5 things you should do before you move in

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. But before you start unpacking, there are a few things you should do first to ensure a smooth transition. From changing your address to checking for pests, here are the five things you should do before you move in.

Make a list of everything you need to do before you move in

When you move into a new home, it can be overwhelming! There is so much to do and organize before you’re ready to settle in. To make sure that you have everything under control and don’t miss anything, it’s best to make a list of all the tasks that need to be done before moving day. Before packing up your belongings and getting ready for the big move, make sure you mark off essential items from your list. This should include researching the area around you, scheduling utility connections and inspections, organizing any paperwork related with renting or buying the property, deep cleaning before furniture is delivered, and making sure that all appliances are in working order. Taking care of these five tasks beforehand will help ensure that your transition into the new home is smooth and stress-free.

Start packing early

Moving into a new home can be an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming if you don’t plan ahead. The key to avoiding feeling overwhelmed is to start packing early so that you have plenty of time and don’t feel rushed right before your move. By allowing yourself enough space to slowly pack your belongings in advance, you will get a better sense of which items you need or do not need in the new home. You can then begin to envision how exactly you will arrange your furniture and decorations as soon as possible. This way that when the day of the move arrives, everything is already taken care of, leaving you with more time and energy to dedicate to settling into your new surroundings.

Get rid of anything you don’t need

Before you move into your new home, take the time to properly clean out and organize all your belongings. Get rid of anything you don’t need! It’s best to donate, sell, or throw away any unwanted items before the big move. Miracle Movers in Ottawa, ON explained that this will not only help save time packing and unpacking but also reduce stress when unpacking your possessions at the new destination. Furthermore, getting rid of unnecessary items prior to the move will help minimize what you have to transport and make it easier (and quicker) to find exactly what you’re looking for during the transition. Don’t wait until later- start now and tackle that decluttering before you move!

Forward your mail to your new address

Moving to a new address can be an exciting yet daunting prospect, but you can easily avoid potential issues by taking the right measures before settling in. One of these is forwarding your mail – knowing that all your letters will be safely and promptly delivered to you following your move can bring a great sense of comfort! Make sure that you contact the U.S. Postal Service at least two weeks prior to your move in order to provide them with the details they need, including your new address and how long you’d like the redirect to last. It’s also important not to forget this, as failure to do so may mean that any letters sent during this time may not reach their intended destination!

Notify utilities and service providers of your move date and new address

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but it can also be a hectic process. To make the move go as smoothly as possible, it’s important to notify your utilities and service providers of your upcoming move date and new address. This way, you’re sure that your new home will be ready for you when you arrive and everything will be set up correctly in accordance with your preferences. Don’t forget to do this essential step so that all of your services are transferred properly to the new location!

Congratulations on your upcoming move! By following these five simple tips, you can ensure that your transition to your new home is as smooth and stress-free as possible. So start packing early, declutter your life, and get ready for a fresh start in your new place. Best of luck!

How much should you spend on a kitchen remodel: All you should know

This isn’t an easy question to answer, as there are many factors to consider when planning a kitchen remodel. The size of your kitchen, the level of detail you desire, and the quality of materials you select will all impact the final cost. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow to ensure your kitchen remodel stays within budget. Read on to learn more.

It depends on the size of your kitchen and the scope of the project

When undertaking a kitchen remodel, the size of your kitchen and the intended project scope are two of the major factors that will influence your overall cost. Kitchens tend to range in size from small galley kitchens to large family-style kitchens – remodeling one requires a different set of considerations than the other. Similarly, you may decide to focus on updating one specific area or finish out an entire kitchen space. Depending on what you decide, your overall budget may vary drastically. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration both the size of your kitchen and exactly what parts of it require updating before formulating a budget for your project.

You can expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 on a kitchen remodel

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there’s a vast range when it comes to how much you can expect to spend. Generally, you can anticipate spending anywhere from $5,000 up to around $50,000 for the project. The exact cost of your kitchen remodel will depend on a variety of factors, like the size and layout of your kitchen, the materials used for countertops and backsplashes, whether structural changes need to be made and any other unique details that your project might require. Don’t let the numbers overwhelm you though; with a bit of research and planning of spend-smart strategies for your kitchen makeover, you’ll have a better idea of exactly what kind of budget is appropriate for your kitchen renovation.

The most important thing is to work with a qualified contractor

It is vital to hire a qualified contractor when considering a kitchen remodel. An experienced contractor knows how to create an amazing kitchen space within your budget, as well as providing valuable input into decisions about design and finishes that may help you stay on track financially. However, it can be difficult to find the right person for the job – so look for contractors such as Lars Remodeling & Design from El Cajon, CA, with good reviews from previous clients and plenty of examples of their work. This will ensure that you get the most value out of your budget while having confidence in the quality of the finished project.

Get multiple bids from different contractors

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to get multiple bids from different contractors to determine the right fit and cost for your space. Comparing bids can help you understand the implications of materials, fixtures and labour costs; plus, researching and investing the time to get quotes from contractors may lead to extra savings in the long run. Looking for top-notch bathroom remodeling in Texas? Visit elitehomeremodeling.com today to schedule your consultation and elevate your bathroom to new heights! Don’t forget that quality should be just as important as price: make sure to check online reviews, speak with others who have hired them and ask plenty of questions about any potential contractor before making a final decision.

Make sure to factor in the cost of appliances

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, it is important to consider the costs that come with selecting appliances, countertops, cabinets, and flooring. Since these materials come in many shapes, sizes, and prices, doing your research before making any large financial decisions is key. Additionally, if you’re considering brand names or higher-end materials, find out if they are worth their extra cost before purchasing them. By factoring these elements into your budget up front you can rest assured that you are spending money wisely on quality materials that won’t break the bank.

A kitchen remodel can be an exciting, albeit expensive, endeavor. However, with the right budget considerations in mind and a qualified partner on your side, you can have a successful outcome. With careful consideration and research, you’ll be able to create a comfortable and inviting kitchen that will serve as a beautiful focal point for all future gatherings within your home.

Where to find Arteriors Home products in Orlando

Arteriors Home Orlando

Arteriors Home OrlandoHave you ever looked for a designer brand and not know where to find it? In this Article I will tell you about Arteriors Home and our experience with their line of designer home decor products. Arteriors Home offers a wide range of products from Lighting to Accent Furniture. Arteriors home was founded by Mark Moussa in 1987, Arteriors Home sets the benchmark for luxury residential and commercial lighting, wall decor, decorative accessories and furniture. Arteriors Home main focus has been on traditional accessories, and lighting in classic materials, the company collaborates with experienced artisans and manufacturers around the world working in leather, iron, brass, bronze, nickel, wood, glass, ceramic, porcelain and more. Arteriors Home offers a wide spectrum of styles in luxury materials and finishes scaled specifically for adu builders at www.larsarchitecture.com/, san diego, design lovers with up-to-date sensibilities. Arteriors products have always appealed to Interior Designers and home decor lovers because of their cutting edge style.

Find Arteriors Home products

Lake Mary Interior Design CenterAt Florida Living Quarters Arteriors Home is a staple for our design clients as the accent pieces really help pull together a complete designer look. We have been a premier vendor for Arteriors Home for many years. Their products and services are undeniably reflected and amazing as at one of our top indoor playgrounds Uptown Jungle Fun Park in Laveen, AZ. Any time we have a flaw in an Arteriors Home product they are quick to respond and resolve the issue. In Central Florida you can find Arteriors Home products at our North Orlando Showroom in Lake Mary, Florida or our South Orlando location at Artegon Marketplace on International Drive. We offer Arteriors Home Lighting – such as Chandeliers, Pendants, Sconces, and Lamps. We also showcase Arteriors Home Furniture such as Cabinets, Tables, lofty pm, Chairs and Stools. and last but not least Arteriors Home has a wide range of Accessories to choose from.

In short we highly recommend Arteriors Home because of the quality and workmanship that goes into their products. Our design clients love the look and feel of Arteriors Home products and we are happy with the outcome and support that Arteriors offers us as a premier retailer.

Now lets take a look at the Sku numbers and Product Descriptions of the Arteriors product line up which can all be purchased from Florida Living Quarters or online at Chachkies.com

