of the better options out there. They are also casting shadows around the room too, so there are obvious benefits related to that all the time. You will be quite impressed with the value and results, so try to keep that in mind if you can.


A lot of people tend to add shutters and these window treatments work amazingly well. For a natural wood finish to bring in that extra charm and warmth and note it can take several months for real wood verses faux wood shutters. It can always bring in resounding benefits and the return on investment can be second to none all the time, which is exactly what you need.

Steel rods

Using steel for curtain rods allows you to make a modern statement and at the same time you have an utilitarian finish to it as well. It certainly delivers when it comes to value and quality, not to mention that the return on investment will be second to none. Steel rods are preferred for a custom look and attached to wall with circular sturdy brackets. One average two short rods, rings, brackets and simple end caps costs around $150-$300 for a set. Steel rods come in a variety of finishes however satin nickel , antique gold and bronze are most popular in Orlando area. All of this really adds up to bring in front a very rewarding and custom look that you do not want to miss.

Window Treatment Steel Hardware


Drapes, shades and sheers are receiving quite a lot of trimmings. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to use trim tapes, because they make it easy to customize your curtains, especially if they are rather basic. Some people even remove curtains and dress the windows in trim. It might seem like a bold approach, but it does work quite nicely and there’s a lot of room to play with. The idea here is that you can adapt Howell’s Heating & Air and them as you see fit and it will work amazingly well.

Decorative Window Treatment Tape

Traditional patterns

Having a farmhouse, traditional window treatment is quite popular right now. you can go with some gingham café curtains, dotted and floral designs and so on. Another classic traditional print is Toile. The possibilities are indeed limitless and you can choose from multiple options and ideas. They say everything comes back around at some point but some patterns never completely go out of style.

Blackout trim for window frames

This one is a bit trickier because not all windows can work with this type of frame. But using black as a window treatment is a way to add a light blocking feature. It is essentially a channel that closes the gap from a window treatment shade to block out light.

It’s never easy to find the right window treatments, especially if you want to find the latest window treatment trends out there. Some people are simple an don’t want anything blocking their view and others more layers is their preference. Start with a compass to determine what type of lighting exposure you get such as Eastern or Western and then determine if you want to protect your interior and add a decorative element such as decorative window treatments. Creativity is key when it comes to window treatments, and that’s why checking the latest trends might help quite a bit. It’s certainly rewarding and interesting, and as long as you try out as many ideas as you can you will be able to find the right one that suits your needs!

2019 Interior Design Trends For Orlando

2019 Interior Design trends

Interior Design trends are changing all the time, they even vary from season to season. With that in mind, you may wonder what designs are trending right now and why you should choose those? Here are some of the most popular Interior Design trends you can find right no, and you can check them out on your own right away!


One of the best things about Interior Design is that it always stays up to date with the latest happenings in the world. And since we are all about saving our planet and eliminating plastic use or using sustainable materials, this trend has arrived in the Interior Design world as well. Using sustainable materials and focusing on minimalism is a major trend right now and you can find it in a wide array of locations. That’s because a lot of people want to showcase more with less, and that really fits into the entire process.


What is biophilia? As the name strongly suggests, this is the addition of natural elements into your interior design. The cool thing about biophilia is that it allows you to stay close to nature even if you’re living in an NYC apartment. You don’t have to be near nature to feel close to it, and this type of interior trend certainly shows that.

Curves and lines

One of the reasons why the Memphis design is so popular right now is mostly connected to its great appeal and ease of use. You can play around with colors, there are no rigid furniture lines anymore and you can add strange shapes and designs into the entire process.

Feminine tones

Adding in warm colors like pink, blush or Copper helps a lot if you want to change the appeal of any room. Soft pinks tend tones break up neutrals, and they make your room more vibrant and vivid. This Interior Design trend is great particularly for bedrooms, but any room can undertake such a change with mesmerizing results.

Blush Barstools Tov

Maximalist art

There are quite a lot of Interior Design professionals which state that maximalist art is in trend right now. And the primary reason for it would be the great visual appeal, amazing quality and the fact that you set up a room theme with such an art piece. They also make decorating a lot easier, and you get to enjoy the art piece a lot easier.

Floral wallpapers and fabrics

Adding in wallpapers is back in trends, and it’s a good idea to use a floral tone. This makes a room more interesting and vibrant, not to mention you can play around with various floral tones as well. And there are many color combinations too, which is very exciting to have.

Handmade decorative pieces

If you go on various Interior Design stores, you will notice that many of them have handmade pieces. And there’s a reason for that. These pieces are visually appealing, they make a statement and you will be able to access some amazing results this way.

