2019 Interior Design Trends For Orlando

2019 Interior Design trends

Interior Design trends are changing all the time, they even vary from season to season. With that in mind, you may wonder what designs are trending right now and why you should choose those? Here are some of the most popular Interior Design trends you can find right no, and you can check them out on your own right away!


One of the best things about Interior Design is that it always stays up to date with the latest happenings in the world. And since we are all about saving our planet and eliminating plastic use or using sustainable materials, this trend has arrived in the Interior Design world as well. Using sustainable materials and focusing on minimalism is a major trend right now and you can find it in a wide array of locations. That’s because a lot of people want to showcase more with less, and that really fits into the entire process.


What is biophilia? As the name strongly suggests, this is the addition of natural elements into your interior design. The cool thing about biophilia is that it allows you to stay close to nature even if you’re living in an NYC apartment. You don’t have to be near nature to feel close to it, and this type of interior trend certainly shows that.

Curves and lines

One of the reasons why the Memphis design is so popular right now is mostly connected to its great appeal and ease of use. You can play around with colors, there are no rigid furniture lines anymore and you can add strange shapes and designs into the entire process.

Feminine tones

Adding in warm colors like pink, blush or Copper helps a lot if you want to change the appeal of any room. Soft pinks tend tones break up neutrals, and they make your room more vibrant and vivid. This Interior Design trend is great particularly for bedrooms, but any room can undertake such a change with mesmerizing results.

Blush Barstools Tov

Maximalist art

There are quite a lot of Interior Design professionals which state that maximalist art is in trend right now. And the primary reason for it would be the great visual appeal, amazing quality and the fact that you set up a room theme with such an art piece. They also make decorating a lot easier, and you get to enjoy the art piece a lot easier.

Floral wallpapers and fabrics

Adding in wallpapers is back in trends, and it’s a good idea to use a floral tone. This makes a room more interesting and vibrant, not to mention you can play around with various floral tones as well. And there are many color combinations too, which is very exciting to have.

Handmade decorative pieces

If you go on various Interior Design stores, you will notice that many of them have handmade pieces. And there’s a reason for that. These pieces are visually appealing, they make a statement and you will be able to access some amazing results this way.

Classic Kitchens

Speaking of Interior Design trends, classic kitchens are making a comeback. A lot of people want to make their kitchen more modern, but in doing so they end up with many challenges. That’s why going back to basics really helps a lot and it makes a lot of sense, check out https://galarson.com/. It will bring in a tremendous value and experience, which is exactly what you need.

Mixing multiple textured materials

Mixing textured materials brings in more depth to a room, it even offers more dimensions and that helps a lot when you want to find the right decorative ideas. Thankfully, there are a plethora of materials to choose from, so finding the right approach can indeed be worth it.

More green

One of the main colors that seem to dominate the 2019 Interior Design trends is certainly green. Which is great, because green is a sophisticated, calming and also thought-provoking color. Find here The Dublin Painters Company. It’s nice to see that more and more people gravitate towards it, because there’s a lot to play with here and you can combine it with various materials and colors to pick the right one that suits your needs.

Tov Velvet Green

It’s a good idea to check the latest Interior Design trends as you try to pick the right design ideas for your home. There are many great options to choose from, so all you need to do is to check various pictures, see what design ideas seem more interesting for you and then you adapt to your own needs. It helps a lot and it’s one of the best ways to customize the interior of your home in a proper manner!

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