Arteriors Item No.    Description

11133-512    Harvey Lamp
11134-467    Gillespie Lamp
11135-673    Hayward Lamp
11136-499    Gunderson Lamp
11137-471    Hunter Lamp
11172-648    Hunter Lamp
11179-569    Raven Lamp
1118    Delmonte Large Bowl
11181-592    Ellie Lamp
11182-132    Fergie Lamp
11184-521    Gatlin Lamp
11185-468    Hemby Lamp
11186-934    Mariella Lamp
1119    Delmonte Small Bowl
115K    Black Tall Drum
115N    Natural Linen Tall Drum
115O    Off-White Linen Tall Drum
115W    White Tall Drum
116K    Black Tall Drum
116N    Natural Linen Tall Drum
116O    Off-White Linen Tall Drum
116W    White Tall Drum
117K    Black Tall Drum
117N    Natural Linen Tall Drum
117O    Off-White Linen Tall Drum
117W    White Tall Drum
118K    Black Tall Drum
118N    Natural Linen Tall Drum
118O    Off-White Linen Tall Drum
118W    White Tall Drum
12042-243    Fife Lamp
12164-296    Kaleigh Lamp
12402-790    Ashland Lamp
12535-457    Winnipeg Lamp
12592-414    Colby Lamp
12612-538    Lawton Lamp
12614-470    Hendrix Lamp
12650-164    Ella Lamp
12651-155    Ellington Lamp
12659-778    Jaden Lamp
12979-688    Leigh Lamp
13104-641    Barnum Lamp
15408-394    Bodega Lamp
16312-795    Heath Lamp, Left
16313-795    Heath Lamp, Right
16432-221    Kambria Lamp
16451-306    Kelli Lamp
16453-315    Lawton Lamp
16998-303    Davenport Lamp
17001-777    Wendy Lamp
17003-702    Topher Lamp
17006-877    Vada  Lamp
17008-629    Van Buren Lamp
17014-702    Topher Lamp
17018-714    Wilhelmina Lamp
17021-710    Vagabond Lamp
17024-926    Ashton Lamp
17027-926    Ashton Lamp
17030-930    Cosima Lamp
17031-935    Busy Lamp
17032-940    Chandler Lamp
17035-859    Brand Lamp
17036-895    Santana Lamp
17044-901    Caprice Lamp
17051-894    Amelia Lamp
17055-280    Luther Lamp
17056-282    Leroy Lamp
17057-292     Katnis Lamp
17058-285    Jemmison Lamp
17059-588    Jamienne Lamp
17060-299    Kalypso Lamp
17062-307    Kenya Lamp
17069-302    Kapera Lamp
17073-309    Katrina Lamp
17075-809    Dagan Lamp
17079-243    Earnest Lamp
17080-250    Dayton Lamp
17081-358    Eileen Lamp
17083-251    Fawn Lamp
17090-159    Errol Lamp
17091-160    Errol Lamp
17092-323    Edge Lamp
17095-232    Felicity Lamp
17096-227    Fabio Lamp
17099-244    Ferguson Lamp
17100-262    Ravi Lamp
17101-258    Finnegan Lamp
17102-284    Davion Lamp
17108-460    Dragon Lamp
17109-666    Heisman Lamp
17110-619    Overton Tall Lamp
17111-617    Herchel Lamp
17119-616    Hubert Lamp
17143-615    Havana Lamp
17166-673    Gonzalo Lamp
17167-580    Gresham Lamp
17169-593    Gretel Lamp
17171-601    Hamlin Lamp
17172-664    Gideon Lamp
17173-321    Kristie Lamp
17217-933    Cassidy Lamp
17237-334    Jansen Lamp
17240-311    Carey Lamp
17250-338    Jansen Lamp
17255-503    Feye Lamp
17295-194    Poppy Lamp
17296-208    Parkland Lamp
17297-210    Norris Lamp
17302-216    Orville Lamp
17314-182    Oliver Lamp
17325-392    Rhett Lamp
17328-419    Teo Lamp
17331-464    Roma Lamp
17332-441    Overton Lamp
17334-447    Santana Lamp
17336-453    Rory Lamp
17343-479    Talia Lamp
17344-482    Talia Lamp
17347-346    Jamal Lamp
17381-513    Sutton Lamp
17387-522    Cassidy Lamp
17403-345    Jansen Lamp
17417-547    Roanoke Lamp
17419-553    Ravi Lamp
17438-348    Jamal Lamp
17450-909    Nicole Lamp
17457-699    Nicole Lamp
17505-714    Wilhelmina Lamp
17529-651    Zoey Lamp
17530-738    Winslow Lamp
17540-667    Wheaton Lamp
17541-668    Wheaton Lamp
17581-915    Magoo Lamp
17697-929    Nathaniel Lamp
17698-989    Nahla Lamp
17699-983    Nevada Lamp
17701-982    Midori Lamp
17703-102    Nico Lamp
17704-669    Niven Lamp
17705-689    Nina Lamp
17896-702    Topher Lamp
17932-794    Gordon Lamp
17979-805    Vada Tall Lamp
17994-893    Orrick Tall Lamp
17995-884    Orrick Tall Lamp
17996-896    Orrick Lamp
17997-902    Orrick Lamp
17998-908    Lana Lamp
17999-915    Moby Lamp
19002-176    Eddy Lamp
19004-179    Edolie Lamp
19205-375    Kourtney Lamp
2003    Charles Narrow Tray
2006    Phillip Desk
2007    Charles Narrow Tray
2008    Nikita Mirror
2021    Bellamy Rectangular Side Table
2025    Capelli Side Table
2028    Percy End Table
2032    Percy End Table
2034    Clint Side Table
2038    Bates Cocktail Table
2039    Baker Tray
2043    Jack Large Sculpture
2069    Blythe Small Decanters
2070    Jack Small Sculpture
2072    Charles Tray
2097    Winston Hurricane
2125    Bailey Console
2134    Prescott Round Mirror
2143    Prescott Small Oval Mirror
2165    Grover Side Tables, Set of 2
2179    Everett Hurricane
2180    Exton Tray
2181    Orleans Side Table
2182    Wimberely Ottoman
2186    Tennyson Stool
2187    Grayton Ottoman
2188    Grayton Ottoman
2194    Hugo Bench
2196    Tennyson Stool
2197    Jack Large Sculpture
2198    Bronsan  Mirror
2205    Baldwin Mirror
2210    Hugo Ottoman
2222    Trinity Boxes, Set of 2
2230    Tahiti Console
2233    Margo Tray
2239    Hockaday Trophies, Set of 4
2246    Athens Trays, Set of 2
2284    Olympia Mirror
2304    Wilson Sconce
2309    Athens Trays, Set of 3
2312    Exton Narrow Tray
2324    Orion Mirror
2325    Orion Mirror
2326    Margery Mirror
2331    Winnipeg Small Sculpture
2346    Worth Hurricane
2352    Nikita Mirror
2355    Knight Small Accent Tables, Set of 3
2356    Aidan Bar Table
2401    Hogan Console
2408    Cyd Large Bowl
2410    Cyd Small Bowl
2413    Wyndham Swivel Counter Stool
2414    Barnes Side Table
2415    Halton Dining Table
2418    Bates Side Table
2419    Jack Cocktail Table
2420    Stanley Costello Cocktail Table
2421    Stanley Costello Cocktail Table
2422    Kazu Floor Sculpture
2436    Ira Floor Mirror
2468    Connor Nesting Tables, Set of 3
2469    Casper Skull Sculpture
2472    Acton Small Centerpiece
2473    Acton Large Centerpiece
2476    Alessandria Containers, Set of 3
2477    Alessandria Containers, Set of 3
2479    Ned Sculpture
2481    Delaney Large Mirror
2484    Scully Sculpture
2485    Emmett Cocktail Table
2486    Huxley Dining Table
2487    Finn Cabinet
2489    Eakin Table
2494    Bombay Large Hurricane
2495    Benton Small Hurricane
2496    Benton Large Hurricane
2497    Bombay Small Hurricane
2498    Bombay Centerpieces, Set of 2
2503    Bordeaux Large Tray
2504    Bordeaux Small Tray
2505    Brooke Medium Container
2506    Brooke Large Container
2507    Brooke Small Container
2516    Blythe Large Decanters
2519    Apollo Small Plaque
2520    Apollo Medium Plaque
2521    Apollo Large Wall Plaque
2541    Dean Cocktail Table
2542    Fleming Bookends, Set of 2
2545    Charles Tray
2549    Frigg Mirror
2554    Evan Entry Table
2558    Finch Console
2565    Ivo Vase
2587    Cody Small Ring Sculpture
2588    Cody Large Ring Sculpture
2589    Darby Accent Table
2594    Calvin Barstool
2596    Danforth Chair
2606    Kazu Dining Table
2615    Lucas Bookshelf
2619    Grace Container
2620    Edgar Cube Stopper Decanter
2621    Edgar Sphere Stopper Decanter
2622    Edgar Ring Stopper Decanter
2625    Edwin Tree Wall Sculpture
2627    Martina Bookends, Pair
2634    Egan Small Hurricane
2635    Egan Large Hurricane
2636    Egan Floor Hurricane
2637    Farris Vase
2640    Farrah Large Mirror
2644    Everett Table
2646    Gwenieve Cocktail Table
2648    Fallon Large Hurricane
2657    Gordon Mirror
2658    Gavin Mirror
2661    Apollo Large Plaque
2662    Apollo Medium Plaque
2663    Apollo Small Plaque
2665    Elton Table
2667    Danforth Chair
2670    Calvin Barstool
2671    Calvin Chair
2682    Antique Mercury Finials
2685    Costello Side Table
2692    Ennis Small Sphere
2694    Ennis Large Sphere
2695    Gauge Bookends, Pair
2697    Otto Ottoman
2726    Ennis Large Sphere
2727    Ennis Small Sphere
2735    Holden Large Sculpture
2736    Holden Small Sculpture
2738    Edgar Sphere Stopper Decanter
2739    Edgar Cube Stopper Decanter
2740    Edgar Ring Stopper Decanter
2747    Hinkley Barstool
2748    Ella Sculpture
2750    Calvin Barstool
2761    Melanie Mirror, Set of 2
2763    Calvin Low Barstool
2782    Hagar Short Hurricane
2783    Hagar Tall Hurricane
2852    Nyla Sculpture
2862    Nicholas Bar Cart
2995    Lubbock Sculpture
2996    Laurent Chair
3002    Expedition Mirror
3003    Isadora Side Table
3008    Eli Wall Mount Towel Holder
3009    Eli Towel Holder
3010    Gent Sculpture
3011    Gable Container
3012    Gareth Sculpture
3013    Gia Small Sculpture
3016    Garrick Sculpture
3017    Gia Large Sculpture
3058    Forest Park Table
3075    Connaught Bar Cart
3077    Connaught Bar Cart
3082    Atlantis Sculpture
3109    Cai Sculpture
3113    Dunston Sculpture
3114    Forest Park Table
3115    Cinchwaist Tray
3125    Henley Sculpture
3126    Ivan Sculpture, Set of 3
3127    Jacque Bookends, Set of 2
312B    Vintage Brass Flat Drum
312K    Black Flat Drum
312N    Natural Linen Flat Drum
312O    Off-White Linen Flat Drum
312S    Oxidized Silver Flat Drum
3130    Lander Mirror
3132    Kensey Mirror
3133    Aries Table
3137    Cinchwaist Oval Tray
3138    Porter Mirror
313K    Black Flat Drum
313N    Natural Linen Flat Drum
313O    Off-White Linen Flat Drum
313W    White Flat Drum
3144    Narnia Cocktail Table
3146    Kensey Small Wall Plaque
3147    Kensey Medium Plaque
3148    Kensey Large Wall Plaque
314K    Black Flat Drum
314N    Natural Linen Flat Drum
314O    Off-White Linen Flat Drum
314W    White Flat Drum
315K    Black Flat Drum
315N    Natural Linen Flat Drum
315O    Off-White Linen Flat Drum
315W    White Flat Drum
3163    Galaxy Mirror
3236    Fossil Sculpture
3240    Sherwood Candelabra
3268    Guilded Room Screen
3275    Astro Mirror
3902    Sherwood Accent Table
3915    Espresso Side Table
3920    Aries Table
4007    Clint Cocktail Table
4019    Sojourn Accent Table
4021    Ecko Cocktail Table
4022    Decker Bench
4024    Omega Small Wall Plaque
4025    Omega Medium Wall Plaque
4026    Omega Large Wall Plaque
4028    Edan Sculpture
4039    Myrtle Bar Cart
4040    Piper Large Box
4045    Nola Side Table
4048    Electa Side Table
4049    Dahl Large Cloche
4050    Dahl Small Cloche
4051    Naomi Dining Table
4053    Nebula Sculpture
4054    Draco Dining Table
4057    Neo Sculpture
4062    Easton Large Mirror
4063    Falls Table
4064    Dov Side Table
4065    Dru Small Sculpture
4066    Drea Small Sculpture
4069    Dido Small Sculpture
4071    Bellamy Round Side Table
4073    Melbourne Small Sculpture
4074    Melbourne Large Sculpture
4075    Dalit Mirror
4078    Dawson Mirror
4081    Fletcher Mirror
4082    Fletcher Mirror
4083    Orleans Cocktail Table
4084    Dalia Stool
4085    Emory Room Screen
4086    Mayfield Small Sculpture
4087    Mayfield Medium Sculpture
4088    Mayfield Large Sculpture
4098    Elmira Sculptures, Set of 3
4099    Ferris Large Hurricane
4100    Ferris Small Hurricane
41001    Mara Small Pendant
41002    Mara Large Pendant
4102    Dean Cocktail Table
4108    Worchester Console
4109    Worchester Console
4110    Heaton Mirror
4111    Halden Large Mirror
4115    Garland Candle Holder
4116    Hartley Mirror
4118    Halen Cocktail Table
4119    Homer Pedestals, Set of 3
4121    Hester Pedestals, Set of 3
4122    Greer Small Mirror
4123    Greer Large Mirror
4124    Greer Small Mirror
4125    Greer Large Mirror
4126    Hall Candle Holder, Set of 2
4127    Georgia Decanters, Set of 3
4128    Godfrey Sculpture
4129    Grayson Bench
4130    Casper Skull
4131    Huntley Cachepot
4132    Haven Accent Table
4133    Garin Dining Table
4136    Gabby Trays, Set of 2
4137    Felice Side Table
4138    Felice Small Bench
4140    Grenier Accent Table
41402-960    Orlenda Lamp
4142    Gregory Small Ring Sculpture
4143    Gregory Large Ring Sculpture
4144    Gigi Small Vase
4145    Gigi Large Vase
4146    Garson Mirror
4147    Gwen Mirror
4148    Garnet Sculptures, Set of 2
4149    Galen Small Accessory
4150    Galen Medium Accessory
4151    Galen Large Accessory
4152    Kanye Wall Sculpture
4153    Lubbock Wall Sculpture
4156    Grady Small Hurricane
4157    Grady Large Hurricane
4158    Gloria Small Lantern
4159    Gloria Large Lantern
4161    Alessandria Containers, Set of 2
4162    Alessandria Containers, Set of 2
4163    Isla Small Tray
4164    Isla Large Tray
4165    Galeno Sconce
4169    Hilary Container
4170    Honor Small Hurricane
4179    Honor Large Hurricane
4185    Hailey Small Lantern
4186    Hailey Large Lantern
4198    Hewitt Small Cloche
4199    Hewitt Large Cloche
4200    Gina Screen
42005    Hendrik Pendant
4201    Gita Screen
42010-104    Otis Lamp
42011    Ormond Pendant
42014    Lira Pendant
42015-260    Kimi Lamp
42017-928    Narsi Lamp
42018-927    Grazia Lamp
4202    Gita Screen
42022    Kenneth Large Pendant
42023    Leilani Pendant
42024    Madeline Sconce
4203    Gracie Screen
4204    Hartman Screen
42041    Lennon Chandelier
42042    Kent Pendant
42043-261    Kinsley Lamp
42044    Kinsley Pendant
42045-598    Kitson Sconce
42046    Lorita Sconce
42047    Lonny Sconce
42048    Noel Pendant
42049    Marta Pendant
4205    Gautier Screen
42052-266    Krista Lamp
42053-267    Krista Lamp
42072-855    Camille Lamp
4209    Houston Screen
4210    Gemma Screen
4211    Glen Screen
4212    Halle Screen
42124-952    Farrah Lamp
42127-611    Oveo Lamp
4215    Georgie Screen
4216    Gil Andirons, Set of 2
42165-662    Agave Lamp
4217    Gil Andirons, Set of 2
4218    Howard Andirons, Set of 2
42188-816    Ainsley Lamp
4219    Holbrook Andirons, Set of 2
4220    Hammond Andirons, Set of 2
4221    Hammond Andirons, Set of 2
4222    Hedda Andirons, Set of 2
4223    Infinity Standing Sculpture
4224    Giselle Screen
4228    Neil Side Table
42284-849    Trudy Lamp
4229    Infinity Sculpture
4232    Bordeaux Small Tray
42326    Bond Desk Lamp
42328-798    Carson Lamp
4233    Bordeaux Large Tray
4234    Brooke Small Container
42346-832    Macy Tall Lamp
4235    Brooke Medium Container
4241    Brooke Large Container
42411-618    McElroy Lamp
42413    Mason Small Pendant
42414    Mason Wide Pendant
42415    Mario Pendant
4243    Hart Small Side Table
42433-708    Sanford Lamp
4244    Hart Large Side Table
42446    Oriole Pendant
42447-796    Calhoun Lamp
42455-727    McAdams Lamp
42466    Anderson Pendant
42467    Armand Pendant
42470    Albert Desk Lamp
42489-283    Abernathy Lamp
4249    Holland Accessory
42491    Adele Pendant
4250    Howe Accessory
42502    Pierce Large Pendant
42506-657    Mabon Lamp
42514    Arianna Large Pendant
42522-913    Anderson Lamp
4253    Huck Accessory
42531    Derrick Lantern
4254    Heather Centerpiece
4255    Evan Dining Table
4256    Halden Small Mirror
4257    Hattie End Table
4261    Hattie Console
4262    Hetty Bar
42627-165    Elise Lamp
4263    Gustav Sculpture
42639-431    Garrison Lamp
42681-515    Ebby Lamp
42682-480    Ellen Lamp
42683-329    Graham Lamp
42684-161    Ennis Lamp
42723-357    Farris Lamp
42737    Jasper Lantern
42751-899    Irwin Lamp
4276    Harriet Wall Sculpture
4277    Hovan Table
4278    Isaiah Bookshelf
42780-523    Flynn Lamp
42795-575    Jane Lamp
4280    Agatha Sconce
4287    Guthrie Boxes, Set of 2
4296    Trinity Small Boxes, Set of 2
4297    Guthrie Boxes, Set of 3
4299    Ignacio Horns, Set of 2
4300    Igor Horns, Set of 3
4301    Belfort Containers, Set of 3
43015-427    Hertz Lamp
4303    Jacob Cocktail Table
4306    Kai Bookshelf
4312    Harmon Small Accessory
4313    Harmon Large Accessory
43136-109    Adler Lamp
4316    Kade Small Container
4319    Kade Large Container
4321    Keeva Container
4325    Trinity Small Boxes, Set of 2
4326    Laken Small Hurricane
4327    Laken Medium Hurricane
4328    Laken Large Hurricane
4329    Lucy Small Hurricane
4330    Lucy Large Hurricane
4331    Kendrik Mirror
4332    Kara Mirror
4333    Hattie Etagere
4335    Hattie Side Table
4336    Keena Mirror
4337    Kerr Small Mirror
4338    Kerr Large Mirror
4339    Keagan Accent Table
4352    Gervais Mirror
4353    Ivette Mirror
4354    Grazia Side Table
4359    Kass Mirror
4360    Katana Side Table
4361    Kira Mirror
4367    Garrison Small Hurricane
4368    Garrison Large Hurricane
4376    Natalia Mirror
44010-996    Clint Lamp
44013-976    Malia Small Lamp
44014-949    Malia Large Lamp
44025    Marsh Pendant
44027-318    Piper Lamp
44040    Navid Pendant
44043    Nico Pendant
44052-264    Eisler Lamp
44053-410    Franklin Lamp
44057    Edom Pendant
44060-647    Magda Lamp
44063-747    Mildred Lamp
44065    Ophelia Pendant
44070-320    Elroy Lamp
44071    Garrison Round Pendant
44072    Garrison Conical Pendant
44073    Garrison Cylindrical Pendant
44075    Norma Pendant
44076    Niles Pendant
44077    Nolan Pendant
44080    Matise Pendant
44081    Noreen Pendant
44082    Monica Pendant
44085-924    Ennis Lamp
44086-295    Dunlap Lamp
44087-351    Fresno Lamp
44090    Egan Torchiere
44092-751    Malloy Lamp
44105-272    Edaline Lamp
44108-879    Maeve Lamp
44109-838    Melody Lamp
44128-433    Georgiane Lamp
44135-956    Mandel Lamp
44137-963    Manuel Lamp
44141-434    Garvey Lamp
44145-964    Olaf Lamp
44147    Gala Pendant
44148-972    Navarro Lamp
44149-953    Nadir Lamp
44150-968    Naomi Lamp
44180    Hardy Lantern
44181    Gunner Small Pendant
44182    Gunner Large Pendant
44251    Genova Pendant
44297-975    Barrett Lamp
44300-793    Callie Lamp
44314    Maxim Sconce
44321-481    Iman Lamp
44322    Prescott Sconce
44323    Yale Small Sconce
44324    Yale Large Sconce
44326    Geri Pendant
44330    Carlton Pendant
44331-496    Geoff Lamp
44335-548    Gilroy Lamp
44340-493    Gracelyn Lamp
44343-532    Hannie Lamp
44344-486    Harmon Lamp
44345-551    George Lamp
44359-799    Lucien Lamp
44360-807    Lucien Lamp
44361-817    Java Lamp
44362-827    Langley Lamp
44363-828    Josh Lamp
44364-829    Josiah Lamp
44365-831    Jericho Lamp
44366-836    Jessica Lamp
44411    Vance Lamp
44449-149    Silver Camel Lamp
44469-153    Tortoise Lamp
44477-387    Cagney Lamp
44496-242    Goldberg Tall Lamp
44498-412    Leopard Silveria Lamp
45505-955    Blakely Lamp
46004    Matthew Pendant
46010    Reeves Large Pendant
46044    Derek Pendant
46049-771    Pelham Lamp
46132-505    Paulette Lamp
46146-505    Paulette Lamp
46169-753    Tower Lamp
46223-556    Misha Accent Lamp
46226    Monahan Floor Lamp
46251    Flanagon Pendant
46345-420    Cooper Lamp
46361    Edmond Pendant
46365    Fraiser Desk Lamp
46367-485    Glennis Lamp
46397-459    Harlan Lamp
46423    Kenneth Large Pendant
46425    Lane Desk Lamp
46433-377    Fonda  Lamp
46439-378    Kert Lamp
46456-390    Lena Lamp
46533-122    Neal Lamp
46565-166    Peony Lamp
46574-273    Navarro Lamp
46575-263    Presley Lamp
46576    Osgood Pendant
46580-147    Ryder Small Lamp
46599    Ennis Large Pendant
46603    Savoy Large Pendant
46605-337    Saffron Lamp
46607    Lex Pendant
46608    Lennox Pendant
46609    Liberty Pendant
46610    Langston Small Pendant
46611    Langston Large Pendant
46612    Leo Pendant
46613-837    Leo Lamp
46614-274    Jensen Lamp
46615-839    Jostelyn Lamp
46616-840    January Lamp
46617-853    Jeremiah Lamp
46618-858    Jessa Lamp
46619-861    Joss Lamp
46620-864    Jasper Lamp
46622-212    Riley Lamp
46623-878    Josephine Lamp
46624-881    Jovan Lamp
46625-107    Jade Lamp
46626-113    Jersey Lamp
46627-121    Jean Lamp
46628-123    Joni Lamp
46629-154    Joni Lamp
46630-162    Jasmine Lamp
46633-163    Garrison Cylinder Lamp
46643    Layla Pendant
46644    Trudy Oval Pendant
46645    Shelton Globular Pendant
46646    Shelton Cylinder Pendant
46651    Sahara Sconce
46652    Trudy Small Pendant
46653    Lily Pendant
46654-874    Garrison Small Lamp
46655-178    Garrison Large Lamp
46678    Tenley Small Pendant
46679    Tenley Large Pendant
46690-571    Tiff Lamp
46691    Yale Small Sconce
46692    Yale Large Sconce
46693    Morris Torchiere, Set of 2
46716    Waverly Pendant
46723-717    Walsh Lamp
46727-780    Walter Lamp
46728    Giuliana Small Pendant
46729    Giuliana Medium Pendant
46730    Giuliana Large Pendant
46731    Grayer Pendant
46732    Ogden Pendant
46733    Giuliana Small Pendant
46734    Giuliana Medium Pendant
46735    Giuliana Large Pendant
46736-776    Ozzie Lamp
46743    Grant Sconce
46745    Granville Pendant
46746-789    Maynard Lamp
46755-923    Miller Lamp
46756    Maylee Pendant
46758    Wesley Pendant
46762-184    Hedda Lamp
46763    Maxim Pendant
46764-185    Dru Lamp
46765-186    Drea Lamp
46766    Wilton Desk Lamp
46767-188    Drea Lamp
46768-199    Journey Lamp
46769-213    Jordan Lamp
46770-214    Hammond Lamp
46771-218    Hammond Lamp
46772-184    Grayer Lamp
46773    Ulysses Pendant
46774-224    Jessie Lamp
46775-352    Lassie Lamp
46776-353    Loretta Lamp
46777-362    Leandra Lamp
46778-731    Walker Lamp
46779-782    Walker Lamp
46780    Ziggy Small Pendant
46781-658    Katie Lamp
46783-658    Kato Lamp
46791-713    Yves Lamp
46792    Monty Chandelier
46798-408    Winston  Lamp
46804-655    Zelda Lamp
46805    Ziggy Wide Pendant
46806    Ziggy Pendant
46807    Mambo Pendant
46814-637    Welch Lamp
46825-769    Edmond Lamp
46830-779    Richland Lamp
46981    Beck Pendant
46982-873    Baker Lamp
46983-854    Rocco Lamp
46984-980    Jane Lamp
46986-784    Benton Lamp
46993-786    Tate Lamp
47438    Javier Pendant
47824-234    Dragon Lamp
4821    Nikos Mirror
4832    Milena Small Hurricane
4833    Milena Medium Hurricane
4834    Milena Large Hurricane
48565-904    White Lola Lamp
48572-701    Smoked Ice Smithe Lamp
48573-718    Millenium Lamp
49000-336    Ellsworth Lamp
49001-331    Esparto Lamp
49011    Gretchen Pendant
49206    Evers Pendant
49307-646    Myla Lamp
49604-600    Fargo Lamp
49629-868    Adrian Lamp
49632-967    Sona Oval Lamp
49660    Rio Desk Lamp
49662    Reid Lamp
49675    Violetta Lamp
49676-705    Vern Lamp
49677    Webster Torchiere
49678    Watson Desk Lamp
49680    Yasmin Lamp
49681    Yasmin Lamp
49682    Bond Desk Lamp
49805    Putnam Desk Lamp
49823-316    Miramar Lamp
49850-504    Dalton Lamp
49865    Royalton Tall Pendant
49866    Royalton Oval Pendant
49878-189    Savannah Lamp
49882-590    Sidney Lamp
49889    Sabine Lamp
49897-359    Mya Lamp
49898-734    Mya Small Lamp
49903-451    Amherst Lamp
49911    Reeves Small Pendant
49912    Reeves Large Pendant
49913-235    Leonard Lamp
49915-907    Dalton Lamp
49916-518    Beaumont Lamp
49928-407    Griffith Lamp
49930    Jana Desk Lamp
49931-511    Herst  Lamp
49933-546    Jacqueline Lamp
49934-519    Jenson Lamp
49935    Sabine Lamp
49953    Parrish Sconce
49956    Norton Sconce
49957    Royalton Sconce
49959-134    Otto Lamp
49960    Mavis Sconce/Ceiling Mount
49971    Marvin Desk Lamp
49972    Marvin Desk Lamp
49979    Diallo Sconce/ Ceiling Mount
49980    Royalton Oval Chandelier
49981    Jax Pendant
49982    Jiten Sconce/ Ceiling Mount
49983-756    Jackson Lamp
49984    Sabine Sconce
49985    Flynn Sconce
49986    Sabine Sconce
49987-106    Elden Lamp
49988-106    Elden Lamp
49989    Gidget Lamp
49990    Gidget Lamp
