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Why should you use Decorative Fabric Custom Curtains?

When it comes to decorating your home for curtains you have two options safe and fun, distinct, unique and visually impressive. Using Decorative Fabric Custom Curtains does come in handy because they really are different and they use high quality materials too. Which means you can acquire some amazing results that will enhance your interiors. It will totally be worth it, as long as you make the right choice.

Decorations make your home more appealing

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Using Decorative Fabric Custom Curtains is amazing because you get to customize the look of your windows and block, filter light. Window treatments and accents help give personality to any room for years to come. Adding texting, sound absorbency and framing windows combined with the decor aspect is what it’s all about.

Using quality materials

Another great thing about Decorative Fabric Custom Curtains is that you can easily choose the material you want. The fact that you are not limited to a certain material certainly comes in handy. There are thousands of material options to choose from at FLQ. It really goes to show that you are free to adapt and adjust things the way you want, and that on its own can be nothing short of extraordinary.

But you do need to opt for materials that stand out or which are rather poppy. We are talking about Decorative Fabric Custom Curtains after all, so decorative can be crucial in this kind of situation. Woven, sheen, sheer factor, durability are all part of the material decision making process.

What type of fabric suits your needs?

You have to consider all kinds of Decorative Fabric Custom Curtains here. A lot of people might go with solids because they are very simple and distinctive. I like to suggest two fibers on a solid look fabric to give a pop of contrast and not clash with similar colors in the space. You can go a bit crazy with the use of florals and bold prints, as those are still great and a pleasure to use or enjoy all the time without a problem.

Sheers are good too because they are bringing an easy style and coordinating the style is very simple and interesting. You can also go with silks and silk blends. These are offering heavier weights, true, but the fact that you can use a great drape and lots of interesting features really bring in front some rewarding results and experiences.

Drapery lining works too, the idea is to pick an option that you are comfortable with and then select other approaches that might suit your entire process a lot better. The main lining types are sateen, interlining, and blackout lining. That’s why you should either try to think about the impact this has on the interior design, or you hire a professional. Based on the weight of the fabric and light exposure a professional can help guide you on the best fabric type and lining.


Despite the fact that they are mostly used for decorative purposes, the Decorative Fabric Custom Curtains are also very durable and functional. The way they are created is specifically focused on durability and that’s a central focus to have in a situation like this. Quality and style is on the frontline of decision making process, but at the same time you also want the curtains to be durable. A fabric that is not properly made will sag and have inconsistencies along the top and bottom hem. That’s why most of the durable units like this are still very impressive and they bring in front a great return on investment, which can be rewarding for years to come.

Should you use Decorative Fabric Custom Curtains?

If you are reading this then you are probably wondering why can’t I just click a button and buy what I need. The reason is because custom drapes are labor intensive and made to order as not all windows are average size. When you buy from a ready-made catalog drapery is usually linen, cotton, or velvet solids- boring! What you have to realize with Decorative Fabric Custom Curtains is that they can fit larger rooms. In some cases the small room will appear even smaller due to the way everything is scaled. So you have to try and push the boundaries to give the wow factor and adapt things in a good manner. One thing is certain, the Decorative Fabric Custom Curtains are a great investment, but knowing what type to buy and what kind of fabrics to avoid can be a crucial decision making process behind the experience. Contact us to get started and yes we ship anywhere in the U.S.