How to Select a Paint Color

Today I witnessed 12 different paint color samples painted on a 30′ exterior wall.   As the main decision maker stood back looking across the span of 15″ square patch colors, I had already honed in on the two I liked from the 12 painted patches. Why is it so easy for me I asked myself and not for others? A gift, practice, or maybe I have my formulas that help the decision-making process easier. All of the above! Working with an interior designer takes the stress out by giving you access to the trade tools such as a room view simulation and access to larger paint swatch sizes than a paint store. It is not easy to decide on a color from a 2″ swatch; which is how people become “patch victims.”. If you plan to select a color, ask yourself: How often do you prefer to change your colors? Are there kids or pets that can dirty the walls more frequently? I recently moved into a new 5 bedroom home that the builder selected flat paint on the walls….flat WHITE paint on the stair well-Not a good idea for a family friendly home. I should buy stock in “Mr. Magic Eraser”-lol! All these questions can also help you determine the color and finish of the paint. Let’s start with the basic three finishes used. Semi-gloss is commonly used for base boards and smooth surfaces. Flat paint is a matt version of a paint color (hardest to keep clean). My choice for main walls is eggshell or satin- it is the perfect balance of light reflection and still remains durable. When viewing the paint deck; take a look at the darkest color of a swatch run. A swatch run has a gradient scale of 5-7 colors within a certain hue or color. The darkest color in the run shows the dominant color in the batch. If you still love the color in it’s darkest form on that swatch run then you are ready to commit to a color within the swatch run. As long as you have four walls you can do any color you love. I prefer colors found in nature. To prevent becoming a “patch victim” select a paint color with a design plan on what furnishings will go in the space. Every room starts with an inspiration item such as a rug, art work, fabric or a paving dublin north. By doing so, you are considering the color story of the space “Whole to Part” and not “Part to Whole.”. This means that if you have other items pre-selected it makes it easier to select a paint color vs. selecting only paint and worrying about what else the color would work with later! In order to select a paint color remember my suggestions above: Use a paint deck, know what main furnishings are going in the space, durability, and commitment to the color. When in doubt or to make it less stressful- hire an interior designer “best money I ever spent” quoted words from a local client who too was a “patch victim!” Florida Living Quarters

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