Classic Kitchens

Speaking of Interior Design trends, classic kitchens are making a comeback. A lot of people want to make their kitchen more modern, but in doing so they end up with many challenges. That’s why going back to basics really helps a lot and it makes a lot of sense, check out It will bring in a tremendous value and experience, which is exactly what you need.

Mixing multiple textured materials

Mixing textured materials brings in more depth to a room, it even offers more dimensions and that helps a lot when you want to find the right decorative ideas. Thankfully, there are a plethora of materials to choose from, so finding the right approach can indeed be worth it.

More green

One of the main colors that seem to dominate the 2019 Interior Design trends is certainly green. Which is great, because green is a sophisticated, calming and also thought-provoking color. Find here The Dublin Painters Company. It’s nice to see that more and more people gravitate towards it, because there’s a lot to play with here and you can combine it with various materials and colors to pick the right one that suits your needs.

Tov Velvet Green

It’s a good idea to check the latest Interior Design trends as you try to pick the right design ideas for your home. There are many great options to choose from, so all you need to do is to check various pictures, see what design ideas seem more interesting for you and then you adapt to your own needs. It helps a lot and it’s one of the best ways to customize the interior of your home in a proper manner!

Model Home Staging Trends For The Orlando Market

What are the latest Model Home Staging trends?

Model Home Staging is all about offering a precise, high quality representation of that home and what it can bring to the table. That’s why you really need to take your time and use the best Model Home Staging trends to make that home look amazing. Every detail matters here and you constantly try to adapt and adjust all of this to make the experience more rewarding and interesting. There are obvious challenges along the way, but the experience can get a whole lot better once you study and tackle all of this the right way!

Keep it neutral but warm

Stoneybrook West Orlando

Using a neutral tone as a base helps a lot and it will work for most homes. One thing to note is that you always have to adjust and adapt to the experience to make it feel more interesting and rewarding. The thing with choosing colors is that you always end up with a tone that’s rather dominant. We encourage you to focus on staying with neutral, but warm tones as these will bring warmth to the rooms without being very poppy. And you need something like that to make the entire experience great and interesting.

Try to maximize the view

The reason you want to do that is because all buyers want to see a great view. They are buying this house to live in there for a long time. As a result, they will care about the view. You need to ensure that the blinds are open, the curtains are pulled and there are no destructions. Also, showcase all the natural light and ensure that everything works exactly the way you want. It’s certainly helpful if you show off the benefits in a great manner, as it just brings a rewarding set of results and the outcome will be great every time, which is what you really need.

Remove furniture and other clutter

Removing furniture might seem like a lot of work but it’s great for Model Home Staging. This way you get to show off exactly how large the room is. If anything, a room will feel a lot bigger if you remove unnecessary furniture. So that will work to your advantage. It’s not like you are misleading the customer, they will still be able to see that home anyway, but having too much furniture in it is always a disadvantage. And this became a trend because it does help a lot when you are staging a home. You need all the help you can get, and in this case it does bring in quite a lot of value and quality.

Show that every space has a purpose

When a buyer sees empty space, that can be very misleading and hard to process for them. They don’t really know how to use that space, and that’s why showing light furnishings showcasing the purpose of that space does make a lot of sense. The idea is to make sure that you have a designated purpose for each one of those spaces. It will just make a lot of sense and make everything more interesting and appealing as a whole. After all, every little bit matters and you should adapt and adjust it so it makes sense for the potential buyer. You can stage a spare bedroom as a potential bedroom and so on. Every little detail matters and that’s why you really have to figure out how to adapt and tackle all these things in order to make the room stand out.

Don’t hesitate to set a scene

Why would you do that? Because it’s the friendly thing to do. Having a stylish tray on the bed with wine glasses or coffee cups and some coffee really pays off. Also, you need to replace the bathroom towels with some new ones and so on. The reason why you want to set the scene is because it makes this home feel more welcoming and interesting. Visit It’s definitely rewarding and unique, and you should totally check it out.

One thing is certain, the Model Home Staging trends are changing all the time. These are the current ones, but as you can imagine there are some ideas that withstand the test of time. And the reason is simple, you want to set a scene and make things appealing for buyers. That doesn’t mean it will be a walk in the park, but adaptability is the key to success and you need that in order to show off the true value of a property!

Orlando Home Decorating Tips

Home Remodeling and Decorative Objectives

Remodeling is very challenging because not only do you have to adapt it to your budget and home value, but you also have to make it very appealing and interesting too. And since every person has their own ideas when it comes to the perfect home, there’s a lot of trial and error to think about here. Which is why we listed some of the most popular Home Remodeling trends that you should be following right now.