49991    Gilbert Sconce
49992    Gilbert Sconce
49993    Pruitt Sconce
49994    Vaughn Sconce
49995    Yasmin Sconce
49996    Zanadoo Sconce/ Ceiling Mount
49997    Zanadoo Sconce/ Ceiling Mount
49998    Gilmore Sconce
49999    Stefan Sconce
5173    Benson Side Table
5186    Dorothy Table
5193    Cain Desk
5196    Chelsey Cabinet
5197    Cain Desk
5198    Carmine Bookshelf
5211    Chelsey Cabinet
5235    Remington Cabinet
5236    Remington Low Cabinet
5247    Trenton Console
5322    Gentry Side Table
5332    Geneva Side Table
5342    Platt Etagere
5350    Saba Desk
5352    Solomon Cabinet
5353    Stockard Shelves
5355    Caden Chair
5356    Trenton Console
5359    Gunther Console
5360    Gaston Console
5361    Hazel Chest
5363    Levi Cabinet
5406    Nantucket Side Table
5407    Bodega Mirror
5410    Nantucket Bowl
5414    Kazu Large Sculpture
5415    Kazu Small  Sculpture
5416    Kipling Mirror
5417    Kosta Small Sphere
5418    Kosta Medium Sphere
5419    Kosta Large Sphere
6008    Landry Screen
6010    Lenore Hurricane
6011    Libby Andirons, Set of 2
6019    Albany Lantern
6020    Liev Console
6024    Rutlidge Sculpture
6034    Lowry Side Table
6035    Drea Side Table
6036    Liam Andirons, Set of 2
6038    Lola Andirons, Set of 2
6044    Kato Andirons, Set of 2
6045    Lenny End Table
6046    Lucille Side Table
6047    Lou Accent Table
6048    Garrison Small Cloche
6049    Garrison Large Cloche
6063    Julip Logs, Set of 3
6064    Lyric Sculpture
6065    Lyra Sculpture
6071    Lewis Console
6072    Loki Bookends, Pair
6082    DuBois Bar Cart
6088    Mondrian Sculpture
6093    Neely Container
6094    Neely Small Tray
6095    Neely Large Tray
6099    Lorenzo Coffee Table
6103    Nadia Small Sculpture
6104    Nadia Large Sculpture
6105    Olivia Triangle Mirror/Stand
6106    Olivia Round Mirror/Stand
6107    Olivia Hexagon Mirror/Stand
6110    Miri Large Candle Holder
6111    Miri Tall Candle Holder
6112    Mischa Large Hurricane/Vase
6113    Mischa Tall Hurricane/Vase
6114    Omar Accent Table
6116    Nigel Cocktail Table
6117    Morrison Log Holder
6119    Nadine Mirror
6125    Noe Decanters, Set of 3
6127    Ora Stool
6138    Melody Hurricane/ Vase
6146    Nigel Side Table
6147    Alessandria Oval Containers, Set of 2
6148    Decker Bench
6154    Malika Accent Table
6163    Indigo Side Table
6164    Harlow Table
6172    Ennis Accent Table
6173    Moss Small Candle Holder
6174    Moss Large Candle Holder
6175    Nixon Coffee Table
6176    Anis Accessory
6177    Marlina Small Sculpture
6178    Marlina Large Sculpture
6179    Grazia Centerpiece
6199    Stephan Screen
6207    Nash Small Tray
6208    Nash Large Tray
6213    Swain Large Centerpiece
6216    Lira Cocktail Table
6217    Osbourne Small Tray
6218    Osbourne Large Tray
6221    Jethro Console
6222    Maya Trays, Set of 3
6223    Maya Trays, Set of 2
6232    Malcom Side Table
6238    Malcom Cocktail Table
6239    Sheridan Mirror
6255    Mai Small Mirror
6256    Mai Large Mirror
6287    Costello Side Table
6288    Costello Side Table
6294    Asher Oval Tray
6310    Jesup Stool
6312    Heath Andirons, Set of 2
6323    Bernard Horns, Set of 3
6325    Decker Large Tray
6326    Chen Console
6331    Henry Fireplace Tool Set
6333    Lexi Andirons, Set of 2
6334    Dunmoore Side Table
6335    Luca Andirons, Set of 2
6336    Luz Accent Table
6337    Lydia Screen
6338    Flint Campaign Desk
6342    Kaden Log Holder
6343    Cooper Accent Table
6344    Drea Side Table
6345    Cooper Accent Table
6347    Ecko Wall Sculpture
6350    Genisis Small Hurricane
6352    Fisher Accent Table
6353    Fuller Small Document Box
6355    Fuller Large Document Box
6359    Lorenzo Sculpture
6361    Ludwig Mirror
6362    Kimo Container
6364    Jagger Small Box
6365    Jagger Tall Box
6366    Jagger Rectangular Box
6368    Malia Hurricane/Vase
6369    McCoy Sculptures, Set of 3
6370    Dru Medium Sculpture
6371    Dru Large Sculpture
6372    Drea Medium Sculpture
6373    Drea Large Sculpture
6374    Dido Medium Sculpture
6375    Dido Large Sculpture
6376    Newton Centerpiece
6380    Malin Small Mirror
6381    Malin Large Mirror
6385    Macon Screen
6387    Ira Mirror
6388    Garbo Small Mirror/Stand
6389    Garbo Large Mirror/Stand
6391    Hollis Cocktail Table
6392    Hollis Side Table
6393    Hyde Small Sculpture
6394    Hyde Large Sculpture
6398    Maddy Vase
6402    Nicola Small Mirror
6403    Nicola Large Mirror
6406    Isabella Room Screen
6414    Jedd Small Document Box
6415    Jedd Large Document Box
6417    Halton Entry Table
6418    Kya Sculpture
6419    Kuval Sculpture
6420    Keoni Sculpture
6421    Kiev Sculpture
6422    Kip Sculpture
6423    Kirby Vases, Set of 3
6424    Kimiko Obelisk
6425    Jordan Vase
6429    Lagos Obelisk
6430    Leith Obelisk
6431    Lilith Obelisk
6435    Kobe Large Sculpture
6436    Kobe Small Sculpture
6438    Jack Small Sculpture
6439    Indigo Side Table
6469    Freud Table
6472    Kamal Side Table
6479    Luxembourg Mirror
6486    Calvin Barstool
6497    Ollie Mirror
6499    Kanye Wall Sculpture
6509    Leighton Sculpture
6514    Kathleen Mirror
6524    Knight Large Nesting Tables, Set of 3
6525    Lisbon Bar Cart
6526    Lisbon Bar Cart
6527    Keifer Side Table
6531    Othello Cocktail Table
6535    Henson Counter Stool
6538    Piper Small Box
6539    Ponce Bar Cart
6540    Pru Lidded Box
6549    Phillip Desk
6550    Elle Credenza
6553    Percy Side Table
6556    Nova Entry Table
6557    Orleans Side Table
6559    Knight Nesting Cocktail Tables, Set of 3
6561    Prescott Large Oval Mirror
6568    Pascal Entry Table
6573    Norwood Cocktail Table
6579    Octavia Large Plaque
6580    Octavia Small Wall Plaque
6581    Petra Side Table
6588    Ringo Large Candleholder/Vase
6592    Tory Large Hurricane
6598    Ennis Side Table
6600    Tate Small Lantern
6601    Tate Large Lantern
6607    Sofia Large Tray
6619    Trilby Chair
6624    Slade Large Hurricane
6632    Ramiro End Table
6634    Raul Side Table
6636    Trudy Small Hurricane/Vase
6637    Trudy Large Hurricane/Vase
6638    Nosh Cocktail Table
6650    Sinclair Side Table
6655    Santiago Side Table
6665    Rocco Sculptures, Set of 3
6682    Percy Side Table
6683    Hollis Side Table
6684    Prescott Large Oval Mirror
6685    Tennyson Stool
6688    Tennyson Stool
6691    Stockholm Containers, Set of 3
6693    Zeb Pedestal
6698    Wyndham Swivel Counter Stool
6699    Wyndham Swivel Bar Stool
6700    Vero Chair
6703    Viola Mirror
6704    Winfield Console
6705    Everett Large Entry Table
6709    Zeke Large Lantern
6710    Zeke Small Lantern
6711    Willow Tray
6712    Worth Hurricane
6724    Walsh Short Vase
6725    Walsh Tall Vase
6738    Hadrien Cocktail Table
6740    Danforth Chair
6742    Zephyr Bench
6743    Maddox Bar Cart
6747    Richland Side Table
6748    Wade Bar Cart
6751    Wimberley Ottoman
6752    Wade Bar Cart
6754    Winchester Side Table
6757    Maddox Bar Cart
6770    Zuma Mirror
6772    Felice Large Bench
6773    Olsen Mirror
6774    Ennis Small Sphere
6775    Ennis Large Sphere
6777    Costello Side Table
6789    Winnipeg Large Sculpture
6797    Othello Console
6798    Winston Side Table
6799    Ecko Wall Sculpture
6803    Nicolette Side Table
6804    Millicent Small Centerpiece
6805    Millicent Large Centerpiece
6806    Nicolette Side Table
6807    Vienna Mirror
6808    Willa Mirror
6813    Waterloo Side Table
6815    Zephyr Bench
6816    Vera Mirror
6817    Worchester Bookshelf
6818    Worchester Bookshelf
6820    Zeb Accent Tables, Set of 2
6822    Vera Large Mirror
6823    Vera Small Mirror
6826    Calvin Barstool
6827    Yardley Nesting Tables, Set of 3
6828    York Cachepot
6833    Worchester Bookshelf
6836    Tennyson Stool
6845    Tennyson Stool
6856    Tennyson Stool
6862    Tennyson Stool
6970    Millicent Small Centerpiece
6971    Millicent Large Centerpiece
6974    Elle Cabinet
6976    Acton Small Centerpiece
6977    Acton Large Centerpiece
6978    Kenmore Cabinet
6979    Maddock Room Screen
6988    Cormac Large Lantern
6989    Cormac Small Lantern
6990    Sofia Large Tray
7015    Altus Pugs, Set of 2
7037    Addison Vases, Set of 2
7038    Aldo Large Vase
7039    Aldo Small Vase
7041    Avery Vases, Set of 2
7052    Kelvin Vase
7053    Kellen  Vase
7061    Lana Vase
7063    Kareli Medium Sculpture
7064    Kareli Large Sculpture
7065    Kareli Small Sculpture
7066    Liesel Sculpture
7076    Dewey Bowl
7104    Lame Vases, Set of 3
715B    Vintage Brass Euro Taper
715K    Black Euro Taper
715N    Natural Linen Euro Taper
715O    Off-White Linen Euro Taper
715S    Oxidized Silver Euro Taper
716K    Black Euro Taper
716N    Natural Linen Euro Taper
716O    Off-White Linen Euro Taper
716W    White Euro Taper
717K    Black Euro Taper
717N    Natural Linen Euro Taper
717O    Off-White Natural Linen
717W    White Euro Taper
7183    Lilly Sculpture
718K    Black Euro Taper
718N    Natural Linen Euro Taper
718O    Off-White Linen Euro Taper
718W    White Euro Taper
719K    Black Euro Taper
719N    Natural Linen Euro Taper
719O    Off-White Linen Euro Taper
719W    White Euro Taper
72052-275    Krista Floor Lamp
72053-278    Krista Floor Lamp
72054-969    Maine Floor Lamp
72067-966    Anaheim Floor Lamp
72072-528    Camille Floor Lamp
72082    Babolsar Floor Lamp
720K    Black Euro Taper
720N    Natural Linen Euro Taper
720O    Off-White Linen Euro Taper
720W    White Euro Taper
72152-594    Remy Floor Lamp
7221    Kaiser Container
7225    Kaiser Container
72402-791    Ashland Floor Lamp
72506-681    Mabon Floor Lamp
72546-363    Remy  Floor Lamp
72567-364    Denzel Floor Lamp
72611-445    Holt Floor Lamp
72695-979    Mayberry Floor lamp
72756-529    Darren Floor Lamp
73101-659    Forest Park Floor Lamp
73102-622    Forest Park Floor Lamp
73103-640    Barnum Floor Lamp
73121-899    Hansel Floor Lamp
73140-135    Empress Floor Lamp
73141-139    Nathan Floor Lamp
73142-140    Nathan Floor Lamp
7411    Kaiden Bowl
74131-426    Hendrik Floor Lamp
74316-526    Giada Floor Lamp
74357-781    Kern Floor Lamp
74358-787    Kern Floor Lamp
7436    Kaiden Bowl
7458    Medlock Large Vase
7465    Medlock Small Vase
7473    Medlock Large Vase
7477    Medlock Small Vase
7491    O’Connor Decanters, Set of 3
7509    O’Connor Decanters, Set of 3
76178    Dustin Floor Lamp
76335-326    Cooper Floor Lamp
76335-454    Cooper Floor Lamp
76343-423    Cooper Floor Lamp
76359-439    Fonda Floor Lamp
76429    Lane Floor Lamp
76447-247    Odelle Floor Lamp
76492-333    Linden Floor Lamp
76552-259    Paxton Floor Lamp
76645-110    Trump Floor Lamp
7665    Venus Tall Vase
7666    Venus Short Vase
7676    Vanessa Centerpieces, Set of 2
76798-421    Winston Floor Lamp
7683    Wycliff Trays, Set of 3
7687    Nimbus Container
7690    Malva Vases, Set of 2
7692    Mahina Container
7693    Nimbus Container
7700    Marisol Vase
77019-801    Vada Floor Lamp
7702    Mandara Vases, Set of 2
7713    Lame’ Vases, Set of 3
77271-347    Detrick Floor Lamp
78574-752    Millenium Floor Lamp
79661    Stefan Floor Torchiere
79664    Pruitt Floor Lamp
79680    Yasmin Floor Lamp
79825-344    Waldo Floor Lamp
79837-584    Perry Floor Lamp
79838-695    Lunar Floor Lamp
79862-661    Violetta Floor Lamp
7987    Alma Container
79889    Sabine Floor Lamp
79914-869    Belden Floor Lamp
79923-985    Waldo Floor Lamp
79932-555    Hadley Floor Lamp
79934-322    Jenson Floor Lamp
79935    Sabine Floor Lamp
79953    Parish Floor Lamp
79956-148    Norman Floor Lamp
79957-157    Norman Floor Lamp
79982    Elissa Floor Lamp
79988-101    Elden Floor Lamp
79989    Jacoby Floor Lamp
79990    Jacoby Floor Lamp
79991    Jillian Floor Lamp
79992    Imogene Floor Lamp
79993    Imogene Floor Lamp
79994    Keegan Floor Lamp
79995    Keegan Floor Lamp
79996    Juniper Floor Lamp
79997    Watson Floor Lamp
79998    Millie Floor Lamp
82355    Canton Chandelier
84171    Geoffrey Chandelier
84172    Geoffrey Two Tier Chandelier
84173    Geoffrey Three Tier Chandelier
84314    Hue Chandelier
84315    Hollace Chandelier
84316    Hollace Large Chandelier
84319    Helena Chandelier
84325    Yale Chandelier
8485    Zebi Accent Table
8570    White Lola Accent Table
86719    Jarrod Small Pendant
86720    Jarrod Large Pendant
86738    Jarrod Small Pendant
86759    Odette Chandelier
86760    Kaylor Fixed Chandelier
86761    Kaylor Fixed Chandelier
86762    Yale Chandelier
86763    Viola Chandelier
86764    Viola Chandelier
86766    Maxfield Chandelier
86781    James Chandelier
86782    James Chandelier
86783    Charlotte Chandelier
86784    Montego Chandelier
86785    McKenna Chandelier
86786    McIntyre Chandelier
86787    Mitsuko Fixed Chandelier
86788    Charlotte Chandelier
86789    Viola Chandelier
89009    Nessa Chandelier
89010    Hanley Small Chandelier
89011    Hanley Small Chandelier
89012    Hanley Large Chandelier
89013    Hanley Large Chandelier
89014    Lechtford Chandelier
89015    Kamala Fixed Chandelier
89016    Karrington Chandelier
89017    Karrington Chandelier
89018    Keegan Large Chandelier
89019    Keegan Large Chandelier
89020    Keegan Small Chandelier
89021    Keegan Small Chandelier
89023    Marsha Fixed Chandelier
89252    Versailles Small Chandelier
89293    Southampton Chandelier
89295    Auburn Chandelier
89305    Devon Chandelier
89321    Louis Small Chandelier
89322    Durango Chandelier
89323    Jada Chandelier
89324    Jarrod Large Pendant
89326    Stedman Chandelier
89327    Stedman Chandelier
89408    Rittenhouse Chandelier
89409    McKale Pendant
89410    Manning Large Chandelier
89414    Maxim Chandelier
89415    Southampton Large Chandelier
89416    Breck Chandelier
89417    Beatty Chandelier
89418    Rittenhouse Chandelier
89420    Rittenhouse Large Chandelier
89421    Rittenhouse Large Chandelier
89559    Tilda Chandelier
89613    Mirabelle Chandelier
89622    Sheldon Pendant
89624    Thornton Pendant
89625    Thornton Pendant
89626    Savannah Pendant
89668    Winston Fixed Chandelier
89669    Zanadoo Small Chandelier
89670    Zanadoo Small Chandelier
89671    Vaughn Fixed Chandelier
89673    Vic Chandelier
89963    Winston Fixed Chandelier
89964    McKinley Fixed Chandelier
89965    McKinley Fixed Chandelier
89966    Dallas Chandelier
89974    Jalen Chandelier
89975    Juno Chandelier
89976    Imogene Small Chandelier
89977    Imogene Small Chandelier
89978    Imogene Large Chandelier
89979    Imogene Large Chandelier
89980    Forrester Pendant
89981    Dallas Chandelier
89982    Gallagher Chandelier
89983    Gallagher Chandelier
89984    Diallo Large Chandelier
89985    Harding Chandelier
89986    Diallo Small Chandelier
89987    Harding Chandelier
89988    Forrester Pendant
89989    Zanadoo Large Chandelier
89990    Gates Chandelier
89991    Zanadoo Large Chandelier
89992    Diallo Large Chandelier
89993    Diallo Small Chandelier
89994    Dirk Fixed Chandelier
89995    Vaughn Fixed Chandelier
89996    Dieter Chandelier
89998    Duchess Fixed Chandelier
89999    Gates Chandelier
9003    Esme Tray
9006    Desoto Small Sculpture
9007    Desoto Large Sculpture
9008    DeSoto Small Sculpture
900K    Black Rounded Corner Rectangle
900N    Natural Linen Rounded Corner Rectangle
900O    Off-White Linen Rounded Corner Rectangle
900W    White Rounded Corner Rectangle
901K    Black Rounded Corner Rectangle
901N    Natural Linen Rounded Corner Rectangle
901O    Off-White Linen Rounded Corner Rectangle
901W    White Rounded Corner Rectangle
9027    Gerald Centerpiece
9028    Ike Vase
9029    Kraines Container
902K    Black Rounded Corner Rectangle
902N    Natural Linen Rounded Corner Rectangle
902O    Off-White Linen Rounded Corner Rectangle
902W    White Rounded Corner Rectangle
9030    Kenyon Container
9105    Geordi Small Sculpture
9106    Loyd Andirons, Set of 2
9107    Geordi Small Sculpture
9108    Geordi Large Sculpture
9109    Geordi Large Sculpture
9110    Landon Side Table
9111    Omari Small Sculpture
9112    Omari Medium Sculpture
9113    Omari Large Sculpture
9621    Banyan Sculptures, S/3
9653    Fergie Sculptures, Set Of 3
9655    Oakley Mirror
9854    Arden Side Table
9899    Subin Accent Table
9919    Chester Finial
9960    Celeste Accent Table
9962    Chloe Accent Table
9966    Subin Accent Table
9999    Florence Sculptures, Set of 5
DD1001    Stellenbosch Medium Vase
DD1002    Stellenbosch Large Vase
DD1003    Marylebone Small Decanter
DD1004    Marylebone Large Decanter
DD1005    Egg Container
DD12041-116    Swazi Lamp
DD12057-117    Anvil Table Lamp
DD12058-118    Stirrup Lamp
DD17000-825    Foliage Lamp
DD17001-826    Foliage Lamp
DD17003-821    Snail Shell  Lamp
DD17006-706    Snail Shell Lamp
DD17007-707    Bedouin Lamp
DD17009-823    Zambezi Lamp
DD2000    Zippe Side Table
DD2002    Gaia Table Globe
DD2002-01    Gaia Globe on Stand
DD2006    Josephine Room Screen
DD2007    Stephane Tea Table
DD2012    Venetian Hinged Coffer
DD2014    Baluster Dining Table
DD2015    Mosquito Small Bench
DD2016    Atlas Bench/Cocktail Table
DD2017    Forged Ring Sculpture
DD2018    Marmara Ottoman
DD2019    Diamonte Large Mirror
DD2020    Epicenter Room Screen
DD2021    Geo Sculptures, Set of 7
DD2022    Equus Nesting Side Tables, Set of 2
DD2024    Ishtar Mirror
DD2027    Anvil Oval Tea Table
DD2028    Anvil Side Table
DD2029    Anvil Occasional Table
DD2030    Equus Benches, Pair
DD2031    Diana Authentic Horns, Set of 2
DD2034    Istanbul Moorish Covered Dish
DD2035    Equus Cocktail Table
DD2036    Epicenter Wall Plaques, Set of 4
DD2037    Gabon Sculpture
DD2038    Xosha Sculpture
DD2039    Bantu Sculpture
DD2040    Zulu Sculpture
DD2041    Swazi Sculpture
DD2042    Kuba Sculpture
DD2043    Diamonte Small Mirror
DD2044    Lupine Accent Table
DD2045    Wyeth Box
DD2046    Stirrup End Table
DD2047    Stirrup Cocktail Table
DD2048    Stirrup Large Cocktail Table
DD2049    Crown of Thorns Accessory
DD2051    Tumeric Urn
DD2052    Canton Small Cloche
DD2053    Canton Large Cloche
DD2054    Canton Small Jar
DD2055    Canton Large Jar
DD2056    Mosquito Large Bench
DD2057    Grotto Side Table
DD2058    Stirrup Entry Table
DD2059    Boiserie Bench
DD2060    Atlas Console
DD2061    Atlas Bench
DD2062    Anvil Entry Table
DD2063    Copernicus Armillary
DD2064    Chain Tray
DD2065    Chain Oval Mirror
DD2066    Lancelot Screen
DD2067    Diana Candlesticks, Set of 2
DD3000    Skukuza Pod Sculptures, Set of 5
DD41003-742    Marylebone Small Lamp
DD41004-720    Marylebone Large Lamp
DD42031-696    Diana Sconces, Set of 2
DD42032    Canton Sconce
DD42054-691    Canton Jar Lamp
DD42055    Canton Pendant
DD42056-111    Chain Lamp
DD42059-945    Epicenter Lamp
DD42060-124    Diana Lamp
DD47011-704    Athena Lamp
DD49002-847    Mandarin Lamp
DD49004    Gemini Sconce, Left
DD49005    Gemini Sconce, Right
DD5000    Clarksdale Room Screen
DD5001    Willow Chair
DD7005    Snail Shell Container
DD7010    Egg Container
DD7011    Athena Sculpture
DD72004-833    Chain Floor Lamp
DD72050-857    Auger Floor Lamp
DD72056-115    Chain Floor Lamp
DD79002-857    Mandarin Floor Lamp
DD89001    Dionysus Chandelier
DD9001    Spore Mirror
DD9002    Laurel Mirror
DD9003    Laurel Mirror
DD9006    Spore Mirror
DD9007    Angora Demilune
DD9008    Angora Side Table
DK17018-205    Oromaya Lamp
DK17019-225    Paramano Lamp
DK17021-402    Artifacto Lamp
DK2039    Anejo Tall Hurricane/Vase
DK2040    Anejo Short Hurricane/Vase
DK2042    Ice Bowl
DK2059    Mariposa Vase
DK2060    Mariposa Small Box
DK2061    Mariposa Tall Box
DK2062    Mariposa Large Box
DK2063    Mariposa Mirror
DK2064    Ziggurat Rectangular Tray/Mirror
DK2065    Ziggurat Square Tray/Mirror
DK2066    Madera Box
DK2067    Falcon Mirror
DK42038    Anjeo Torchiere
DK42041-222    Anejo Lamp
DK42043    Chainmail Pendant
DK42044    Chainmail Pendant
DK42045-768    Chainmail Lamp
DK42046-766    Chainmail Tall Lamp
DK42047    Ice Large Pendant
DK42048    Ice Large Pendant
DK42049    Ice Large Pendant
DK42050    Ice Small Pendant
DK42054    Tresor Round Pendant
DK42055    Tresor Conical Pendant
DK42056    Tresor Octagonal Pendant
DK42057-497    Mariposa Lamp
DK42059    Falcon Small Sconce
DK42060    Falcon Large Sconce
DK42061    Rabari Chandelier
DK42062    Rabari Torchiere
DK46005-230    Maize Lamp
DK46017-765    Bilbao Lamp
DK46020    Bilbao Fishtail Pendant
DK46022    Berti Lamp
DK46023    Berti Pendant
DK46025    Optic Large Flush Mount Fixture
DK49401    Corsage Lamp
DK49909    Caviar Adjustable Small Pendant
DK49910    Caviar Adjustable Small Pendant
DK49911    Caviar Adjustable Medium Pendant
DK49912    Caviar Adjustable Medium Pendant
DK49913    Caviar Adjustable Large Pendant
DK49914    Caviar Adjustable Large Pendant
DK49918-236    Baroque Lamp
DK49926    Caviar Adjustable Small Pendant
DK49927    Caviar Adjustable Medium Pendant
DK49928    Caviar Adjustable Large Pendant
DK49937-754    Tassel Lamp
DK49938-757    Tassel Lamp
DK49955-207    Seasal Lamp
DK49956-405    Tonch Lamp
DK5000    La Flor Lantern
DK6018    Marbled Vase
DK72058-510    Mariposa Floor Lamp
DK76013    Modernist I Floor Lamp
DK76014    Modernist II Floor Lamp
DK76022    Berti Floor Lamp
DK79941-759    Cordaje Floor Lamp
DK79942-762    Cordaje Floor Lamp
DK82054    Falcon Chandelier
DK82055    Carasel Chandelier
DK89001    Leaves and Seeds Large Pendant
DK89900    Caviar Fixed Large Cluster
DK89901    Caviar Fixed Large Cluster
DK89902    Caviar Adjustable Large Cluster
DK89903    Caviar Adjustable Large Cluster
DK89904    Caviar Fixed Staggered Pendant
DK89905    Caviar Fixed Staggered Pendant
DK89907    Caviar Adjustable Medium Cluster
DK89908    Caviar Adjustable Medium Cluster
DK89909    Caviar Adjustable Medium Cluster
DK89910    Caviar Adjustable Bouquet
DK89911    Caviar Adjustable Bouquet
DK89913    Caviar Adjustable Small Cluster
DK89914    Caviar Adjustable Small Cluster
DK89916    Caviar Fixed Linear Pendant
DK89919    Caviar Adjustable Large Cluster
DK89921    Caviar Fixed Small Cluster
DK89922    Caviar Fixed Small Cluster
DK89951    Dove Chandelier
DK89952    Seasal Chandelier
DK89953    Marfil Pendant
DK89954    Marfil Cluster Pendant
DK9404    Baroque Mirror
DK9931    Baroque Box
DK9949    Seasal Mirror
DK9950    Wisteria Mirror
DK9951    Dove Large Box
DK9952    Dove Small Box
DR12011-536    Blackburn Lamp
DR12019-650    Hastings Lamp
DR12036-610    Monte Carlo Lamp
DR12062-143    Montauban Lamp
DR12064-144    Chartres Lamp
DR12065-151    Bourges Lamp
DR2023    Highbrook Mirror
DR2024    Saintes Mirror
DR2045    Lyon Cabinet
DR2057    Paris Shutter Cabinet
DR42020-560    Fittleworth Lamp
DR5001    Laon Sculpture/Wall Plaque
DR5002    Vienne Sculptures/Wall Plaque, Set of 2
DR5003    Lorient Sculpture/Wall Plaque
DR5004    Mulhouse Sculpture/Wall Plaque
DR6008    Kent Stand with Norfolk French Safety Deposit Box
DR6009    Rochefort Counter Stool
DR6010    Rochefort Bar Stool

