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Area Rugs Orlando – Florida Living Quarters is proud to offer a wide selection of area rugs. Area rugs will warm up your space, add style, ground your room and reduce echo. Rugs can even change the smell of a room when using hemp or wool rugs.  We offer various styles from oriental to contemporary. Our Interior Designers can help you select the right area rug for your overall design to meet your design and functionality needs. Or visit our online retail division

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Area rugs come in a variety of woven techniques. Hand woven, hand knotted, machine made, and hand loomed rugs.  We have several sources for one of a kind rugs and national rug lines such as Chandra Rugs, Cyan Design Rugs, Global Views Rugs, Uttermost Rugs, Rizzy Rugs, Loloi Rugs, Surya Rugs, Feizy Rugs, Oriental Weavers, Jaipur Rugs and many more.

Contemporary rugs, woven chiefly from unnatural materials like nylon and colored using artificial dyes, come in almost every color, pattern and design you can imagine. Florida Living Quarters offers a huge and diverse stock of these rugs in thousands of different designs to the Orlando area. We offer the number one in quality brands like Loloi an Surya.

Whether you’re searching for something elegant, classic or vogue, your sure to find the rug your looking for.  Rugs make huge bland rooms seem cozy and quaint. Rugs can also add needed color and sound absorbance to a room.

Our specialized Designers can offer you advice on picking out the right rug.  You can preview area rugs on our website or in person at our showroom in Lake Mary, FL – Just north of Orlando.

Contact a Florida Living Quarters representative to find out more about our wide variety of area rugs. Or visit our online retail division for drop shippable Rugs.

There are many questions to consider when deciding on a new area rug for your home. As an interior designer, I get many questions from my clients, such as: What will the rug look like in person? Is this a good quality rug? What size rug should I buy? At our showroom in Orlando, we have a large variety of rug samples from vendors such as Surya, Loloi, and Jaipur. We use these samples to explain the difference in construction, thickness or pile. For those that are shopping through other sources or online, such as our, below are some designer tips to help you make an educated decision.


When selecting a rug, first you should consider the construction and fabrication of the rug. The type of rug can help you match it to your lifestyle and your budget. They all look similar vertically on a computer screen but in person there is a big difference. Cost effective techniques are machine made, hand hooked, and power loomed to name a few. Hand tufted and hand knotted are denser, more expensive rugs because they take longer to make and are typically made of wool. Wool rugs are of very good quality. You can find the information on the type of construction in the description of the rug.[/one_half]

Next thing to consider when shopping for an area rug is the pile. The pile, by definition, is the thickness of the rug. Machine made techniques are thinner than hand tufted or hand knotted. Did you know it can take a week to make just a few inches of a hand knotted area rug? It’s incredible that they haven’t found a way to speed up the process. The pile on a hand knotted area rug is like a piece of art! The knot count gives the rug a plush pile and if you look on the back of the rug it looks very similar to the front.

Match the pile to your traffic. High traffic areas need a thicker pile. If you are shopping for a family room seating area then stay away from thin pile rugs because of bunching. You can order a rug pad made of felt to give a thicker base and help keep the rug in place and prevent bunching. Machine made rugs are still stylish and don’t necessarily mean flat- some have high low piles and shag techniques. Machine made rugs are a wonderful, cost effective, option for low traffic areas. The pile is just as important as the construction so consider both when deciding on your area rug.
The main suggestion on rug size for a seating area is that the rug should sit just under all the furniture.

The most common size for larger seating spaces are 8’x10′ or 9’x12′. Larger spaces can accommodate seating groups with furnishing groups that include two sofas or one sofa and two 32″ chairs to give you an idea of the scale. For smaller areas under 12′ in size such as foyers, sitting rooms or kid’s rooms a 5’x 8′ rug will fit to scale. You can use felt pads on furniture legs or adjust the levelers to prevent wobbling on legs outside of the rug. Levelers are the plastic glides under furniture most can twist to adjust the height. In a perfect world floors are level – in our designer world they are not.
Shouldn’t the rug surround the furniture and extend past it? Again in a perfect world with a perfect architecturally planned seating area there should be 3-4 feet of clear walk space beyond the furniture so that we can recommend a rug large enough to put all the furniture in the rug space. In most homes, that is not the case- to have a rug extend beyond the furniture can cause a tripping hazard in the walk space if it extends towards the walkway area.