Add a Zsa Zsa accent piece or two

When it comes to personalizing a home, a recommendation is to push the boundaries and actively try to include stuff that’s unique. After all, Home Staging is all about grabbing the attention of your customer, and using something cool and creative will do the trick just nicely for the most part. That doesn’t seem it will be an easy thing to do. But it certainly works and you can adapt and adjust it to your own needs as you see fit, so just consider that if possible.

Modernizing Spaces

The reason why remodeling works is because you get to push the boundaries and ideas to personalize your space. If anything, you are curating a clever aesthetic and you get to play with it, which is exactly what you really need from something like this. Creating a modern look is always going to come with its fair share of challenges, but something as simple as using multiple side tables of varying sizes can help quite a bit.

Smooth curves are in when it comes to Home Staging trends

People prefer smooth curves for their furniture pieces, be it chairs, loveseats and so on. Square and harsh corners are not in right now, which is why it can be a good idea to opt in for those smoother curves. They bring in a more appealing aesthetic and the best part is that you can play off those colors and ideas as you see fit. Creativity is indeed key when it comes to this kind of stuff, so you just have to know how to adapt and adjust everything to suit your needs the right way.

Statement lamps

You always need to be creative and come up with cool ideas when it comes to decorating a home and preparing it for Home Staging. Statement lamps in particular are great because they offer a sense of sophistication. And many of these lamps actually offer a function as art pieces, which is exactly what you are looking for in a situation like this. Creativity is key here, but just about any statement lamp can work very well.

Get some metal accents

Metal accents are really trendy right now, so combining those accents with natural fibers and textures will make your design more sophisticated. As a result, this works amazingly well for remodeling, because you get to bring in that extraordinary appeal to your home. Not all homes have that, so having something like this is very interesting and also quite special too. That being said, more and more people are using this approach, so being creative is the right thing to focus on.

True blue is the new neutral color

Neutral colors tend to be very bland. But when it comes to Home Staging the last thing you want is something bland and not appealing for the customer. The best thing you can focus on is a true blue color, one that can be used as a base color but which can still be adapted and adjusted to your own needs as you see fit. Visit It totally works and you can check it out in great ways all the time due to that. Plus, a true blue color will make the space feel more inviting and appealing, while also removing any stress that comes from finding and picking good colors all the time.

Winter Park Home Staging

Remodeling is all about finding the right way to update a home while also showing off its true value. That can be hard to do, yet these great trends help a lot when it comes to bringing in more value and support. Find here La Jolla Car Detail from San Diego, CA. It certainly helps a lot and it offers that unique system and approach that you really need in a situation like this. We recommend you to use these great remodel home trends if you want something unique, interesting and exciting. Of course you can adapt them to your own needs, but make sure that you personalize your home and make it more unique so everyone can enjoy it and customize with key pieces!

Educated Consumerism and a half dozen reasons an Interior designer can save you money.

An interior designer is a vital part of a new home, saving money in numerous ways.  Let’s look at 6 different ways a designer is a great investment. 

  1. Money saving tip #1…Get along.  A designer should be a good fit with you.  Take time to meet them and to see if your personalities mesh.  Do you like each other?  If you do, then you will communicate well and your home will be a pleasure for the designer to work on.  If you do not like each other, stop there and keep looking. 
  2. Money saving tip #2…what is the visual story of you and your family?  When you and the designer communicate, the designer learns about how you live, what your priorities are and how your family moves within the space of your walls.  This is important because the designer will flow your finishes and furnishings to your lifestyle as well as your homes footprint.
  3. Money saving tip #3…how much time do you have to relearn a new profession?   A designer uses many technologies, both digital and tactile, to help you from the very beginning.  Designers scale, measure, find finishes, fabrics, colors, paint, lighting, prices, options and balance.  That may seem pretty simple when you know what you’re looking for.  Imagine though that there are literally several hundred thousand options and the designer must find the right technology tools for you. Imagine that you are a Millennial and you participate on a digital level more than a tactile one.  Or imagine that you are a Baby Boomer and you respond to tactile and conversational stimulation.  Both ways are right for the generation that they fit.  The designer will relate to your life and will recommend styles for your home. 
  4. Money saving tip #4…Budgets that work for you.  All good designers are focused on your budget and in being transparent about what they can do within your budget.  They should also offer a timeline to help you achieve all of your goals should your budget increase.  When you are telling the designer what you want – and how much you can spend, the designer may offer different ways to achieve the goal that you have not thought of?  Here’s an example; You don’t like the countertops in your newly purchased home.  The designer learns that you have a very active family and that no one takes particular care of what goes on top of the counters.  The designer might suggest a Quartz material that is a little bit more expensive than a run-of-the-mill granite or laminate.  While this may seem counter-intuitive, the designer knows that one expense of an almost indestructible finish will save you from having your counters done again in a few years. Replacement costs are something that designers worry about on your behalf. 
  5. Money saving tip #5…Finding your WOW factor!  You have just moved into your new home with ideas and pictures of others’ homes that you have been carrying around, storing the ideas you have had while you are dreaming about your home. How will it all pull together?  This is what designers do.  Scale is very important in a home and a sofa that is too big or too small can be costly.  Let the designer scale actual furniture into your home plan.  Let the designer help you prioritize what to do and how to make it all work. 
  6. Money saving tip #6…Building value for this home and your future.Maybe you have bought your new home and still need to sell the old one?  Some designers build value to potential buyers through full staging with furniture, window treatments, art and accessories, or through some simplifying tips to make your old home its most desirable.  Remember that your style may not be a global style and designers are good at knowing what to build on and what to simplify.  Trust them and you may get more money than you even asked for in the sale of your old home, thus having more to invest in your new home. 

