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Hop Along Wallpaper

Paint or Fabric

A new face is taking fabric world by storm! Hunt Slonem is a world renowned Neo-Expressionist artist who was born in Maine. His career began in New York in the 1970s and has been expanding ever since. His most famous paintings include subjects such as exotic birds, rabbits, and butterflies. His work is very dimensional and surreal. Fabric manufacturers have teamed up with Mr. Slonem to transform his artworks into gorgeous fabrics that have a variety of uses. His works can be used for drapery, upholstery, and in many different applications. He also has a coordinating line of wallpaper that is just as beautiful. For those that value American Art you can now enjoy it in a more functional manner! In the photo above you can see the fabric on the dining chairs. The painting that inspired that fabric is called “Star of India”. It is representative of a tortoise that Hunt had as a pet and of a famous sapphire.

Colorful Fabirc Drapes

Mr. Hunt Slonem’s fabrics look almost exactly like their painting counterparts. The fabric manufacturers have used a few different techniques to achieve these masterpieces. On some of the fabrics the color is printed on, while others have the color woven in. Then on top of either the printed or woven fabric, embroidery is used to make the fabric look as dimensional as the paintings. The fabrics are truly just as much a piece of art as the paintings are! Even though the fabrics are extraordinarily colorful, they can still be used in very regal or formal applications like the one seen above.

Pink Sofa

Hunt Slonem’s paintings are a fun marriage between natural and fantastic. All of his pieces are based in a natural element. Turtle shells, butterflies, monkeys, flowers, palm trees, and parrots are some of his many subjects. He likes to explore special complexity and density in his artworks. Using the same image repeatedly in each painting gives off a sense of depth to his audience. He also enjoys manipulating the paint with his brush strokes and layers so that his paintings not only have color, but texture as well.

Colorful Sofa

Above on the sofa is one of Mr. Slonem’s favorite works, “Bayou Casino”. He is particularly fond of exotic birds and parrots. He owns several birds that he uses to inspire his colorful paintings. The wallpaper is also based on one of his paintings, “Fritillery”

Hop Along Wallpaper

Another example of his wallpaper line is the one shown above. Bunnies are another one of his favorite subjects as he has done several bunny paintings. This particular one is called “Hop Along”. This one is not quite as dimensional as the others, but it is just as exquisite. Another fun use for this wallpaper could be a kid’s room or office. His wallpapers come in several different colors, as does most of his fabrics.

Hunt Stonem

As you can see, Hunt Slonem is a very unique artist with a special eye for texture and color. If you are interested in using some of his works in your home then contact your local interior designer at Florida Living Quarters and we will be happy to assist you. Being a priority dealer we can get swatches and samples are not additional cost to existing clients. Making your home a more colorful place is easier and more beautiful than ever thanks to Mr. Hunt Slonem and Florida Living Quarters Interior Design

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