Where to find Currey & Company in Orlando

Currey & Company OrlandoYou can purchase Currey & Company Lighting and Furniture at Florida Living Quarters in our north Orlando Showroom located in Lake Mary, FL or our online retailer http://www.chachkies.com

Currey & Company is a wholesale manufacturer of distinctive home furnishings products. They are best known for their lighting products (chandeliers, wall sconces, table and floor lamps) as well as interior furniture, garden furniture and accessories. Currey & Company is attributed as a well known lighting and furniture manufacturer for the interior design community. Currey Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, Lamps, and Tables are exquisite in nature.

Currey & Company is headquartered in Atlanta, GA – The companies workforce in Atlanta create, assemble, inspects, packs and ships products. Currey & Company’s “vision” is to create and fulfill the desire for distinctive home furnishings. Currey & Company’s “mission” is to serve our customers, owners and employees in an exemplary manner through a culture, which encourages all to flourish.

Currey & Company is well known for its exuberant lighting collections and furnishings.

Chandeliers and Wall Sconces are a huge part of Currey’s product mix. Currey excels in their attention to detail and creative finishes using a wide selection of natural materials such as sea shells. Products made of hand forged iron have always been a specialty of Currey & Company. Currey also works with materials like hand-carved wood, brass and porcelain.

Now lets talk about how we feel about Currey & Company

At Florida Living Quarters we have offered Currey & Company lighting and products to customers since 2008.  When it comes to designer lighting Currey is in the mid to high price point. We have been very impressed with the product mix and the quality of their offerings. We rarely have a claim with a Currey product. However if we do Currey is very quick to respond and handle the claim.

