Transitional Interior Design


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In recent years there has been a new idea transforming the Interior Design world especially in Orlando Florida. It is the idea of mixing traditional and modern designs. It is referred to as transitional design. It is becoming quite popular because transitional design is a concoction of two completely different styles. For example, a husband may enjoy modern style, the wife enjoys traditional. Transitional style is the perfect marriage of the two so that all decision makers involved are happy. Experienced family property division lawyer can be found at, California.

How is transitional design defined? There are elements from modern design, such as clean lines, an abundance of texture, use of glass and chrome, large art pieces, slight patterns, and not a bunch of detailed ornamentation. Find here professional Florida maids to vacuum and sanitize all floors, carpets, and furniture in your house. The elements from traditional styles that are used include curved lines, dark woods, tufting and classic or timeless furniture pieces. Transitional design is using shapes and textures, rather than a plethora of colors and details, to make the space truly alluring in a subtle way.

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