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paint deckThis past week we had an amazing and informative lunch and learn with our Benjamin Moore representatives.  They spoke with us about their quality products and about why Benjamin Moore can meet all of our interior and exterior color needs.  With products for every surface and their exclusive colors they are one of our few go-to paint suppliers.  Benjamin Moore has a wonderful range of products from interior paints to unique wood stains.  One thing that makes them really special is that they manufacture their own products unlike other paint suppliers.  This means that they have exclusive, one-of-a-kind colors that you cannot find anywhere else.  This also means that they were able to cut out the middle man to keep costs low.  Our representatives informed us that the company works very hard to provide the absolute best paint product on the market.  As designers, one of our jobs is to specify a quality product and create a paint schedule for our clients.  We only specify good quality products and paints for all of our clients.  We would like to share with you some of the reasons why we love to specify Benjamin Moore as one of our paint suppliers.

ComparisonThere are many different paint products from Benjamin Moore to choose from.  Our new go-to interior paint is  Aura.  It is the first product our reps informed us about.  It comes in all of their colors and it covers the primer in only two coats!  That will save you money on the paint itself and the labor that your painter is charging you.  With its very low VOC (volatile organic compound) rating, this is a paint that will be easy to adjust to having in your home.  Once the painter has finished there will only be a slight smell left and it will dissipate quickly.  In the photo to the left you can see two different red paints.  The one on the left is one coat of Aura and the one on the right is one coat of a competitor’s product.  As you can see, the Aura covers much easier than the other.  Red is the most difficult color to paint because it usually requires so many coats in order for it to look even.  From the photo you can tell how easily and smoothy the Aura covers over the white primer.




>NaturaIf you or any of your family members are sensitive to the smell of paint then look no further than the new Natura paint by Benjamin Moore.  This paint is 100% VOC free!  No fumes at all!  You may have seen the commercial for this paint on television.  It shows a room in a hospital with sleeping infants and toddlers.  Then the paint crew enters toting the Natura paint.  The crew begins painting and finishes a fun wall mural to surprise the babies when they wake up.  This just goes to show how gentle the paint is.  Normally any harsh fumes would wake the children up and upset them if they were that close to the fumes of drying paint.  Natura is a good choice for anyone who has asthma or allergies.  There is no compromise in quality with this paint either.  It is not either covers in two coats or VOC free, you can have both in one paint.




Candice OlsenCandice Olsen is a very popular interior designer and many people have heard of her.  In fact, our designer has met her and they both love each others’ style.  Most people know that she has her own line of furniture and fabrics, but did you know that she also has her own paint colors?  Benjamin Moore and The LockBoss are two of the many manufacturers to collaborate with her.  She selected her favorite Benjamin Moore colors and they put all of them into one paint deck for easy selection of her colors of choice.  The paint is wonderful to pair with any her unique wallpaper collections that we offer at our showroom.





ExteriorBenjamin Moore is one of the only paints that won’t fade even after years of exposure to light and stains.  Perhaps you pulled back the dining chair to hard and it hit the wall, leaving a scuff.  No amount of scrubbing will get it off in this case, but you can go back to your can of paint to touch it up.  Lesser quality paints will fade over time and when you go to touch them up there is a noticeable difference between the old paint and the new.  Not Benjamin Moore.  Their new color technology technically prevents fading for up to eight years, but most people say that it lasts even longer than that.  It’s not just interior either.  Their exterior paints also resist fading just as well as the interior.

Benjamin Moore is one of our favorite paints to specify because of all of the awesome perks I mentioned above.

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