Here is a quick look at some of the Market Best Sellers from Currey & Company

Utopia Occasional TableNewBestseller

Utopia Occasional Table

22w x 13d x 26.25h

 Serpa Wall SconceNewBestseller

Serpa Wall Sconce

8w x 6h x 25d

 Gingko Wall SconceNewBestseller

Gingko Wall Sconce

14w x 25h x 4d

 Simsbury Wall SconceNewBestseller

Simsbury Wall Sconce

5w x 21h x 6d

 Upbeat Table Lamp, Antique WhiteNewBestseller

Upbeat Table Lamp, Antique White


 Moonrise Table LampNewBestseller

Moonrise Table Lamp


 Loop Table LampNewBestseller

Loop Table Lamp


 Elliot Table LampNewBestseller

Elliot Table Lamp


 Matchstick Table LampNewBestseller

Matchstick Table Lamp


 Chatelaine Table LampNewBestseller

Chatelaine Table Lamp


 Palindrome Floor LampNewBestseller

Palindrome Floor Lamp


 Ingénue ChandelierNewBestseller

Ingénue Chandelier

14rd x 28h

 Anthology ChandelierNewBestseller

Anthology Chandelier

30rd x 31h

 Cardiff PendantNewBestseller

Cardiff Pendant

8rd x 18h

 Lone Star PendantNewBestseller

Lone Star Pendant

21rd x From 15h to 57h

 Metro Square ChandelierNewBestseller

Metro Square Chandelier

18rd x 22h

 Fantine Chandelier, SmallNewBestseller

Fantine Chandelier, Small

18rd x 13h

 Cicero ObeliskBestseller

Cicero Obelisk

74h x 15w

 Cypriot Bottle, SmallBestseller

Cypriot Bottle, Small

12h x 7w

 Cypriot Bottle, MediumBestseller

Cypriot Bottle, Medium

18h x 9w

 Cypriot Bottle, LargeBestseller

Cypriot Bottle, Large

24h x 10w

 Driftwood FlamingoBestseller

Driftwood Flamingo

21h x 6d x 12w

 Ellis Buffet, LargeBestseller

Ellis Buffet, Large

36h x 23d x 67w

 Wren Table, LargeBestseller

Wren Table, Large

26h x 24d x 24w

 Gilt Twist Rectangular TableBestseller

Gilt Twist Rectangular Table

18h x 21d x 44w

 Bangle Table, Gold LeafBestseller

Bangle Table, Gold Leaf

27-1/4h x 14d x 18w

 Hookah TableBestseller

Hookah Table

23h x 16d x 16w

 Spotlight Wall SconceBestseller

Spotlight Wall Sconce

10-3/4h x 8.5d x 5.5w

 Napoli Wall SconceBestseller

Napoli Wall Sconce

17h x 7d x 6w

 Wharton Wall SconceBestseller

Wharton Wall Sconce

16h x 6d x 10w

 Whitton Wall Sconce 

Whitton Wall Sconce

32h x 9d x 8w

 Sadler Wall SconceBestseller

Sadler Wall Sconce

12h x 6d x 5w

 Primo Wall SconceBestseller

Primo Wall Sconce

19h x 8d x 8w

 Tuscan Wall SconceBestseller

Tuscan Wall Sconce

21h x 8d x 17w

 Cornwall Wall SconceBestseller

Cornwall Wall Sconce

18h x 4d x 15w

 Porthole Wall SconceBestseller

Porthole Wall Sconce

20h x 4d x 16w

 Pembroke Wall SconceBestseller

Pembroke Wall Sconce

16h x 4d x 12w

 Antidote Table LampBestseller

Antidote Table Lamp

26h x 15w

 Renaissance Table LampBestseller

Renaissance Table Lamp

40h x 18w

 Rutherford Table LampBestseller

Rutherford Table Lamp

35h x 10d x 19w

 Epigram Table LampBestseller

Epigram Table Lamp

33h x 16w

 Lynton Table Lamp, GrayBestseller

Lynton Table Lamp, Gray

31h x 16w

 Lynton Table Lamp, White 

Lynton Table Lamp, White

31h x 16w

 Messenger Table Lamp, BrassBestseller

Messenger Table Lamp, Brass

26h x 7w

 Timeless Table Lamp, WhiteBestseller

Timeless Table Lamp, White

35h x 18w

 Lamont Table LampBestseller

Lamont Table Lamp

30h x 18d x 18w

 Urbino Table LampBestseller

Urbino Table Lamp

35h x 19d x 19w

 Parfait Table Lamp 

Parfait Table Lamp

33h x 8w

 Bangle Floor Lamp, Silver LeafBestseller

Bangle Floor Lamp, Silver Leaf

69-1/4h x 20w

 Hugo Floor LampBestseller

Hugo Floor Lamp

71-7/8h x 22w

 Ansel Floor LampBestseller

Ansel Floor Lamp

69-1/4h x 21w

 Rainforest ChandelierBestseller

Rainforest Chandelier

77.5h x 46-3/4d x 74w

 Broxton Orb ChandelierBestseller

Broxton Orb Chandelier

32h x 24d x 24w

 Maximus Rectangular ChandelierBestseller

Maximus Rectangular Chandelier

16h x 13d x 47w

 Middleton ChandelierBestseller

Middleton Chandelier

39h x 28d x 28w

 Oyster Shell MirrorBestseller

Oyster Shell Mirror

20h x 2d x 20w

 Devereux Console TableBestseller

Devereux Console Table

34h x 19d x 19w

 Marchmont Chest of DrawersBestseller

Marchmont Chest of Drawers

32h x 20d x 33w

 Factory Console TableBestseller

Factory Console Table

35h x 16d x 60w

 Glacier Wall SconceBestseller

Glacier Wall Sconce

6w x 16h x 7d

 Charade Wall SconceBestseller

Charade Wall Sconce

5w x 17h x 5d

 Westlake Table LampBestseller

Westlake Table Lamp


 Falsetto Table LampBestseller

Falsetto Table Lamp


 Rondeau Floor LampBestseller

Rondeau Floor Lamp


 Delano EtagereBestseller

Delano Etagere

41w x 16d x 72h

 René Mirror, SquareBestseller

René Mirror, Square

24sq x 1-1/4d

 Hanbury Occasional TableBestseller

Hanbury Occasional Table

22rd x 25h

 Dartmoor Drinks TableBestseller

Dartmoor Drinks Table

12rd x 26h

 Danzey Table LampBestseller

Danzey Table Lamp


 Finstock Floor LampBestseller

Finstock Floor Lamp


 Aerial ChandelierBestseller

Aerial Chandelier

31rd x from 34 to 77h

 Deansgate Rectangular ChandelierBestseller

Deansgate Rectangular Chandelier

51w x 6d x 13h

 Margate MirrorBestseller

Margate Mirror

30w x 2d x 45h

 Metro Wall Sconce, LeftBestseller

Metro Wall Sconce, Left

14w x 29h x 5d

 Serpa Wall SconceBestseller

Serpa Wall Sconce

8w x 20h x 40d

 Terrace Table LampBestseller

Terrace Table Lamp


 Encore Table LampBestseller

Encore Table Lamp


 Gladwyne Table LampBestseller

Gladwyne Table Lamp


 Thompson Console Lamp, NickelBestseller

Thompson Console Lamp, Nickel


 Beaujon Floor LampBestseller

Beaujon Floor Lamp


 Echelon Floor LampBestseller

Echelon Floor Lamp


 Genesis ChandelierBestseller

Genesis Chandelier

35rd x 37h

 Grand Lotus ChandelierBestseller

Grand Lotus Chandelier

30rd x 16h

 Metro Rectangular ChandelierBestseller

Metro Rectangular Chandelier

54w x 17d 23h Adjustable

 Medusa Pendant, MediumBestseller

Medusa Pendant, Medium

12rd x 70h

 Medusa Pendant, SmallBestseller

Medusa Pendant, Small

8rd x 66h

 Marmande Rectangular ChandelierBestseller

Marmande Rectangular Chandelier

36w x 10d x 15h

 Catalyst ChandelierBestseller

Catalyst Chandelier

40w x 20d x 36h

 Currey & Company Complete Product Line Up

A La Mode Table Lamp-6773
Abalone Mirror – 1325
Abbeville Table Lamp – 6920
Abbey Chandelier – 9181
Abigail Table Lamp – 6550
Academy Table Lamp-6680
Acapulco Table Lamp-6603
Accordion Chandelier – 9998
Ackerman Table Lamp – 6621
Adara Chandelier – 9040
Adeline Chandelier – 9657
Adler Table Lamp – 6141
Aerial Chandelier-9455
Affaire Table Lamp – 6020
Aficionado Console Table – 4160
Agora Console Table – 4142
Agostina Chandelier – 9192
Airlie Pendant – 9920
Aladdin Occasional Table-3148
Alba Table Lamp – 6072
Albany Cabinet – 3992
Alberto Orb Chandelier – 9763
Alcovy Table Lamp – 6411
Alea Table Lamp – 6839
Alexis Table Lamp – 6233
Alfresco Table Lamp – 6380
Algernon Table Lamp – 6132
Algernon Table Lamp – 6133
Algonquin Table Lamp – 6502
Alibaba Table Lamp – 6395
Alicante Table Lamp – 6763
Aline Mirror, Small – 1096
Aline Mirror-1088
Allusion Chandelier – 9027
Altair Table Lamp – 6032
Amalfi Table Lamp – 6863
Amandine Table Lamp 6038
Andalucía Table Lamp – 6054
Andromeda Cocktail Table-2027
Anemone Table Lamp – 6584
Anise Chandelier – 9461
Anise Wall Sconce – 5010
Anjou –   1097
Anna Drinks Table – 4157
Anna Occasional Table – 4156
Annandale Pendant – 9087
Ansel Floor Lamp – 8031
Antechamber Wall Sconce – 5092
Anthology Chandelier – 9646
Anthology Wall Sconce – 5181
Antidote Table Lamp – 6068
Antiqued Mirror Chest of Drawers – 4204
Antiqued Mirror Console Table – 4201
Antiqued Mirror Credenza – 4208
Antiqued Mirror Rectangular Coffee Table – 4210
Antiqued Mirror Sideboard – 4200
Antiqued Wall Mirror 4203
Antiquity Chandelier, Large-9258
Antiquity Chandelier-9277
Anton Pendant – 9708
Antonio Wall Sconce – 5403
Anywhere Pendant – 9716
Appledore Chandelier – 9476
Apropos Table Lamp, Large – 6994
Apropos Table Lamp, Small – 6902
Aquarius Coffee Table – 4177
Aquarius Console Table – 4178
Aquarius Occasional Table – 4179
Aquaterra Pendant – 9514
Aragon Credenza – 3072
Aragon Credenza Small – 3157
Arcadia Chandelier – 9370
Arcadia Chandelier, Small – 9371
Ardmore Lantern – 9183
Argosy Oval Chandelier – 9855
Armillary Sphere Chandelier – 9711
Artisian Table Lamp – 6471
Artois Table Lamp – 6074
Ashdown Wall Sconce – 5905
Ashton Bench-2028
Assurance Oval Chandelier – 9259
Asta Wall Sconce – 5137
Asta Wall Sconce, Small-5152
Asterisk Table Lamp – 6643
Astral Pendant – 9205
Asturias Table Lamp – 6071
Athena Lantern-9473
Atlantis Table Lamp –   6370
Atlas Table Lamp – 6096
Autumn Console Lamp – 6467
Avalon Wall Sconce-5148
Averett Pendant – 9394
Axel Orb Chandelier – 9015
Axel Orb Chandelier, Small – 9133
Axel Wall Sconce – 5095
Axiom Coffee Table – 4174
Axiom Drinks Table – 4173
Babylon Table Lamp – 6771
Backstage Table Lamp – 6942
Balboa Chest – 3221
Ballantine Pendant-9507
Ballet Table Lamp – 6129
Balthazar Ceiling Mount – 9887
Balthazar Oval Ceiling Mount – 9888
Bamburgh Lantern – 9043
Bangle Floor Lamp – 8022
Bangle Floor Lamp – 8024
Bangle Table – 4095
Bangle Table, Antique Silver Leaf – 4096
Barbados Table Lamp – 6676
Baron Wall Sconce – 5098
Basket Pendant – 9845
Bastone Table Lamp-6208
Bavaria Chandelier – 9625
Baypointe Pendant – 9714
Baypointe Pendant, Large – 9712
Bayshore Pendant – 9715
Bayside Chandelier, Large-9111
Beachhead Mirror, Square-1030
Beachhead Mirror-4344
Beachhouse Chandelier-9972
Beacon Table Lamp – 6436
Beaujon Bench-2787
Beaujon Floor Lamp – 8064
Beaujon Loveseat-2788
Beaujon Table Lamp – 6359
Beauly Table Lamp-6644
Beaumanor Console Table-3116
Beaumont Lantern – 9341
Beckett Pendant – 9600
Beckett Trio Pendant-9969
Beckmore Lantern-9748
Beckmore Wall Sconce-5119
Beehive Pendant-9393
Beesthorpe Lantern-9172
Bel Esprit Wall Sconce, Left-5096
Bel Esprit Wall Sconce, Right-5097
Bel Mondo Floor Lamp – 8069
Bel Mondo Floor Lamp-8049
Belfort Table Lamp-6325
Belfry Chandelier-9471
Belize Table Lamp – 6507
Bella Luna Chandelier, Large-9483
Bella Luna Chandelier, Small-9482
Bellamour Chandelier-9187
Bellamy Lantern 3-light-9231
Bellario Lantern – 9802
Bellario Orb Chandelier – 9346
Bellario Wall Sconce – 5171
Bellwether Table Lamp-6354
Belmonte Wall Sconce 2L-5309
Bennington Sideboard – 3991
Benson Lantern-9885
Bergamo Table Lamp-6152
Bettina Pendant-9004
Betty June Cocktail Table-4145
Betty June Console Table-4143
Betty June Mirror-1082
Betty June Occasional Table-4144
Beverly Floor Lamp-8058
Bevilacqua Chandelier, Large-9311
Bevilacqua Chandelier, Medium-9309
Bevilacqua Chandelier, Small-9293
Bevilacqua Pendant – 9375
Bevilacqua Trio Pendant-9356
Bewley Pendant-9173
Billycart Chandelier-9994
Bingham Console Table – 3179
Birkhall Chest of Drawers-3093
Bismark Table Lamp-6692
Blackwell Chandelier – 9751
Blaise Table Lamp-6822
Bluepoint Mirror-1035
Bluepoint Table Lamp-6271
Blythwood Chandelier-9195
Boardwalk Shell Jewelry Box-1251
Bolebrook Wall Sconce-5910
Bonfire Chandelier-9799
Boulevard Chandelier. 4 Lt.-9316
Bowers Candelabra – 6193
Bowline Chandelier-9536
Bowline Pendant-9489
Bowline Wall Sconce-5156
Bravura Table Lamp – 6105
Brighstone Occasional Table – 4176
Brighton Wall Sconce – 5168
Brigit Table Lamp – 6082
Bromley Table Lamp, Clear-6328
Brooke Table Lamp – 6450
Brownlow Pendant, Large-9108
Brownlow Pendant, Small-9107
Broxton Orb Chandelier-9750
Broxton Rectangular Chandelier-9354
Bruno Console Table-4108
Brunswick Wall Sconce 1L-5904
Brussels Pendant-9873
Buckley Wall Sconce – 5179
Buckminster Chandelier – 9436
Buenos Aires Chandelier-9295
Burchard Wall Sconce-5139
Burton Table Lamp-6715
Butterfield Chest-3184
Buttermere Chandelier, Small-9162
Buttermere Chandelier-9085
Cachet Ceiling Mount-9904
Cairo Pendant-9101
Calabash Console Lamp – 6225
Calhoun Wall Sconce – 5183
Caliban Cabinet – 3208
Calypso Table Lamp – 6047
Camden Corner Chair – 3225
Camelot Two Tier CH, lg 20E-9837
Camilla Table Lamp-6796
Campo Table, Large – 4161
Campo Table, Medium – 4162
Campo Table, Small – 4163
Cape Breton Table Lamp-6318
Capella Chandelier – 9929
Capri Chandelier – 9541
Caravan Table Lamp-6868
Caravel Table Lamp-6667
Cardiff Pendant – 9697
Cari Table Lamp – 6231
Carling Pendant-9099
Carnival Floor Lamp-8060
Carnival Table Lamp, Tall – 6003
Carnival Table Lamp-6712
Caroline Table Lamp – 6254
Carousel Lantern – 9033
Carson Table Lamp – 6033
Cartman Table Lamp – 6866
Carver Table Lamp – 6827
Casablanca Cocktail Table-2024
Cascade Chandelier, 5E, HRB-9540
Cassandra Table Lamp-6885
Castello Chandelier-9216
Catalyst Chandelier – 9572
Catalyst Chandelier-9988
Catawba Cabinet – 3191
Catesby Chandelier – 9319
Catesby Chandelier, Small – 9320
Cathedral Table – 4167
Catherine Table Lamp – 6816
Cavendish Table Lamp-6656
Cedric Occasional Table – 3214
Celeste Chandelier-9815
Centerville Chest – 3228
Ch̩ri Chandelier Р9741
Chaddbury Chandelier – 9806
Chaddbury Chandelier, Large – 9807
Chancellor Chandelier, Small-9942
Chancellor Chandelier-9608
Chandler Wall Sconce – 5180
Chantelaine Chandelier-9022
Chanteuse Chandelier-9202
Chanteuse Petit Chandelier-9203
Chaplin Desk Lamp-6666
Charade Wall Sconce-5140
Charbon Side Table-4134
Charisse Chandelier – 9956
Charleston Cabinet-3162
Charlotte Table Lamp – 6984
Charney Pendant – 9698
Chartres Chandelier 6L, Silver-9780
Chartres Wall Sconce 2L-5780
Chartwell Table Lamp-6381
Chatelaine Table Lamp – 6613
Cheroot Trio Pendant-9487
Chestertown Bench – 3229
Chestertown Rocking Chair – 3233
Chiave Chandelier-9506
Chic Table Lamp-6928
Chippendale Bench-2022
Cicero Obelisk-1003
Cin Cin Rectangular Chandelier – 9724
Cin Cin Wall Sconce – 5191
Cirque Table Lamp-6802
Claude Occasional Table-3202
Clemente Table Lamp – 6718
Clemente Table Lamp-6175
Cleo Chandelier-9525
Clermont Table Lamp – 6016
Clifton Pendant-9910
Colette Table Lamp – 6040
Coleville Chandelier – 9363
Colossus Chandelier-9631
Colwyn Pendant-9238
Compass Chandelier-9510
Compass Rectangular Chandelier-9465
Compass Wall Sconce-5150
Confetti Cube Pendant-9168
Confetti Table Lamp-6272
Constable Table Lamp-6504
Constantine Credenza – 3993
Constellation Chandelier, 8 L-9666
Continuum Chandelier-9431
Continuum Table Lamp – 6361
Coptic Chandelier-9875
Corail Chair, Red-4149
Corail Chair, White-4148
Corail Console Table, Red-4147
Corail Console Table, White-4146
Corazon Chandelier – 9598
Cornwall Wall Sconce 1L-5901
Coronation Chandelier,4E-9390
Corridor Floor Lamp-8448
Corrine Table Lamp – 6270
Corsica Lantern, Large-9239
Corsica Lantern-9229
Corsica Side Table – 4141
Corsica Wall Sconce 2L-5032
Cosette Lantern – 9360
Courtier Table Lamp-6274
Courtship Table Lamp-6159
Cranbourne Folding Screen-3020
Cranbourne Writing Desk-3019
Crescendo Floor Lamp w/ shade-8655
Creslow Cabinet-3082
Crisscross Ceiling Mount-9902
Crown Chandelier, 6E-9547
Crystal Bud Chandelier, Large-9884
Crystal Bud Chandelier, Medium-9882
Crystal Bud Chandelier, Small-9883
Crystal Bud Sphere Chandelier – 9652
Crystal Bud Wall Sconce, 2L-5882
Crystal Light Chandelier, 6L-9880
Crystal Lights Chandelier, Large – 9881
Crystal Lights Chandelier, SL-9890
Crystal Lights Chandelier, SL-9891
Crystal Lights Wall Sconce, 2L-5880
Crystal Lights Wall Sconce-5980
Crystal Springs Table Lamp-6647
Cuff Occasional Table-4101
Curio Table Lamp-6653
Cypriot Bottle, Large-1025
Cypriot Bottle, Medium-1024
Cypriot Bottle, Small-1023
Cyrus Occasional Table – 3212
Cyrus Occasional Table, Small – 3213
Dado Pendant-9096
Dalliance Pendant-9895
Damien Chandelier – 9609
Damien Chandelier, Small – 9509
Dandy Drinks Table – 4159
Danielli Chandelier, Large-9157
Danzey Table Lamp-6793
Darby Table Lamp-6052
Darden Chandelier-9077
Darjeeling Pendant – 9647
Darjeeling Table Lamp – 6459
Darsey Table Lamp – 6996
Dartmoor Drinks Table-2031
Dashiell Table Lamp-6551
Dauphin Chandelier, Large-9135
Dauphin Chandelier, Small-9134
De Stijl Chest-3203
Deansgate Rectangular Chandeli-9517
Debonair Table Lamp-6142
Deborah Vanity – 3215
Delamere Chandelier-9294
Delano Coffee Table-4126
Delano Console Table-4127
Delano Corner Table – 4128
Delano Desk-4125
Delano Etagere – 4129
Delano Etagere, Narrow – 4131
Delano Etagere, Tall – 4132
Delano Occasional Table-4124
Demitasse Table Lamp-6261
Denison Lantern, Large-9871
Denison Lantern-9872
Derrymore Chandelier-9169
Destination Chandelier-9686
Devereux Console Table-2000
Devereux Mirror-2004
Devonport Table Lamp – 6713
Devotee Mirror-1078
Diamante Chandelier – 9383
Diego Etagere-4045
Dimitri Secretary-3183
Dockyard Chandelier-9429
Dogma Table Lamp-6460
Domani Chandelier-9219
Domani Wall Scone 2L-5042
Dominic Nightstand – 3216
Dominion Oval Chandelier-9372
Dorothy Table Lamp-6747
Dorset Wall Sconce 1L-5907
Dovercourt Table Lamp-6753
Downton Table Lamp-6493
Downton Table Lamp-6495
Draper Lamp Table-3204
Drayton Desk Lamp-6865
Drayton Floor Lamp-8051
Dream Pendant-9003
Driftwood Flamingo-1059
Driftwood Flamingo-1060
Driftwood Flamingo-1061
Driftwood Floor Lamp – 8029
Driftwood Orb Chandelier-9078
Driftwood Sphere Table Lamp-6444
Driftwood Table Lamp-6344
Dumfries Table-2020
Dundee Pendant-9424
Durand Chandelier-9636
Dusklight Ceiling Mount-9303
Dynasty II Chair – 4150
Dynasty II Console – 4151
Dynasty II Dining Table – 4152
Dynasty II Mirror – 1085
Earl Grey Pendant – 9656
Earthshine Pendant-9782
Eastbourne Table Lamp, Black-6757
Eastbourne Table Lamp, Clear-6758
Eastleigh Wall Sconce-5154
Eathorpe Chandelier or Pendant-9345
Echelon Floor Lamp – 8066
Ecilipse Rect. Chandelier-9025
Eclipse Chandelier – 9018
Eclipse Wall Sconce 1L-5039
Eden Chandelier, 5E, Venetian-9352
Edgewater Ceiling Mount – 9907
Edith Pendant-9938
Eiderdown Table Lamp – 6262
Elegance Chandelier-9948
Elise Table Lamp-6216
Elissa Table Lamp-6242
Elixir Pendant – 9561
Elixir Rectangular Chandelier-9406
Elizabeth Chandelier-9048
Elkmont Console Table-3189
Elkmont Mirror, Square – 1086
Elkmont Occasional Table-3000
Elkmont Sideboard-3190
Ella Table Lamp-6525
Ellen Coffee Table – 3231
Ellen Coffee Table, Small – 3230
Elliot Table Lamp – 6601
Ellis Buffet, Small-3163
Ellis Buffet-3092
Eloise Chandelier-9928
Eltham Stool-2019
Elwynn Bench, Large-2008
Elwynn Bench-2009
Eminence Chandelier-9254
Eminence Wall Sconce 2L-5026
Encore Table Lamp – 6818
Endsleigh Mirror-1005
Envoi Chandelier-9524
Envy Table Lamp-6102
Eos Mirror-1009
Epic Table Lamp, Brass-6140
Epigram Table Lamp-6388
Escher Floor Lamp – 8067
Esteban Occasional Table – 3210
Eternity Floor Lamp-8028
Eternity Wall Sconce – 5173
Etiquette Chandelier – 9831
Etude Cabinet-3181
Euclid Coffee Table – 4166
Euclid Console Table – 4165
Euclid Table – 4164
Eufaula Lantern-9083
Eufaula Rectangular Chandelier-9084
Eufaula Wall Sconce 1L-5061
Eufaula Wall Sconce 2L-5062
Evana Pendant-9430
Evans Table Lamp – 6026
Eventide Chandelier-9441
Eventide Sphere Chandelier-9501
Eventide Wall Sconce-5158
Everest Chandelier – 9619
Exeter Table Lamp-6538
Exley Wall Ornament – 1098
Exton Chandelier – 9479
Exton Pendant – 9361
Exton Table Lamp-6675
Factory Console Table-3022
Factory Table-3023
Fainlight Chandelier-9308
Fairchild Chandelier, Small-9302
Fairchild Chandelier-9301
Fairfax Table Lamp-6024
Fairwater Pendant, Large – 9577
Fairwater Pendant, Medium – 9576
Fairwater Pendant, Small – 9575
Fairytale Chandelier-9271
Fairytale Wall Sconce-5115
Falconwood Chandelier-9502
Falmouth Wall Sconce 1L-5903
Falset Table Lamp – 6010
Falsetto Table Lamp-6479
Fantine Chandelier – 9454
Fantine Chandelier, Small – 9759
Fantine Wall Sconce – 5193
Farfetch Table Lamp-6453
Fargo Table Lamp-6661
Farmhouse Table Lamp-6845
Farrah Table Lamp – 6570
Farrington Table Lamp-6294
Felicity Chandelier – 9449
Fenchurch Pendant – 9149
Fenwick Pendant-9863
Fergus Lantern-9468
Filigree Table Lamp-6349
Finley Table Lamp-6315
Finstock Floor Lamp-8062
Fiona Mirror – 1089
Fiona Wall Sconce-5120
Firebird Table Lamp – 6277
Firebloom Table Lamp-6288
Firefly Rectangular Chandelier – 9578
Firelight Lantern – 9792
Fischer Console Table – 3223
Fittleworth Table Lamp, Blue-6431
Fittleworth Table Lamp, Feathe-6432
Fitzgerald Rectangular Chandelier – 9404
Fitzjames Ceiling Mount Pendan-9878
Fitzjames Lantern-9160
