Currey Company Market Insight

Currey and Company Market Insight

Shopping for that special conversation starter in a residential design project?   Currey and Company is the “super star” in any space.  Although known more for their lighting they also have unique furnishings and outdoor accent furniture as well.  Currey and Company is a manufacturer of unique home furnishings and lighting based out of Atlanta Georgia.  Their lighting such as chandeliers, sconces, and lamps are superb when it comes to style and quality of construction.  Currey has been specified for years for our interior design clients and e-commerce store customers all over the nation.  During the Spring High Point Furniture Market, I met with their creative director Cecil Adams where he shared with us first insight about the new introductions.

Walking through the Currey and Company showroom is like walking through a creative genius’s display of unique sets with many different styles.  You can’t decide which is your favorite because each display is so different.  It takes talent to plan how lighting and lamps can be displayed without looking cluttered.  Each chandelier has its own special name and is full of  surprises using color and drama with a range of finishes & textures.  For example, one area will feature the new gorgeous Tidewater chandelier.  This chandelier has sharp pieces of tumbled glass made to look like sea glass encrust this statement piece that can be hung over any large open area.  It was all the rave from designers and bloggers as they walked in the showroom to view the latest eye candy from Currey.  When a new fixture gets a fabulous response then usually by next market they add more to the collection.  An example of this is the Medusa Multi Pendants where added this market which remind us of diving in the deep ocean and viewing a school of jelly fish swiftering above near the surface.  The lighting and furnishing displays add play to the imagination and the sets or as we say vignettes are eye catching and have a lot of character as we continued to walk through the showroom.Currey Tidewater Chandelier

Some of the collections within the Currey Family are:  Wintethur, Marjorie Skouras, Shannon Koszyk, and Lillian August.  Each collection is magnificent and inspiring. Marjorie Skouras’ imaginative designs are inspired by her exciting life. Her pieces exemplify high drama and include lighting, furniture, mirrors and outdoor furniture.  Shannon Koszyk’s aesthetic is edgy and dramatic; when we specify a piece from her collection, we can’t tell if it’s jewelry or lighting that stakes the front face of the design. Georgia maids are available at The Lillian August Collection are exclusive to Currey & Company and are created under the exacting standards for workmanship and details. The distinctive products in the Winterthur Collection are inspired by artifacts in the Winterthur museum and library.  Currey also has a collection that we consider a quick ship…they like to call it “Curry in a Hurry.”  They put some of their best sellers on a quick turn around so you can shop knowing it will be in stock.  We specify Currey often for their light fixtures but obviously they are so much more than a lighting company.  At Currey and Company brand has the current availability so that you can view if you have a better chance of ordering something in stock.

Final currey photoAn example of our work with Currey and Company is the photo to the left.  We chose the Fenwick pendants to hang above the nightstands vs. traditional table lamps.  Because the nightstands were already dark in finish; we wanted to space out the lighting so that it could stand out. Here you can find more info about boudoir and erotic photography for women. Black on black in this design would not have worked.  Pendants are a fabulous lighting alternative to lamps or wall sconces in a master suite.  They add glam to this bedroom in one of our north Orlando, Fl projects.  These pendants in particular are exclusive to Currey and the dark nickel finish is called French Black;  you don’t come across a black finish very often that can still show off all the detailing in the design.  It’s rustic, its edgy and unique!

Currey & Company has been a main stream supporter of fresh designer faces and giving back to the community.  As you can see we have an established relationship with the brand and love it so much that we trust to showcase it on our e-commerce website and Central Florida retail stores.  Now that Spring High Point furniture market is over, we will be busy adding all the new special lighting and furnishings to our upcoming projects and online.

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