When considering a new area rug for your home, be sure to take several things into consideration. The construction will determine the quality of the rug. The pile will decide the traffic a rug can handle. Finally, the placement or your area rug should be just under the front legs of your furniture. Come in and let a designer assist you with choosing the perfect rug for your home today!

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Florida Living Quarters area rugs services the Orlando Area which encompasses  Orlando, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Longwood, Sanford, Winter Springs, Winter Park, Dr Phillips, Port Orange, Windermere, Celebration, Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Oviedo, Mount Dora, and Maitland Florida.

Orlando RugsArea Rugs Orlando – Area rugs look great in practically every space. With so many styles, colors, fibers, and constructions to choose from there will be a perfect rug for everyone’s budget. With so many options, how do you go about choosing just the right rug? You should consider all of the following: size, color, style, construction, and fibers. Determining the size of your future rug is quite easy. You just have to think about what it is that you are trying to accomplish. If you are trying to cover an ugly floor then you should purchase a large enough rug to cover almost all of the floor (this could be a custom size rug). If you only want to accent your space then select a rug that the front legs of your furniture will sit on. You do not want your furniture to be islands separated from the rug. The front legs of every piece in the main seating arrangement should sit on the rug. If you prefer, you could have all of the furniture sit completely on the rug. It depends on what you prefer according to budget for the rug. Proportion is also something you should consider when determining the rug size. If you have a very large room, then the bigger the rug should be, and the smaller the room the smaller the rug. There is no rule for finding the perfect size per square foot; use your better judgment about the size.

Color is not as easy to determine for a rug. Rugs come in literally every color. This is another aspect based on preference, but there are a few other things to take into consideration like what would look best in your space. You may love that bright blue and yellow area rug, but will it really go with your red and gold color scheme? Find a rug that works with your previously established color theme, rather than choosing a rug and designing around it. When you are renovating, having a rug as an inspiration piece is a great idea, but when selecting a rug for your already beautiful living or dining room you must stay within the color scheme to keep the balance. Neutral rugs are always a good idea and will easily compliment your current color scheme. If your lifestyle does not allow for a light colored rug; you can alternate with a darker colored background rug with lighter colors running through it. If all of your furniture is neutral then a rug could add a pop of color and tie together the textile (fabric and wallpaper) pieces.

rugs2Style is very important when choosing a rug. If you choose the wrong style it can throw the balance of the room off. Traditional, transitional, modern, coastal, natural, and geometric are some of the more popular styles, just to name a few. Determining the style of your room is easy, with a little bit of research, or assistance from a designer, you can choose the right style rug for you and your space. Traditional goes along with heavy crown molding, dark woods, and curved lines. Transitional is a mixture of traditional and modern. Modern is clean lines, light woods and fabrics, and textures. Coastal is beach inspired and sometimes tropical. Natural rugs are made of jute, hemp, or even bamboo. Ikat and geometric rugs are up and coming for adding a unique pattern and give a modern look. Depending on the style of your home, you need to choose a rug that is congruent with that style.

Rug construction. This is a not as well-known way of choosing a rug. Unless you are a designer or someone who makes rugs, you probably will not know the difference in the construction methods. This matters because you need to choose a rug that will last until you are ready to get another one. If you are going to change out your area rug every year then a machine made rug would be best for you. This is the most inexpensive option and it could get to you the fastest turnaround time. Another construction method is hand tufting. This is indeed done by hand so it is a bit more expensive, but not outlandish. It is more sturdy and durable. A hand tufted rug will last considerably longer than machine made and is more dense. The best quality of rug that you can buy is hand knotted. It is also made by hand, because it is knotted rather than tufted, it is more durable. This type of rug is quite expensive it will last for years and sometimes even decades. A few inches of a hand knotted rug take a week to make so that is why larger hand knotted rugs can take months to order. Determine what kind of investment you want to make when selecting a rug type.

The material the rug is made out of is just as relevant as the construction method. The fibers such as wool, polyester, nylon, jute, and polypropylene can determine the kind of properties that a rug has. Wool is a great fiber for a rug as it is very water and stain resistant. Jute is great for an outdoor element because it brings a natural look to your space. Polyester is a great fiber because it is man-made and it is very versatile and durable. Today there are many rug blends that combine different fibers such as wood sisal, wool with viscose, art silk blend rugs, and more.

There are several things to take into consideration when choosing an area rug. Think about investment amount, size, color, style, construction, and fibers. This will give you a bit more knowledge than the average person about choosing the perfect rug. If you are still having difficulty about selecting your next floor accent then seek out a licensed interior designer to help you out.

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