Fitzjames Rectangular Chandeli-9817
Fitzjames Square Ceiling Mount-9931
Fitzroy Table Lamp – 6574
Fitzwalter Wall Sconce – 5911
Flamboyant Table Lamp-6296
Flamingo Chandelier-9999
Flip Table-3096
Flirtation Table Lamp-6284
Florence Chandelier – 9330
Florentine Chandelier, Rust-9962
Fortress Floor Candelabra-8063
Fortune Chandelier-9573
Forum Chandelier – 9414
Francois Table Lamp-6301
Frapp̩ Chandelier Р9597
Frapp̩ Oval Chandelier Р9747
French Nouveau Chandelier, 7E-9500
Frinton Rectangular Chandelier-9313
Frock Chandelier – 9331
Frontier Pendant – 9739
Frontier Trio Pendant – 9736
Fruitier Pendant-9088
Fullerton Bench – 3990
Furlong Table Lamp-6786
Gabor Chest-3180
Gaffney Table Lamp-6642
Galahad Chandelier-9520
Galene Table Lamp-6731
Galleon Chandelier-9682
Gallery Table Lamp-6733
Garrison Drop Leaf Table-3038
Gartrell Pendant – 9702
Genesis Chandelier – 9488
George V-9435
Giardino Table Lamp-6049
Gibbs Table Lamp-6823
Gidley Console Lamp – 6255
Gilbert Rectangular Table-4056
Gilda Vanity Mirror-1300
Gilda Vanity Table-4004
Gilt Twist Console-4003
Gilt Twist Rectangular Table-4057
Gilt Twist Square Table w/Wood-4054
Giltspur Chandelier-9137
Gingko Wall Sconce – 5178
Giselle Chandelier – 9610
Giselle Chandelier, Large – 9612
Glac̩ Chandelier Р9732
Glacier Wall Sconce-5129
Gladwyne Table Lamp – 6959
Glaisdale Table Lamp-6759
Glasshouse Table Lamp-6464
Glenda Table Lamp – 6754
Godfrey Lantern-9467
Goodstone Occasional Table-2018
Gotham Wall Sconce-5161
Graham Table Lamp – 6413
Gramercy Chandelier, 9L-9528
Granada Chandelier, Large – 9463
Grand Lotus Chandelier – 9494
Grandview Table Lamp-6635
Graycliff Chandelier-9074
Grayson Ceiling Lantern-9045
Grayson Lantern-9046
Greene Sideboard-3139
Grenier Table Lamp-6174
Greta Table Lamp-6767
Greyledge Chandelier-9326
Grimshaw Table – 3224
Guildhall Wall Sconce – 5189
Gwyneth Chandelier – 9579
Haddon Table Lamp-6800
Hadley Table Lamp-6214
Haley Chandelier-9351
Halo Wall Scone 1L-5104
Hampshire Pendant – 9581
Hanbury Occasional Table-2029
Hannah Chandelier, Large-9117
Hannah Chandelier, Medium-9120
Hannah Chandelier, Petit-9118
Hannah Chandelier, Small-9119
Hapsburg Table Lamp – 6219
Harlow Seven Drawer Chest-4212
Harlow Side Table-4214
Harlow Three Drawer Chest-4211
Harper Pendant-9122
Hastings Table Lamp – 6988
Hathaway Table Lamp – 6116
Havenhouse Table Lamp-6777
Havenridge Wall Sconce – 5165
Haywood Chandelier-9410
Haywood Wall Sconce-5147
Hazel Table Lamp-6510
Hedy Chandelier, Cream-9970
Hedy Chandelier-9770
Heirloom Chandelier 12L, Venet-9571
Heirloom Chandelier 18L, Ven/G-9569
Helene Table Lamp, Large-6220
Helene Table Lamp-6256
Helios Table Lamp-6768
Hidcote Console Table-2374
Hidcote Side Table-2373
High Falls Lantern-9996
Higham Cocktail Table-2026
Higham Occasional Table-2025
Highlight Wall Sconce 2L-5106
Hilda Table Lamp-6498
Hookah Table-4104
Horatio Chandelier – 9729
Houghton Table Lamp-6075
Houndslow Rectangular Chandeli-9816
Howard Chandelier, Small-9398
Howard Chandelier-9399
Hudson Pendant-9121
Hugo Floor Lamp-8030
Humoresque Table Lamp – 6058
Hyaline Table Lamp – 6736
Hyde Park Table Lamp – 6491
Hydra Table Lamp – 6093
Icon Wall Sconce, 1L-5516
Icon Wall Sconce, 2L-5517
Imlay Table Lamp – 6227
Imogen Pendant – 9369
Imperial Table Lamp-6375
Impresario Chandelier-9767
Impresario Wall Sconce-5108
Infinity Wall Sconce 1L, Left-5047
Infinity Wall Sconce 1L, Right-5048
Ing̩nue Chandelier Р9634
Innocence Chandelier-9255
Innsbruck Chandelier, 39L Ven-9530
Insignia Wall Sconce-5066
Intarsia Table Lamp-6350
International Chandelier-9914
Iron Flourish Wall Scone Pair-5528
Irwin Table Lamp – 6190
Izzy Pendant-9458
Izzy Table Lamp – 6883
Izzy Wall Sconce-5157
Jacqueline Table Lamp – 6230
Jacques Sideboard – 3234
Janita Table Lamp-6383
Jardin Table Lamp-6287
Jargon Wall Sconce-5091
Jasmine Chandelier – 9527
Jazz Pendant3043-9901
Jean-Louis Chandelier – 9503
Jean-Louis Chandelier, Small – 9504
Jean-Louis Wall Sconce – 5176
Joelle Wall Sconce-5122
Josephine Table Lamp – 6232
Journey Table Lamp, Brass-6977
Julia Rose Wall Sconce-5144
Kamini Chandelier – 9539
Kata Pendant – 9522
Kata Pendant, Small – 9791
Kateri Table Lamp-6716
Keller Chandelier – 9426
Kellerwald Table Lamp-6562
Kenan Wall Sconce – 5194
Kendrick Table-4074
Kerry Table Lamp-6163
Khalessi Table Lamp-6714
Kildare Wall Sconce 2L-5015
Killarny Table Lamp-6901
Kilpatrick Table Lamp-6011
Kingsley Table Lamp – 6972
Kingsmill Table Lamp-6418
Kinsett Cabinet-3017
Kiran Wall Sconce-5127
Kiran Wall Sconce-5128
Knollwood Secretary – 3217
Kramer Drinks Table – 4172
Ladock Lantern-9595
Ladywell Table Lamp-6560
Lafeu Console Table – 3206
Lamont Table Lamp-6557
Lana Chandelier, Apricot-9771
Lana Chandelier, Gray-9772
Lana Wall Sconce, Apricot-5086
Lana Wall Sconce, Cream-5187
Lana Wall Sconce, Turquoise-5087
Largo Mirror – 1095
Larkhall Table Lamp-6737
Larkin Drinks Table-4139
Laureate   Chandelier, Large 5L-9643
Laureate Mini Chandelier, 4L-9543
Laureate Wall Sconce, 2L-5543
Lavinia Chandelier – 9343
Lawrence Chandelier-9764
Le Mer Chandelier-9408
Le Mer Wall Sconce-5143
Leagrave Chair-2723
Leeds Table Lamp-6399
Leeward Mirror – 4343
Legion Pendant-9199
Leimotif Table Lamp-6980
Libertine Table Lamp-6678
Lillian Chandelier-9051
Linden Table Lamp-6394
Linley Pendant-9050
Lino Table Lamp-6884
Lintel Table Lamp – 6124
Linus Drinks Table-4153
Lipari Table Lamp-6164
Litchfield Wall Sconce-5111
Liverpool Floor Lamp – 8071
Lodestar Chandelier-9582
Loggia Lantern, Large-9075
Loggia Lantern-9035
Lola Table Lamp-6484
Lone Star Pendant – 9735
Longcross Chandelier, Large-9464
Longcross Chandelier-9460
Longferry Table Lamp – 6245
Longhope Rect. Chandelier-9742
Loomis Drinks Table-4140
Loop Table Lamp – 6572
Loretta Vanity – 3235
Loro Double Dumbwaiter-3094
Loulou Chandelier – 9824
Lowell Pendant-9114
Loxton Table Lamp-6922
Lucien Chandelier, Large-9412
Lucien Chandelier-9411
Lucille Table Lamp-6783
Lucy Pendant – 9936
Ludwig Lantern2003-9184
Lulworth Pendant – 9710
Lumley Pendant-9868
Luna Table Lamp-0107WL-6386
Lyndhurst Table Lamp-6788
Lynnhaven Table Lamp-6332
Lynton Table Lamp-6419
Lynton Table Lamp-6463
Lyric Table Lamp – 6053
Madera Table Lamp-6679
Magdalena Chandelier-9472
Magic Table Lamp-6067
Mainstay Chandelier-9020
Makeweight Table Lamp – 6953
Malthus Desk-3186
Malthus Three Drawer Chest-3024
Mandrel Table Lamp-6961
Manfred Floor Lamp-8055
Manfred Floor Lamp-8056
Manisa Lantern – 9549
Mansion Chandelier 12 Lt-9314
Mansion Chandelier 6 Lt-9334
Mansion Chandelier, 9 Lt.-9324
Mansion Wall Sconce, 2L-5325
Manuscript Pendant-9056
Manuscript Table Lamp-6871
Manuscript Wall Sconce-5151
Maralago Wall Sconce, 1L-5415
Marcello Chandelier – 9385
Marcello Chandelier, Small – 9386
Marchmain Table Lamp-6417
Marchmont Chest of Drawers-2007
Marchmont Sideboard-2006
Margate Folding Screen – 3219
Margate Mirror – 1090
Marion Library Cabinet-3104
Market Basket Pendant-9417
Markham Table Lamp, Black Bron-6720
Markham Table Lamp, Vintage Br-6721
Marmande Rectangular Chandelier – 9564
Marmande Square Lantern – 9565
Marmont Table Lamp-6650
Marseille Wall Sconce-5155
Masquerade Table Lamp-6723
Massina Table Lamp – 6794
Masterwork Chandelier-9365
Matchstick Table Lamp – 6611
Mattinata Table Lamp-6449
Maxham Table Lamp-6565
Maximus Rectangular Chandelier-9915
Maximus Table Lamp – 6136
Mayfair Chandelier. 8E, Aged B-9550
Meacham Desk-3097
Meadmore Five Drawer Chest – 3051
Meadow Table Lamp – 6821
Medina Folding Screen-3174
Medusa Pendant, Large – 9558
Medusa Pendant, Medium – 9551
Medusa Pendant, Small – 9552
Melody Chandelier-9225
Melrose Floor Lamp-8004
Mercury Wall Sconce – 5196
Meridian Chandelier-9400
Merseyside Table Lamp-6909
Messenger Table Lamp-6472
Messenger Table Lamp-6473
Metamorphosis Table Lamp-6240
Metier Table Lamp-6616
Metro Rectangular Chandelier – 9542
Metro Rectangular Chandelier – 9836
Metro Square Chandelier – 9743
Metro Wall Sconce, Left – 5164
Metro Wall Sconce, Right – 5163
Middleton Chandelier-9927
Midnight Lantern – 9718
Midwinter Table Lamp-6017
Midwinter Wall Sconce 1L-5002
Minaret Floor Lamp-8582
Minuet Table Lamp-6995
Momento De Mori Table Lamp – 6007
Monique Table Lamp-6505
Montauk Console Table-3115
Montauk Round Coffee Table-3105
Montauk Side Table – 3106
Montauk Square Coffee Table – 3114
Montecristo Chandelier – 9594
Monteleone Mirror – 1301
Montmorenci Chandelier – 9808
Montrose Table Lamp – 6090
Moonglow Table Lamp – 6153
Moonrise Table Lamp – 6250
Moontide Wall Sconce – 5043
Moore Table Lamp – 6537
Morgan Table Lamp – 6529
Morgan Table Lamp – 6536
Moriarty Floor Lamp – 8054
Morris Table Lamp – 6553
Morton Wall Sconce – 5169
Mother-of-Pearl Mirror – 1067
Motif Table Lamp – 6981
Moyanne Chandelier – 9981
Mulberry Table Lamp – 6353
Murrell Table Lamp – 6819
Musicbox Lantern – 9916
Myth Table Lamp, Beige – 6701
Mythmaker Pendant – 9700
N’est Pas Pendant – 9897
Namesake Table Lamp – 6563
Nancy Lantern – 9940
Napoli Wall Sconce – 5028
Napoli Wall Sconce – 5314
Nash Console Table – 3199
Nautilus Table Lamp – 6123
Nebula Chandelier – 9204
Nefret Chair – 3074
Nicolette Chandelier – 9282
Nicolette Wall Sconce – 5282
Nightsea Table Lamp – 6352
Nikolai Table Lamp – 6095
Nocturne Chandelier, Nickel – 9674
Nora Table Lamp – 6494
Novella Chandelier – 9921
Oakleigh Floor Lamp – 8059
Oakleigh Table Lamp – 6706
Oasis Rectangular Chandelier – 9342
Oberon Pendant – 9990
Octave Table Lamp – 6376
Odalisque Table Lamp – 6445
Omar Pendant – 9197
Oolong Pendant – 9651
Ophelia Table Lamp – 6741
Oracle Table Lamp – 6089
Orion Chandelier – 9289
Orion Chandelier, Small – 9110
Orleans Wall Sconce, Large – 5349
Orleans Wall Sconce, Small – 5350
Orli Chandelier – 9984
Ormewood Chandelier – 9670
Oscar Table Lamp – 6197
Oxendale Table Lamp – 6209
Oxendale Table Lamp, Large – 6206
Oyster Shell Birdbath – 2765
Oyster Shell Mirror – 1348
Padma Chandelier – 9535
Palindrome Floor Lamp – 8068
Palm Beach Chandelier – 9693
Palm Beach Lantern – 9694
Palm Beach Table Lamp – 6609
Palomino Chandelier – 9042
Panache Wall Sconce Pair, (L&R) – 5422
Panorama Ceiling Mount – 9892
Panorama Pendant – 9060
Paolo Table Lamp – 6998
Paradise Table Lamp – 6312
Paradox Chandelier, Large – 9159
Parallel Wall Bracket – 1031
Paramour Chandelier – 9008
Parfait Table Lamp – 6986
Parisienne Chandelier, Large – 9381
Parker Pendant – 9068
Parlay Wall Sconce – 5145
Parlay Wall Sconce – 5146
Parody Table Lamp, Brass – 6138
Parody Table Lamp, Nickel – 6139
Passage Lantern – 9290
Pastiche Grande Chandelier – 9437
Pastiche Orb Chandelier – 9395
Patois Pendant – 9703
Patterson Table Lamp – 6043
Paulina Table Lamp – 6743
Pembroke Wall Sconce – 5906
Pendle Table Lamp – 6187
Penmere Chandelier – 9432
Pennsbury Wall Sconce – 5185
Pennsbury Wall Sconce – 5186
Penthouse Cocktail Table – 4155
Pentimento Chandelier – 9178
Percy Chandelier – 9706
Percy Chandelier, Small – 9704
Perigee Table Lamp – 6826
Perpetua Lantern – 9200
Perrine Wall Sconce – 5116
Perseus Console – 4038
Pesaro Table Lamp – 6165
Petit Athena Lantern – 9538
Petra Table Lamp – 6018
Petrus Table Lamp – 6218
Pezzato Table Lamp – 6933
Phantom Chandelier – 9991
Philippa Table – 3207
Pierre Table Lamp – 6561
Pinkney Table – 3164
Pinto Pendant – 9109
Pioneer Table Lamp – 6088
Piper Pendant – 9376
Plantation Table Lamp – 6681
Polonaise Table Lamp – 6374
Pompeii Chandelier – 9380
Porthole Wall Sconce – 5902
Portico Pendant – 9106
Possibility Table Lamp – 6275
Poston Floor Lamp – 8034
Powell Sideboard – 3226
Prelude Chandelier – 9285
Preston Table Lamp, Large – 6407
Prideaux Table Lamp – 6695
Primo Wall Sconce – 5021
Primo Wall Sconce – 5121
Priorwood Chandelier – 9174
Pristine Wall Sconce – 5117
Progress Table Lamp – 6265
Promenade Chandelier – 9632
Prophecy Chandelier – 9568
Protocol Chandelier, Small – 9498
Protocol Wall Sconce – 5041
Pub Table Lamp – 6412
Quaintrelle Table Lamp – 6036
Quantum Chandelier – 9000
Quartermaine Chandelier – 9310
Quintessa Chandelier – 9214
Radiance Drinks Table – 4170
Rainforest Chandelier – 9007
Rainhill Chandelier – 9378
Raintree Oval Chandelier – 9021
Randolph Occasional Table – 4154
Ravensbourne Table Lamp – 6795
Redgrove Table – 2384
Reed Table Lamp – 6023
Refraction Table Lamp – 6028
Regatta Pendant – 9055
Regiment Chandelier – 9964
Regiment Wall Sconce – 5006
Regis Pendant – 9349
Renaissance Table Lamp – 6121
Rene Mirror, Rectangular – 1092
Rene Mirror, Square – 1091
Rene Mirror, Tall – 1093
Retrospect Chandelier – 9628
Retrospect Wall Sconce – 5012
Revelry Table Lamp – 6583
Ringmaster Chandelier – 9490
Rioja Chest – 3232
Rob Roy Table Lamp – 6172
Rochette Console Table – 3044
Roehampton Table Lamp – 6658
Rolf Occasional Table – 2013
Rollick Pendant – 9423
Romanza Chandelier – 9947
Ronan Console Lamp – 6186
Ronan Floor Lamp – 8070
Rondeau Chandelier – 9425
Rondeau Floor Lamp – 8053
Rooke Pendant, Ivory – 9787
Rooke Pendant, Red – 9786
Rooney Chandelier – 9366
Rosaline Occasional Table – 3218
Rosie Table Lamp – 6672
Rossano Table Lamp – 6167
Rossetti Chandelier – 9347
Rouleau Chandelier, Large – 9727
Rouleau Chandelier, Small – 9726
Roundabout Pendant – 9005
Royale Table Lamp – 6817
Rufus Table Lamp – 6949
Ruhl Pendant – 9207
Ruhl Rectangular Chandelier – 9209
Rupert Lantern – 9469
Rutherford Table Lamp – 6355
Sabrina Three Drawer Chest, Large – 4335
Sadler Wall Sconce – 5084
Safari Table Lamp – 6046
Saga Pendant – 9781
Sahara Pendant – 9105
Sailaway Table Lamp – 6022
Salem Table Lamp – 6903
Salon Writing Desk – 3049
Salvador Table Lamp – 6670
Salvage Lantern – 9139
Salzburg Chandelier, 5L – 9526
Sambuca Table Lamp – 6305
Sansom Console – 3095
Santiago Table Lamp – 6766
Savanna Table Lamp – 6828
Savory Table Lamp – 6707
Saxon Chandelier – 9267
Sazerac Mirror – 4345
Scarlett Chandelier – 9047
Schuyler Table Lamp – 6697
Seafellow Table Lamp – 6402
Seaside Wall Sconce – 5192
Seaward Chandelier – 9218
Seaward Chandelier, Large – 9188
Seaward Wall Sconce – 5035
Sebastian Chandelier – 9081
Sebastian Wall Sconce – 5081
Sebastian Wall Sconce – 5082
Serena Chandelier, Small – 9194
Serena Wall Sconce – 5166
Serendipity Chandelier – 9544
Serendipity Wall Sconce – 5544
Serengeti Occasional Table – 4138
Sergei Table Lamp – 6094
Serpa Wall Sconce – 5172
Serpa Wall Sconce – 5177
Seseame Lantern – 9546
Sethos Candelabra – 1068
Sethos Chandelier – 9126
Sethos Chandelier, Large – 9125
Sethos Rectangular Chandelier – 9124
Sethos Wall Sconce – 5107
Seti Chandelier – 9337
Seville Wall Sconce – 5170
Shadwell Chandelier – 9592
Shahrazad Mirror – 1066
Shangri La Console Table – 3140
Shaw Pendant – 9344
Shelly Chandelier – 9515
Sheraton Desk Lamp – 6237
Sibley Trio Pendant – 9968
Signature Chandelier – 9505
Signature Table Lamp – 6442
Silsbee Pendant – 9508
Silvermore Chandelier – 9587
Silvio Chandelier – 9877
Silvio Console Table – 3187
Silvio Mirror – 1081
Simpatico Orb Chandelier, Large – 9617
Simpatico Orb Chandelier, Small – 9618
Simplicity Chandelier – 9256
Simplicity Chandelier, Large – 9798
Simplicity Wall Sconce – 5109
Simsbury Chandelier – 9585
Simsbury Wall Sconce – 5190
Sindu Chandelier – 9534
Skye Table Lamp – 6732
Skylar Table Lamp – 6196
Smokescreen Table Lamp – 6086
Snowdrift Table Lamp – 6496
Snowmelt Table Lamp – 6025
Sobo Floor Lamp – 8061
Socialite Chandelier – 9621
Soleil Chandelier – 9443
Somerset Wall Sconce – 5093
Sonata Table Lamp – 6013
Soothsayer Chandelier – 9006
Sophia Chandelier – 9374
South Houston Credenza – 3135
Spellbound Chandelier, Large – 9761
Spellbound Chandelier, Small – 9762
Spiral Floor Lamp – 8043
Spotlight Wall Sconce – 5027
Spree Table Lamp – 6719
Spyro Lantern – 9419
Stanhope Chandelier – 9728
Stanhope Wall Sconce – 5188
Starburst Wall Sconce – 5007
Stellar Wall Sconce – 5159
Stendhal Table Lamp – 6321
Stillman Oval Chandelier – 9584
Stillman Wall Sconce – 5175
Stillwater Chandelier – 9492
Stratosphere Chandelier – 9002
Structure Table Lamp – 6774
Suitor Table Lamp – 6148
Summerville Table Lamp – 6639
Sunbeam Table Lamp – 6526
Sunfire Table Lamp – 6295
Sunfire Table Lamp – 6765
Supreme Table Lamp – 6027
Swinley Occasional Table – 4171
Swinsty Cabinet – 3209
Swoon Table Lamp – 6278
Syllabus Pendant – 9696
Syllabus Pendant, Large – 9673
Symbol Table Lamp – 6390
Tagine Table Lamp, Gray – 6427
Talisman Table Lamp – 6268
Tangiers Pendant – 9103
Tappahannock Chest – 3227
Tarsus Lantern – 9545
Tartufo Chandelier – 9961
Terrace Table Lamp – 6002
Terrapin Wall Sconce – 5174
The Duchess Wall Sconce – 5414
The Duke Wall Sconce – 5412
Theta Wall Sconce – 5135
Thompson Console Lamp – 6974
Thompson Console Lamp – 6975
Timeless Table Lamp – 6008
Timeless Table Lamp – 6478
Timeless Table Lamp – 6483
Timeless Table Lamp – 6487
Tinker Pendant – 9416
Titan Chandelier – 9516
Tiverton Table Lamp – 6398
Tivoli Wall Sconce – 5322
Tomorrow Table Lamp – 6015
Toulouse Chandelier – 9935
Trademark Chandelier – 9421
Tramp Art Cabinet – 3129
Tramp Art Mirror, Square – 1053
Tramp Art TV Console – 3128
Travers Wall Sconce – 5167
Treesmill Chandelier – 9766
Treesmill Wall Sconce – 5118
Treetop Chandelier, Large – 9327
Treetop Chandelier, Small – 9307
Treetop Wall Sconce – 5307
Tremolo Table Lamp – 6385
Trillo Table Lamp – 6387
Tristan Table Lamp – 6497
Tryon Floor Lamp – 8968
Tula Chandelier – 9532
Turbina Pendant – 9861
Tuscan Chandelier, Large – 9828
Tuscan Chandelier, Small – 9829
Tuscan Wall Sconce – 5828
Twilight Wall Sconce, Rectangle – 5405
Tzarina Table Lamp – 6410
Upbeat Table Lamp, Antique White – 6198
Upbeat Table Lamp, Gray – 6200
Upbeat Table Lamp, Orange – 6351
Upbeat Table Lamp, Teal – 6896
Upbeat Table Lamp, Vintage Plum – 6202
Upbeat Table Lamp, Yellow – 6382
Upton Ceiling Mount – 9758
Upton Wall Sconce – 5195
Urban Console Table – 3054
Urbino Table Lamp – 6905
Ursula Table Lamp – 6687
Utopia Occasional Table – 4168
Vanity Table Lamp – 6298
Vatican Wall Sconce – 5160
Veneta Chandelier – 9965
Veneta Pendant – 9054
Venus Chandelier – 9639
Venus Wall Sconce – 5022
Verne Pendant – 9886
Versailles Chandelier – 9876
Vesta Table Lamp – 6441
Vetro Table Lamp – 6166
Vickers Pendant – 9730
Victor Table Lamp – 6228
Viewpoint Table Lamp – 6910
Villamare Table Lamp – 6862
Villars Console Lamp – 6846
Virginia Bench – 2021
Virgo Console Table – 3222
Vitrine Pendant – 9699
Vivienne Orb Chandelier – 9752
Waldenbury Table Lamp – 6014
Waldo Drinks Table – 3211
Wally Desk Lamp – 6904
Walthall Wall Sconce – 5130
Walton Side Table – 3141
Wampum Chandelier – 9681
Wanderlust Chandelier – 9001
Warwick Terrarium – 3220
Waterhouse Occasional Table – 4169
Waterloo Chandelier – 9010
Waterside Ceiling Mount – 9898
Watteau Chandelier – 9161
Weekend Table Lamp – 6037
Wellfleet Table Lamp – 6297
Wellington Chandelier – 9274
Westlake Table Lamp – 6434
Westrow Console, Large – 3036
Weymouth Pendant – 9053
Wharf Table Lamp – 6521
Wharton Wall Sconce – 5031
Whigmore Floor Lamp – 8065
Whimsy Table Lamp – 6191
Whisk Pendant – 9491
Whitehall Table Lamp – 6506
Whitmore Chest – 3099
Whitmore Night Stand – 3102
Whitton Pendant – 9373
Whitton Rectangular Chandelier – 9317
Whitton Tubular Chandelier – 9325
Whitton Wall Sconce – 5060
Wiggins Orb Chandelier – 9091
Wiggins Petit Pendant – 9153
Wiggins Rectangular Chandelier – 9094
Wilde Table Lamp – 6285
Wilford Oval Chandelier – 9812
Wilkes Chandelier – 9459
Willivee Desk Lamp – 6234
Willowbrush Pendant – 9827
Wimberly Coffee Table – 4175
Winchester Wall Sconce – 5908
Windowbox Table Lamp – 6076
Windowbox Table Lamp – 6077
Windowbox Table Lamp – 6091
Winged Victorie Table Lamp – 6239
Winkworth Table Lamp – 6249
Winkworth Table Lamp – 6276
Witham Table Lamp – 6416
Wizard Chandelier – 9655
Wolverton Wall Sconce – 5030
Woodford Pendant – 9707
Woodland Arm Chair – 2706
Wootton Table Lamp – 6462
Wren Table –   3165
Wren Table –   3166
Wythall Table Lamp – 6799
Yardley Table Lamp – 6558
Yasmine Table Lamp – 6155
Yesterday Table Lamp – 6000
Yolanda Table Lamp – 6511
Yves Chandelier – 9756
Zara Ceiling Mount Chandelier – 9387
Zara Flush Mount, Small – 9979
Zara Pendant – 9357
Zara Pendant, Large – 9388
Zara Torchiere – 8357
Zara Wall Sconce – 5357
Zephyr Table Lamp – 6674
Zsa Zsa Pendant – 9350

