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PerspectiveWe are always keeping busy at Florida Living Quarters!  Recently we have completed another beautiful project, this time located on the water in Daytona Beach.  A dark and outdated three bedroom condo turned into an airy beach retreat for our clients who use the space as a second home.  The challenge with this project was to blend our clients’ modern taste with coastal style to create a unified look.  It began in the conceptual phase where we drew up a few different floor plans for them to choose from.  On the left you can see the floor plan that they selected put into perspective.  We have software that we can use to create perspectives and simulations in order to give our clients a good idea of what the space will look like after their project is completed.  Once the layout was decided upon we were able to move forward with furniture selections.



Family RoomAs designers, we have access to furnishings that are only sold to the trade.  That makes the items that we specify very unique and difficult to find other places.  Our clients not only hire us for us to help them design their space, but also to have access to our designer-exclusive products.  To the left you can see all of our client’s final selections for their family room from one of their actual presentations.  A fantastic custom sofa manufactured right here in Florida was made with outdoor fabric so that when the sea breeze blows in from those large sliding doors, our clients won’t have to worry about it being damaged or fading.  The chairs were also customized with a neutral fabric with a coral design.  The media cabinet prevented the room from feeling too coastal and kept it modern.  The cocktail table was made of a driftwood base with a marble top.  The 2 end tables are made of teak.  The rug is a combination of jute and fabric to make it extra durable.  The ottomans that provide extra seating are jute as well.


Before FRThe photo on the left is of the room before the transformation.  This condo was purchased furnished.  As you can see from the after photos below, the transformation is dramatic.  Porcelain wood-look tile from Daltile replaced the old carpets to make cleaning easier and to lighten the space.  Benjamin Moore color 1549 Balboa Mist was selected to replace the teal and golden paint.





After FRIn this after photo you can see how the furniture layout came together to marry the client’s modern tastes and their desire for a coastal home on the ocean.  Hand painted abstract art produced in America is a focal point over the sofa.







Dining RoomOnce we finalized the family room selections, we moved on to the dining area.  To the left is the slide from their presentation showing the final selections for this room.  Keeping with the modern style we selected a variety of table and chair options for our clients.  The one shown on the left was their favorite and the one that they purchased.  A fun light fixture from a company out of Miami continued the modern look onto the ceiling.  The yucca plant and orchid are produced by a company in Sarasota that is known for their extremely realistic-looking faux plants.



DR beforeThis is the before photo of the dining area.  As you can see it was very dark even though they had the big sliding doors letting lots of light in.  The choice of color is what caused it to be so dark.  With an easy face lift, this space became light and inviting.





DR AfterThe after of this room is stunning!  The modern dining furniture compliment the coastal bar stools very well. The light fixture change made a huge difference here.  Once again we have a beautiful piece of hand painted artwork hanging here to add some color.  The kitchen also received new paint and a creamy-colored herringbone style back splash.





Guest Room AfterTo the left is a photo of one of the guest rooms.  The wood-look tile continued throughout the condo and into this room.  The wow factor here is the art.  It is a set of four hand finished pieces.  Each piece is different from the next.  The waves are finished on the top with a special kind of lacquer in order to give it a three dimensional look.  Colorful bedding provided by the customer finished off the look.





Master Bedroom After

Sitting Area in the Master Bedroom

This has been one of our favorite projects this year.  The entire space turned out perfectly.  At Florida Living Quarters we enjoy any design challenges presented to us such as this one.  Blending two different styles to create one unique space is not always easy.  If you are ready to start a project of your own, whatever your style or design needs, we will be happy to assist you in creating the space of your dreams!

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