Decorating for the Holidays

The Holidays can be the happiest and most fun time of the year, but also the most stressful time of the year. Between trying to plan what to cook for Thanksgiving dinner, planning the kids’ doctors’ appointment on their winter break, and making time to tidy up for all of the company you are having, there is little time left to decorate. Decorating for the holidays does not have to be as daunting as it sounds! Of course you can decide to entrust a designer to help you out! That will be one less thing off of your very full holiday plate. If you decide to do it yourself then use these simple tips when you are decorating your home.

As Interior Designers we know all the do’s and don’ts of holiday decorating. One very important thing to consider is proportion. You do not want to overwhelm your friends and family with a giant wreath that swallows up your front door. Nor do you want to tell your guests to bring a magnifying glass to see your decorations. A wreath for example should have a few inches clearance on each side of it when on a door. This way it will fit centered on the door. Wreaths can be used as wall decor as a fun alternative. You can temporarily place a wreath somewhere where you plan on putting art after the holiday. It still needs to be proportionate to the space. Consider the wall size, if it is a large wall in one of your bigger spaces you can use a large wreath, around forty eight inches would be right for a bigger space. Twenty four inches would be befitting for a smaller space.

A garland for either a mantel or the stair rail is a fun way to bring some holiday greenery into your home in other places besides the tree. Again, it needs to be proportional to your space. Don’t overcrowd your mantel or stair rail with a very full garland if it is not proportionate. The bigger the space, the bigger garland you can have. If you have a small, intimate gathering room with a fireplace a shorter, thinner garland would be best suited for you. Find here more info about reliable and hard-working cleaners and maids in Florida. Now if you have a great room with a two story ceiling, then it would be appropriate for a long, full garland that wraps along the mantel. As for stair rails, it works the same way. A unique, open stairway with lots of space around it would be perfect for a large garland. However if your stairs are simply functional, not in your entry, a thinner garland would best suit you.

As for the Christmas tree, this classic holiday tradition does not escape the proportion rule. Just like a wreath or garland your tree needs to be balanced with the room size, not smothering it. Designers recommend at least an eighteen inch clearance about the top of the tree to your ceiling. The star or angel, whichever you prefer, should be eighteen inches from the ceiling. The placement of the tree is also crucial. It really needs to be the focal point for the room. If you have to move some furniture to accent the tree, then do it! Revive your bathroom’s beauty with our bathroom remodeling experts in Texas, and visit us at site. You want the tree to be the most important part of that room because you have all of your keepsake ornaments that tell your guests a story about your family.

The holidays are such a crucial time for family and friends. Decorating is just one small part of the season, but it can have a huge impact on your guests and it can serve to bring your family closer together high quality golf equipment. Just remember that decorating for the holidays is fun! You only need to know a few simple tips on having a truly impactful space. Between all of your crazy holiday planning, find time to do a little decorating. You will be glad you did.

Happy Holidays from Florida Living Quarters Interior Design

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