Fireplace Media Walls Orlando

hat is a grand way to add a focal point in my great room and still have room for my television?”  is a question you may be asking yourself.  Quite popular with our clients in the greater Orlando area is designing a unique media wall.  We convert drywall built-ins, plain wall TV walls, and ginormous TV cabinets into more clean and transitional design.  There are several different ways to go about creating one of these gorgeous accents in your own home.  These are possible in a range of budgets and are easy to tailor to your exact style.  There are many ways to create a beautiful media wall, but I want to focus on three specific applications: Stone/tile, wallpaper, and paint.  I want to discuss many of the different kinds of media walls that can be constructed just for you.

Media WallFireplace media walls are stunning.  If you already have a fireplace then you should definitely incorporate it into the overall design.  There are rules regarding the distance to the furniture and height of television.  Working with an interior designer will help guide you on the do’s and don’ts.  Once the design is complete you can then hire a trusted contractor to demo/install the job for you.  First comes design, then you get bids on the job.  Fireplaces are great focal points to begin with, they offer a perfect canvas for your media wall.  You can surround a fireplace with any of the big three applications tile or stone, wallpaper, or paint.  Tile works wonderfully with a fireplace and there are many different styles to choose from.  Wallpaper can add  pattern.  Even paint can be done in fun ways to gracefully frame your fireplace and television.  The television can be mounted above the fireplace so that you can enjoy both at the same time.

