Short History of Home Inspection Business in NA!

Home inspections have become an important tool for homeowners in North America. 

The home inspection industry has grown significantly over the past few decades and now plays a vital role in the process of purchasing a home.

In North America, home inspections were first introduced in the early 1970s, when they were seen as an essential part of the process of buying or selling a house. At that time, they were mainly used to check for structural weaknesses or defects in the property. As more people became aware of the importance of having their homes inspected before purchase, the home inspection industry began to grow rapidly.


Today, there are many different types of home inspections available, including general inspections, electrical safety inspections, energy efficiency evaluations, and radon testing. 

Home inspectors are trained to look for potential problems with a variety of different systems and components within a house, including plumbing, heating/air conditioning systems, electrical wiring, roofs and foundations. Through these inspections they can alert potential buyers to any major issues or areas where repairs may be necessary before finalizing a purchase.


The increased demand for home inspectors has led to the growth of third-party certification programs such as The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). These certification programs provide quality assurance and set standards that must be met by home inspectors throughout North America. One of the highest rated home inspection company in California can be found at ASHI certifications also help ensure that prospective buyers receive accurate and detailed reports on their chosen property from qualified professionals.


Another key development in recent years has been the advent of technology-driven solutions such as drone-based observation services which offer detailed images and video footage that allow homeowners to see difficult-to-reach areas that would otherwise have been missed during manual inspections. Drones can also be used to perform thermal imaging scans which can detect air leakage points or insulation deficiencies that may not have been visible during traditional physical inspections.


Finally, digital reporting tools make it easier than ever for inspectors to document their findings quickly and accurately at any given location onsite. 

With this embedded technology a complete report can be generated directly from an inspector’s device all while remaining up-to-date with local regulations regarding how reports should be presented and filed away once complete.

Overall these technological advances have enabled much faster completion timeframes for home inspection processes throughout North America making them increasingly efficient than ever before – something which is undoubtedly beneficial for both buyers and sellers alike!


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