Florida Living Quarters, Florida Living and Lighting, Design or List It are businesses that cater to residential, staging and model home customers.  We are the design company you are looking for should you be a homeowner, a Realtor or a Builder in the Seminole, Volusia, Orange and Osceola counties.

Orlando Lake Home With Infinity Pool View

With over 300,000 people moving to Florida every year, we are seeing an increase in new construction.  A one of a kind custom home was complete mid 2018 and we had the privilege of furnishing the custom home overlooking a lake in the Turkey Lake area.

It was unique because it had a lagoon style pool and infinity design where it appeared pool meets lake.  The designer challenge was to include the outdoors in the space planning and defining the furnishings within the open floor plan.  The transitional design included top treatments, stationary draperies, and every room centered around the gorgeous view.  The family of four will enjoy this home for years to come.

Starting with the family room, we decided to use a swivel chair that would double facing the lake view, tv, and cross conversation.  I suggested a pattern so that it added a little punch since it would be viewed from the side angle mostly.  I love to feature American made furnishings as much as possible  therefore this chair is made by Lexington Furniture Home Brands. All wood and able to hold the weight of a person and a half. The fabric is medium use and being a designer we always do our best to suggest fabrics that will meet the requirements of the homeowners.  The sofa too is American made by Basset.  All wood poly fill sofa feels solid.  Three individual cushions allows each individual their own cushion thus maximizing the space to seat seven people.  Find here The listing overview. I love to tie in all the pieces with an area rug large enough to touch the feet of all the main upholstery thus grounding the room.  I suggested we use fabric and leather combo so the room feels more inviting and the only leather is two recliners that a so supple and push back with no handle.  The most unique designer piece in the family room is the onyx coffee table by Bernhardt.  This coffee table is so unique and heavy that it took three people to lift it out of the company van into the home.

Orlando Home Interior Design ProjectWindows Treatments are the finishing touch of the rooms.  Because we did not want to impede on the view we used two short rods making the draperies stationary.  Read here more about Big Bear Luxury Cabin. There are weights on the corners of the draperies that help keep the weight down.  The rods had a little shimmer due to mitered cut finials.  We had three eat in areas within the family room view, outside, nook, and bar.  This home was made for entertaining! The nook featured a unique board mount flat valance with a fun pattern.  We kept that room nice and open again to be able to enjoy the view from all angles.  The unique curved back nook seating is made by Uttermost one of our designer favorite brands.

Take a peek at the results, one of my favorite rooms of the year!

Geneva Drapery Install

This year, Florida Living Quarters had the wonderful opportunity to help in the design on a new construction home in Geneva, FL. One major addition to the home was custom window treatments. Initially, we had the client come in to our showroom in Lake Mary to review fabrics selected by our lead designer, Erika. After narrowing down the options to a select few, we sent fabric samples to the clients home in Geneva to make the final selections. Upon reviewing the selections, we were very happy with the fabrics the client chose and they were happy to be able to express their personal style!

After a few weeks of waiting for custom draperies, the exciting window treatment installation took place in November 2018. The much anticipated day was finally here! The install ran into the late afternoon and after hours of hard work the process was finished. The day was a huge success! The window treatments looked absolutely stunning! The soft fabrics against the sleek modern home was the perfect touch and exactly what this home needed.

Florida Living Quarters helped this client specify and install window treatments in many rooms including: Draperies in the Living Room, Top treatment in the Breakfast Nook, Draperies in the Dining Room, Draperies in the Master Bedroom, and Top Treatments in the Master Bathroom.

We are happy to be able to make a positive impact on this clients home and