Built in shelves can give a home a lot of character.  The shelves are also very helpful when building a media wall as well, especially when you have a fireplace.  When you have a fireplace there is not a good spot to store movies and games because there is no media console to hold them and the television is mounted to the wall.  Built-in shelves quickly solve that problem!  With some shelving on both sides of your fireplace and television you can stow away everything that you need to and have it look good.  Add a few accessories and you are good to go!  You can use built in shelves with tile, wallpaper or paint.  A wall with a fireplace, paint/tile/wallpaper, and built in shelves gives a dramatic look to any great room.


Tiled  media walls are very attractive.  Tile is a great option because it is classic and adds unique architecture.  It is available in several finishes and sizes, but did you know the extent of how much there is available?  With so many different types of tile available, you can use a wood tile that looks rustic, a marble tile that looks formal, or a travertine tile that looks Mediterranean, just to name a few examples.  There is a tile style for everyone, no matter what you prefer.  It can be very glam or very subtle.  An interior designer can make a recommendation depending on budget.  For example, we recently recommended a recycled boat wood mosaic tile for a client that will soon move into their forever home..cost was $35 per square foot.  During the same week, we had a customer in a Mediterranean style home that already had travertine tile in the kitchen, therefore we added a rectangular size travertine $8 per square foot to her newly built TV entertainment media wall.  Be sure to choose a tile that fits in with your home.  Stay away from very modern tile if your home is traditional.  As long as it fits your home’s style, whatever you choose will look superb.


Orlando WallpaperWallpaper, what a fun option!  If you want to talk about something for everyone, well here it is.  Wallpaper comes in endless styles, colors, materials and textures.  It comes in every style you can  imagine: eclectic, shabby chic, coastal and many more.  Different wallpaper is made out of different materials.  You have your vinyl which is very cleanable and durable. Relax and have fun at one of the best trampoline parks in Arizona at https://phoenix.uptownjungle.com.   Average paper weight wallpaper is great because it is more cost efficient due to the fact that you can order what you need without meeting the larger quantity minimums of vinyl.  Vinyl wallpaper can sometimes be ordered in up to 54″ wide widths.  Natural wallpaper is made from all natural materials like rice, jute, textiles and minerals.  Many people ask us: “Wallpaper is so old-fashioned, why are you recommending it to us?”  Because it is not old-fashioned anymore and it can make your home feel special and unique in any application.  The wallpaper we replace which gives a bad name to wallpaper has small widths meaning 18″ seams and the wallpaper is thin- store bought.  Much of what we specify for media walls, or any wall for that matter, is textured wallpaper that comes in 27″ wide-36″ wide.  It is an exciting and appealing way to do wallpaper and it really offers your home something a little extra, some pizazz, if you will.  Wallpaper absolutely adds a beautiful backdrop to your media wall and creates interest for the room’s focal point.  The TV media wall is usually the longest wall in a family room and needs more than paint to fill the space when it’s over 10′ long.  Something with as much visual interest as wallpaper draws the eye toward it, naturally creating the focal point that you are desiring.


Venetian Plaster OrlandoNow paint may not seem as exciting as tile or wallpaper, but there are definitely some fun ways to use it.  Faux finishing gives any wall an expensive look.  Faux painting can be a weekend DIY project or you can hire a professional.  There are many finishing techniques to choose like venetian plaster, metallic, and stone finishes.  You can even find tutorials on how to properly execute these finishes.  Another way to use paint is to do a pattern.  Painter’s tape is always your friend!  Using the tape you can do stripes, chevrons, geometric designs and more.  You can always count on workers comp attorneys in los angeles help for any case in California at http://workerscompensationattorneyorangecounty.com and find something that appeals to you. Then put your own spin on it to make it your own.

There are many ways to do a media accent wall.  Fireplaces and built in shelves make a statement and add character while tile, wallpaper and paint add the visual interest every space needs.  When deciding on how you are going to design your media wall be sure to consider the style of your home so that it is congruent with the rest of your space.  If you need any assistance with the selection of materials, determining your home’s style or installation, contact your local interior design professional.  They can assist you with making the right decisions for your media accent wall.

Florida Living Quarters – https://www.floridalivingquarters.com

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Written by Emily Becker & Erika Benfield – Owner – Interior Designer

How are contested and uncontested divorce different?

When a couple decides to divorce, they must choose between a contested and uncontested divorce. If you are considering a divorce, it is important to understand the difference between contested and uncontested divorces.

Contested and uncontested divorce

A divorce is an emotional and legally complex process, with various types of arrangements to consider along the way. The two main categories of divorce proceedings include a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce. In a contested divorce, spouses cannot agree on one or more matters regarding their split and must seek resolution within the court system. On the other hand, in an uncontested divorce both spouses come to a mutual agreement about how their divisions will be divided before filing for the divorce through much negotiation. All terms must still be approved by the court but it tends to take less time and cost than a contested case given that decisions are generally not handled through hearings or trial.

Steps involved in each type of divorce

Going through a divorce is a tumultuous time for most people, especially when figuring out the legal steps. Every divorce is different, but there are two primary kinds: at-fault and no-fault divorce (sometimes referred to as contested or uncontested divorce). An at-fault divorce requires one of the spouses to provide evidence that the other spouse committed an act that caused the marriage to be broken irrevocably. This can include adultery, abuse, or abandonment. With a no-fault divorce, in contrast, both parties agree to split due to “irreconcilable differences.” To make the process smoother in either type of case, it’s important to find an experienced attorney who can help with filing papers, navigating court systems and splitting assets properly.

Benefits and drawbacks of each type of divorce

Getting divorced can be a difficult and emotionally taxing process, and there is no one size fits all solution. There are two primary types of divorce to consider — contested divorce and uncontested divorce — which each come with their own benefits and drawbacks. Contested divorces involve negotiations between both spouses, leading to an agreement being reached that is supported by both people. This method from JWB Family Law serving San Diego offers the most control in terms of outcomes, but it is also the slowest process, since coming to such agreements often takes a long time. Uncontested divorces occur when both spouses agree on the various arrangements regarding their split, leading to an expedited process. This type of divorce does have its advantages but does not offer much room for flexibility or negotiation should disagreements arise in the future.

When each type of divorce might be appropriate

Divorce is complex and there are several types, with each having its own considerations. For instance, an uncontested or no-fault divorce may be appropriate when both parties have agreed to the divorce, have no unresolved issues regarding child custody and/or spousal or child support payments, and don’t need court involvement. On the other hand, if one spouse disputes any of these matters, a contested or at-fault divorce may be an option. This type of divorce allows for greater court intervention and oversight to help resolve contentious legal issues that may otherwise remain unresolved. Finally, collaborative divorces can help keep control in the hands of the spouses rather than being decided by a judge. This type of divorce is usually used when both parties agree that divorce is necessary but also want to preserve their relationship as they move into separate lives.

How to choose the right type of divorce for your situation

The decision to go through a divorce can be tough, and it is important to think carefully about the right option for your particular situation. Firstly, you should assess whether you need a lawyer and make sure that any legal decisions in the process are sound. Next, consider the available options. Are both parties aiming towards an amicable separation? If so, a collaborative or uncontested divorce may be the best solution. However if there is animosity between involved parties, then a mediated or contested divorce might be better for you.

In conclusion, uncontested and contested divorces provide couples with different levels of control over the outcome of the processUltimately, it is essential to remember that whatever route you take should prioritize your wellbeing for yourself and any dependents. It is difficult to make such a significant life change, but having the right understanding can help you navigate this new chapter from an informed position confidently.

Paint or Fabric

Hop Along Wallpaper

Paint or Fabric

A new face is taking fabric world by storm! Hunt Slonem is a world renowned Neo-Expressionist artist who was born in Maine. His career began in New York in the 1970s and has been expanding ever since. His most famous paintings include subjects such as exotic birds, rabbits, and butterflies. His work is very dimensional and surreal. Fabric manufacturers have teamed up with Mr. Slonem to transform his artworks into gorgeous fabrics that have a variety of uses. His works can be used for drapery, upholstery, and in many different applications. He also has a coordinating line of wallpaper that is just as beautiful. For those that value American Art you can now enjoy it in a more functional manner! In the photo above you can see the fabric on the dining chairs. The painting that inspired that fabric is called “Star of India”. It is representative of a tortoise that Hunt had as a pet and of a famous sapphire.

Colorful Fabirc Drapes

Mr. Hunt Slonem’s fabrics look almost exactly like their painting counterparts. The fabric manufacturers have used a few different techniques to achieve these masterpieces. On some of the fabrics the color is printed on, while others have the color woven in. Then on top of either the printed or woven fabric, embroidery is used to make the fabric look as dimensional as the paintings. The fabrics are truly just as much a piece of art as the paintings are! Even though the fabrics are extraordinarily colorful, they can still be used in very regal or formal applications like the one seen above.

Pink Sofa

Hunt Slonem’s paintings are a fun marriage between natural and fantastic. All of his pieces are based in a natural element. Turtle shells, butterflies, monkeys, flowers, palm trees, and parrots are some of his many subjects. He likes to explore special complexity and density in his artworks. Using the same image repeatedly in each painting gives off a sense of depth to his audience. He also enjoys manipulating the paint with his brush strokes and layers so that his paintings not only have color, but texture as well.

Colorful Sofa

Above on the sofa is one of Mr. Slonem’s favorite works, “Bayou Casino”. He is particularly fond of exotic birds and parrots. He owns several birds that he uses to inspire his colorful paintings. The wallpaper is also based on one of his paintings, “Fritillery”

Hop Along Wallpaper

Another example of his wallpaper line is the one shown above. Bunnies are another one of his favorite subjects as he has done several bunny paintings. This particular one is called “Hop Along”. This one is not quite as dimensional as the others, but it is just as exquisite. Another fun use for this wallpaper could be a kid’s room or office. His wallpapers come in several different colors, as does most of his fabrics.

Hunt Stonem

As you can see, Hunt Slonem is a very unique artist with a special eye for texture and color. If you are interested in using some of his works in your home then contact your local interior designer at Florida Living Quarters and we will be happy to assist you. Being a priority dealer we can get swatches and samples are not additional cost to existing clients. Making your home a more colorful place is easier and more beautiful than ever thanks to Mr. Hunt Slonem and Florida Living Quarters Interior Design

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Hunt Slonem Artist

Americas Mart

Do you ever wonder where we find all of our amazing pieces? Our website chachkies.com contains more than 20,000 gorgeous items that are designer approved. Designer approved means that our most knowledgeable designer, Erika Benfield hand picks each and every one of the items found in our two retail locations as well as our brand new website. Although the website does not carry every brand we sell- they are a select few designer approved brands that allow us to service customers across the nation. Staying ahead of the trends our designers’ find accessories and furnishings that you, the client would approve and fall in love with.

FLQ designers travel across the USA visiting home shows and markets to view new arrivals.
This weekend, our interior designers attended The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market, also known as AmericasMart Atlanta. Recognized internationally as the leading gift, home decor, and area rug market open to 93,000 attendees. It is here where we get inspired, keep up with the latest trends and pick only the best pieces for you. The best for the best!

Emporium Home

While browsing through the hundreds of vendors in the market, we noticed several trends repeating throughout and couldn’t wait to share them with you. Ombre, the dipped effect is still being used in pillows, vases, wallpaper, and more! No we’re not talking about chocolate, ice cream or fondue; we’re talking about furniture and accessories. The effect looks as if the item has been dipped in a different color to create a beautiful contrasting/color blocking result. This effect is also created using items such as vellum and agate stones to accent furniture pieces such as bar carts, chandelier, cabinets and more! Items such as lamp shades, chairs, plant pots and dressers also had the dipped effect. To view more examples check out our Instagram account at @DESIGNDIVA124 or #dippedfurniture


Glass table top items from unique vendors such as Global Views, Arteriors Home, Uttermost, and Elk have a carved texture that is hand chiseled. We have purchased a few pieces earlier this year but now see it in a variety of items such as vases and lamps. Gorgeous hand chiseled vases and lamps in lime green, blue, gray and orange colors. Coming in just in time for spring are some fun and unique arrivals for this hand chiseled collection.

Vases Vases

Area rugs are being made to look antique on purpose? Machine made and power loomed with polypropylene and polyester- very soft to the touch! They provide the aged look without compromising quality and easy on the eyes price point. We picked over 50 new rugs from Loloi and you’ll be able to see them all in our Lake Mary location at Florida Living Quarters early this spring.

Area Rugs

As you can see Florida Living Quarters is deeply passionate about every aspect of design. We educate ourselves with everything that there is to know in the field to make sure we provide superlative service to our clients. Come visit us at Chachkies located in the Artegon Mall on International Drive Orlando and Florida Living Quarters for Interior Design services at the Lake Mary location on 4th Street. Stop in to view quality picks for this season and then stop by again to see our spring collection handpicked from the AmericasMart Atlanta market by our top designer. You’re going to love it!
Written by: Margarita Tavera 01/13/15

Decorating for the Holidays

The Holidays can be the happiest and most fun time of the year, but also the most stressful time of the year. Between trying to plan what to cook for Thanksgiving dinner, planning the kids’ doctors’ appointment on their winter break, and making time to tidy up for all of the company you are having, there is little time left to decorate. Decorating for the holidays does not have to be as daunting as it sounds! Of course you can decide to entrust a designer to help you out! That will be one less thing off of your very full holiday plate. If you decide to do it yourself then use these simple tips when you are decorating your home.

As Interior Designers we know all the do’s and don’ts of holiday decorating. One very important thing to consider is proportion. You do not want to overwhelm your friends and family with a giant wreath that swallows up your front door. Nor do you want to tell your guests to bring a magnifying glass to see your decorations. A wreath for example should have a few inches clearance on each side of it when on a door. This way it will fit centered on the door. Wreaths can be used as wall decor as a fun alternative. You can temporarily place a wreath somewhere where you plan on putting art after the holiday. It still needs to be proportionate to the space. Consider the wall size, if it is a large wall in one of your bigger spaces you can use a large wreath, around forty eight inches would be right for a bigger space. Twenty four inches would be befitting for a smaller space.

A garland for either a mantel or the stair rail is a fun way to bring some holiday greenery into your home in other places besides the tree. Again, it needs to be proportional to your space. Don’t overcrowd your mantel or stair rail with a very full garland if it is not proportionate. The bigger the space, the bigger garland you can have. If you have a small, intimate gathering room with a fireplace a shorter, thinner garland would be best suited for you. Find here more info about reliable and hard-working cleaners and maids in Florida. Now if you have a great room with a two story ceiling, then it would be appropriate for a long, full garland that wraps along the mantel. As for stair rails, it works the same way. A unique, open stairway with lots of space around it would be perfect for a large garland. However if your stairs are simply functional, not in your entry, a thinner garland would best suit you.

As for the Christmas tree, this classic holiday tradition does not escape the proportion rule. Just like a wreath or garland your tree needs to be balanced with the room size, not smothering it. Designers recommend at least an eighteen inch clearance about the top of the tree to your ceiling. The star or angel, whichever you prefer, should be eighteen inches from the ceiling. The placement of the tree is also crucial. It really needs to be the focal point for the room. If you have to move some furniture to accent the tree, then do it! Revive your bathroom’s beauty with our bathroom remodeling experts in Texas, and visit us at elitehomeremodeling.com/ site. You want the tree to be the most important part of that room because you have all of your keepsake ornaments that tell your guests a story about your family.

The holidays are such a crucial time for family and friends. Decorating is just one small part of the season, but it can have a huge impact on your guests and it can serve to bring your family closer together high quality golf equipment. Just remember that decorating for the holidays is fun! You only need to know a few simple tips on having a truly impactful space. Between all of your crazy holiday planning, find time to do a little decorating. You will be glad you did.

Happy Holidays from Florida Living Quarters Interior Design

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Short History of Home Inspection Business in NA!

Home inspections have become an important tool for homeowners in North America. 

The home inspection industry has grown significantly over the past few decades and now plays a vital role in the process of purchasing a home.

In North America, home inspections were first introduced in the early 1970s, when they were seen as an essential part of the process of buying or selling a house. At that time, they were mainly used to check for structural weaknesses or defects in the property. As more people became aware of the importance of having their homes inspected before purchase, the home inspection industry began to grow rapidly.


Today, there are many different types of home inspections available, including general inspections, electrical safety inspections, energy efficiency evaluations, and radon testing. 

Home inspectors are trained to look for potential problems with a variety of different systems and components within a house, including plumbing, heating/air conditioning systems, electrical wiring, roofs and foundations. Through these inspections they can alert potential buyers to any major issues or areas where repairs may be necessary before finalizing a purchase.


The increased demand for home inspectors has led to the growth of third-party certification programs such as The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). These certification programs provide quality assurance and set standards that must be met by home inspectors throughout North America. One of the highest rated home inspection company in California can be found at https://theinspectorscompany.com. ASHI certifications also help ensure that prospective buyers receive accurate and detailed reports on their chosen property from qualified professionals.


Another key development in recent years has been the advent of technology-driven solutions such as drone-based observation services which offer detailed images and video footage that allow homeowners to see difficult-to-reach areas that would otherwise have been missed during manual inspections. Drones can also be used to perform thermal imaging scans which can detect air leakage points or insulation deficiencies that may not have been visible during traditional physical inspections.


Finally, digital reporting tools make it easier than ever for inspectors to document their findings quickly and accurately at any given location onsite. 

With this embedded technology a complete report can be generated directly from an inspector’s device all while remaining up-to-date with local regulations regarding how reports should be presented and filed away once complete.

Overall these technological advances have enabled much faster completion timeframes for home inspection processes throughout North America making them increasingly efficient than ever before – something which is undoubtedly beneficial for both buyers and sellers alike!